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A sermon is an oration, lecture, or talk by a preacher (who is usually a member of a religious institution or clergy). Sermons address a scriptural, theological, religious, or moral topic, usually expounding on a type of belief, law, or behavior within both past and present contexts. Elements of the sermon often include exposition, exhortation, and practical application. The act of delivering a sermon is known as preaching. In Christian churches, a sermon is usually delivered in a place of worship from an elevated architectural feature, variously known as a pulpit, a lectern, or an ambo. The word "sermon" comes from a Middle English word which was derived from Old French, which in turn originates from the Latin word sermō meaning "discourse". The Bible contains many speeches without interlocution, which some take to be sermons: Moses in Deuteronomy 1-33; Jesus' sermon on the mount in Matthew 5-7; (though the gospel writers do not specifically call it a sermon; the popular descriptor for Christ's speech there came much later); Peter after Pentecost in Acts 2:14-40 (though this speech was delivered to nonbelievers and as such is not quite parallel to the popular definition of a sermon). In modern language, the word "sermon" is used in secular terms, pejoratively, to describe a lengthy or tedious speech delivered with great passion, by any person, to an uninterested audience. A sermonette is a short sermon (usually associated with television broadcasting, as stations would present a sermonette before signing off for the night)..

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  • Plural form of sermon. noun

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Fans smiled and skeptics winced as Jim Bakker offered upbeat sermons from the couch and Tammy Faye, shedding mascara-tinged tears, sang about Jesus.. [Religion News Roundup: Atheism; Transcendental Meditation; Marijuana for religious use; and more]

The joint center allows for some merged classes and lectures — for example, when an expert in preaching or writing sermons is able to visit.. [Interfaith school for military chaplains dedicated]

I don't often share many personal things about myself in sermons, but tonight I am going to.. [Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater: Standing Up for Our Gay Kids]

Licentiousness, when by all South Seas missionaries his island, in sermons, was spoken of as Babylon.. [THE PRINCESS]

I do not care if he was there when certain sermons or words were spoken or not.. [Obama takes heat from Catholic League over Pfleger]

Obama seems to think that just disagreeing with one or two of Reverend Wright's sermons is going to insulate him.. [Obama: I expected Wright to disagree with me]

The majority of the codex, 165 folios of a 194-folio volume, consists of fifty-four sermons from a fourteenth-century collection known as the St. Georgen sermons.. [Sensual Encounters: Monastic Women and Spirituality in Medieval Germany]

MR. GIBSON: And if you knew he got rough in sermons, why did it take you more than a year to publicly disassociate yourself from his remarks?. [The Anatomy of Wright's Disinvitation - Real Clear Politics –]

Most Americans had a preexisting attitude toward China and Chinese people, an attitude formed during their interactions with an almost infinite number vernacular references to China that appeared in sermons, newspapers, books, political speeches, everyday expressions and idioms, and jokes exchanged in casual conversation.. [The Romance of China: Excursions to China in U.S. Culture: 1776-1876]

Packaged like a pioneer-family heirloom -- in a cedar case with a nineteenth-century etching of the Tower of Babel on the lid -- Goodbye, Babylon is six CDs of blues hymns, hillbilly hosannas, choral thunder and hellfire sermons from the 78-rpm era.. [Boing Boing: May 9, 2004 - May 15, 2004 Archives]

His mighty personality was impressed on town and college in sermons and addresses, and always as Christ's Ambassador to China.. [Biography of Young J. Allen]

We have sermons from the Greek Church much earlier than from the Latin.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI]

ON the following Sunday, a mild autumn morning, Mr. Mullen preached one of his most impressive sermons from the text, "She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.". [The Miller of Old Church]

But after preaching Christmas sermons from the same pulpit for thirty-five years, he felt keenly how difficult it is to awaken due interest in subjects that are so familiar, and to give new force to lessons so often repeated.. [The Brownies and Other Tales]

Paying attention to the old man's "sermons" - which is how Iswy sneeringly referred to Canyd's descriptions of the treatments-did nothing to ingratiate me with the others.. [Black Horses For The King]

t often share many personal things about myself in sermons, but tonight I am going to.. [Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater: Standing Up for Our Gay Kids]

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@colbenjamin: My friends at Bulverde Books (@BulverdeB) have recently released an unique SERMON JOURNAL designed to deepen your #faith b…



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Bill Johnson | Sermons 2019 | By The Stripes Of Jesus
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