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Definitions of "sessions"

  • Plural form of session. noun

The word "sessions" in example sentences

Senator sessions is the penultimate example of a racist who barely covers it up.. [Sotomayor denies prejudging gun-control issue]

It's funny because I think a lot of what I do is sort of get in sessions with people and help them finish songs or I start things from scratch with them, and we make a great demo of it, and then I'm not really in the habit of asking whether they are going to use it.. [Mike Ragogna: Beyond Dirty Dancing & Semisonic: Conversations with Dan Wilson and Franke Previte]

Walking and spin sessions (bike on trainer in my studio) are great for pondering, though.. [Interview with String-of-10 TWO First Place Winner: Ann Pino]

But if attendance at public sessions is any indication, clearly people like me are in extreme minority.. [2009 August | Zeeshan Hamid]

The disrespect shown to President Obama is far worse than anything any president has faced since the 1800s when poeple used to hit each other in sessions of Congress.. [Race and politics in the age of Obama]

Bennhold quotes a French physiotherapist who remarks that the goal of perineal sessions is to help French women get back to "making love again soon and making more babies.". [Debra Ollivier: What's Wrong with the (Fighting) French?]

Having been an executive coach for many years, the most consistent challenge my executive clients reveal after a few coaching sessions is that they have lost sight of what really matters.. [Terrie Upshur-Lupberger: Nothing Without Labor]

AGU Day 1 part B: The growing need for climate services Dec 15, 2009 (121 views) Well, my intention to liveblog from interesting sessions is blown - the network connection in the .... [Popular Posts | Serendipity]

But the prospect of further Japanese intervention will also haunt the market, limiting investors 'moves in sessions to come as central-bank policy and actions take center stage.. [Central Bank Actions Color Currency Outlook]

Well, my intention to liveblog from interesting sessions is blown – the network connection in the meeting rooms is hopeless.. [2009 December | Serendipity]

Each of these sessions is designed to give you a taste of the topic and get you up and running, enough to be productive and start exploring the features of the tool being discussed.. [[email protected] | Archive | February]

The main point of these bull-sessions is the argument.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » 4. On a Bus in Kiev]

May 10th, 2010 11: 42 am ET sessions is still having hissy fits because themsenate found him utterly unqualified to be a judge back in the day ........ [Sessions on Kagan: 'Several areas warrant close scrutiny']

My friendly local British Library regular says the ability to save searches between sessions is immensely useful.. [Archive 2009-09-01]

He took the lessons in short sessions, so as not to aggravate her, and he always ended them when she had done a complete circuit of the pen without misbehaving.. [Joust]

Kentucky and three in Indiana, in short sessions of attendance scattered over a period of nine years -- made up in all less than a twelvemonth.. [A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln Condensed from Nicolay & Hay's Abraham Lincoln: A History]

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