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Definitions of "shadiest"

  • superlative form of shady: most shady. adjective

The word "shadiest" in example sentences

When do we recall the shadiest of the shady city council?. [Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Monday]

Except in comparison to the fortune that Mozilo made presiding over one of the shadiest mortgage firms of all time -- reportedly a half billion dollars.. [David Callahan: Crime Pays: The SEC's Slap on the Wrist for Angelo Mozilo]

According to Mr. Williams, the beginning of offensive sets can sometimes play out like beachgoers sprinting to the shadiest palm tree: Everyone wants to stand on the most popular spot.. [The Masters of the Left Corner]

We know Neal's pretty shady, but what's the shadiest thing you have ever pulled?. [Watercooler: White Collar's Matt Bomer — All Pro, No Cons]

Take a look at Stallone's recent, shadiest moments and tell us what you think.. [Sylvester Stallone's Sunglasses: Actor Accessorizes With Blue & Purple Shades (PHOTOS, POLL)]

Students seeking to transfer too often are told their credits won't count and news reports have drawn attention to the worthless degrees granted by some of the shadiest players in this market.. [Gail Mellow: Racing to the Bottom With For-Profit Colleges]

He was one of the shadiest, most central of figures in that scandal.. [Noelle Bell: Who Is Mike Toomey?]

Half of the mortgages to Hispanics are subprime (the accursed species of loan to borrowers with the shadiest credit histories).. [Tancredo Urges No Bailout Goodies for Illegal Borrowers]

Those bras vaulted me from obscurity to the primo spot under the shadiest tree in the quad.. [Good-Bye To All That]

Then Hubert Humphrey was really trying to change things, and he was beaten in one of the shadiest election coups ever.. [Me, The Mob, And The Music]

Obama has been part of the shadiest Chicago politics there is, and big big money was part of it … Look at the Rezko deal, heck Obama might even be charged with pilfering millions and millions out of the system.. [New Obama Advertisement Is Aimed at Workers - The Caucus Blog -]

Although Lee himself really was engaged in the shadiest of shady business, it required a constant effort to control his own naturally confident stride and force himself to skulk around like the rest of Chungking.. [DBTL 74: Enter the Dragon]

He crouched beneath the ragged wind-shredded fronds of the leaning palms, in the mossy corner of the shadiest part of the property, an islander at a jungle pool, the water's reflection spangling his belly and making it gleam.. [Beard]

Check your backyard, your nearest pond, your shadiest tree.. [Caroline Walker: Good News: It's Catching On]

I gave it water and my best wishes and placed it in the shadiest part of my back yard.. [Ellen Kanner: Meatless Monday: Mint Condition]

Grabbing some take out and sitting on the plushest green grass around (thank you UNC groundskeeping), under the shadiest trees while soaking in the best people watching ever.. [at least there's ye olde waffles]

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