Definitions and meanings of "Series"

What do we mean by series?

A number of objects or events arranged or coming one after the other in succession. noun

A set of stamps, coins, or currency issued in a particular period. noun

A group of objects related by linearly varying successive differences in form or configuration. noun

The sum of a sequentially ordered finite or infinite set of terms. noun

A group of rock formations closely related in time of origin and distinct as a group from other formations. noun

A succession of coordinate elements in a sentence. noun

A succession of publications having similar subjects or similar formats. noun

A succession of regularly broadcast television programs, especially the set of episodes of a drama or sitcom. noun

A number of games played by the same two teams, often in succession. noun

The World Series. noun

A set of vowels or diphthongs related by ablaut, as in sing, sang, sung, and song. noun

(in series) In an arrangement that forms a series. idiom

A continued succession of similar things, or of things bearing a similar relation to one another; an extended order, line, or course; sequence; succession: as, a series of kings; a series of calamitous events; definitions arranged in several distinct series. noun

In geology, a set of strata possessing some common mineral or fossil characteristic: as, the greensand series; the Wenlock series. noun

In chem., a number of elements or compounds which have certain common properties and relations, or which exhibit, when arranged in orderly succession, a constant difference from member to member. noun

In numismatics, a set of coins made at any one place or time, or issued by any one sovereign or government. noun

In philately, a set of similar postage- or revenue-stamps. noun

In mathematics, a progression; also, more usually, an algebraic expression appearing as a sum of a succession of terms subject to a regular law. noun

A number of things that follow on one after the other or are connected one after the other.

A television or radio program which consists of several episodes that are broadcast in regular intervals

The sequence of partial sums \sum_{i=1}^n{a_i} of a given sequence ai.

A group of matches between two sides, with the aim being to win more matches than the opposition.

An unranked taxon.

A subdivision of a genus, a taxonomic rank below that of section (and subsection) but above that of species.

A parcel of rough diamonds of assorted qualities.

A set of consonants that share a particular phonetic or phonological feature.

A group of segments making up a whole.  Urban Dictionary

A summation of infinitely many things  Urban Dictionary

The best clothes brand in the world  Urban Dictionary

Incredibly awesome or powerful person; a famous person; a religious leader  Urban Dictionary

The Italian Football league which is simply the best football league in the world as it emphasizes skill and teamwork over flashiness. Some people like to complain it's too boring purely because they prefer goals over skill. These people are usually ignorant Premier League fans who aren't true football fans and think scoring goals is all there is to football.  Urban Dictionary

A cuter word for serious that makes more sense than others.  Urban Dictionary

In Bloodlines, there is a vamp named Seryfina. As she gained clan, and moved up the ranks, she gained her own little family. Thus forth, she had somewhat a popularity status. Everyone loves Sery. Though seen as a minor on the feeds in some clannies' eyes, she tends to sometimes outburst with wise thoughts. She is mature but still a kid at heart, and she loves her clan more than anything. Sery: Energetic, loving, talkative, fierce, and totally out there.  Urban Dictionary

Shorter way to say "Seriously"  Urban Dictionary

A ripoff of Robin from Fire Emblem. Probably has a knife that she uses to do unspeakable things.  Urban Dictionary

When a human bean is to lazy to type out the full word 'sorry' then uses the excuse 'it was a typo'  Urban Dictionary

The word "series" in example sentences

How to use series in a sentence? Example sentences with the series, a sentence example for series, and how to make series in sample sentence, how do I use the word series in a sentence? How do you spell series in a sentence?

One of the most important of these series is the _fatty-acid series_, the name having been given to it because the derivatives of certain of its members are constituents of the fats.   ❋ William McPherson (N/A)

$series = $ this - > _series; reset ($series); while (list ($key, $serie) = each ($series)) if   ❋ Unknown (2008)

LeBron James scored 24 points for his first win in five finals-game appearances, Dwyane Wade added 22 points and 10 rebounds and the Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 92-84 in Game 1 of the title series Tuesday night.   ❋ The Huffington Post News Editors (2011)

But his Prydain series is overwhelmingly emotional and action filled with the main character starting as a young orphaned boy yearning to be a hero, to me it just screams movie material.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Have you read the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon (first book in series is actually titled Outlander)?   ❋ Unknown (2007)

Sorry to hear that that George R.R. Martin series is bogging down.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series is another that should be read in order.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

James scored 24 points for his first win in five finals-game appearances, Wade added 22 points and 10 rebounds and the Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 92-84 in Game 1 of the title series on Tuesday night.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

James scored 24 points for his first win in five NBA finals games, Wade scored 15 of his 22 points in the second half and the Heat beat the Dallas Mavericks 92-84 in Game 1 of the title series on Tuesday night - holding the Western Conference champions to their lowest point total of the playoffs after a dominant defensive showing down the stretch.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

The title series with the Aces starts on Wednesday, and Gregorio admits that fatigue will again play a huge factor since they were dragged into a fifth game in their quarterfinal series with Rain or Shine and then this one.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

For a brief instant it looked like the title series would be put on hold.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Barbosa, recently back from his second professional season in Puerto Rico where his team reached Game 7 of the title series, showed off the skill and determination that made him a two-time Morning Call player of the year and a Division I standout.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Television programs are series made up of episodes. The World series is comprised of a number of games. ❋ Downstrike (2004)

The series 9/10 + 9/100 + 9/1000 + 9/10000 + ... = 1, so 0.999... repeating equals 1. ❋ Sw3aterCS (2020)

My ass looks good cuz im wearing serier hoodie. ❋ Nataly Moure And Brittany Smith (2003)

Many Christians might see Jesus as a SERI ❋ Brad Slocum (2003)

Ignorant Premier League Fan - Defence? What's that? ❋ Forza Italia (2004)

Stop tickling me now I'm Series! ❋ Bubblekittykat (2018)

Oh no! Run! Here comes Little Sery! She'll pounce you to death! Ahh! ❋ Lillibelle (2010)

"Seris, Bitch, I'm on my way to DQ!" ❋ Mercades (2008)

"Hey Seris, how's your knife doing?" "Don't speak to me or my Lady ever again." "Jesus fucking Christ, Seris." ❋ Kotally (2021)

'my grandma just died' 'sery' 'dude, not the time' ❋ Nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeesee (2017)

What does series mean?

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