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Definitions and meanings of "Sharpens"

What do we mean by sharpens?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word sharpens. Define sharpens, sharpens synonyms, sharpens pronunciation, sharpens translation, English dictionary definition of sharpens.

An alcoholic beverage used to enhance creativity and productivity Urban Dictionary

A machine that breaks your pencil lead Urban Dictionary

The act of sexual intercourse with a woman wearing a Rape-aXe and having her spin on your dick. Urban Dictionary

Sharpening refers to the process of taking the time to recharge your batteries. It is important to '''''Sharpen''''' on a frequent basis to make sure you do not burnout or become run down. There are many different ways to sharpen, and they will vary from person to person. Examples include a water sharpen (getting water), lunch sharpen (eating) or garden sharpen (planting trees) just to name a few. Sharpens must be taken in at least ten minute increments. Also, you should sharpen at least two times a day if your job requires you to work at least forty hours a week. The exact science requires that you sharpen at least ten minutes for every 4 hours you work. Urban Dictionary

A sharpener is known as a womans vagina! Urban Dictionary

The common act of which a male by instinct checks out a female even if he does or does not find her attractive. Urban Dictionary

When the female sits on a cock and spins herself round on it, copying the motion of sharpening a pencil. Urban Dictionary

(noun) An alcoholic beverage, typically one standard drink (0.6 oz pure ethanol), consumed at the start of one's day. The intended goal of a morning sharpener is, as the name implies, to "sharpen" one's mental accuity, mood and motivation. However, much like getting high before a stressful, high pressure event, it often has the opposite effect. Similar to irish coffee, morning joe and wake and bake. Urban Dictionary

When low and middle level managers and supervisiors stand around and brag up various achevements and decisions that to any rational outside observer appear highly overrated at best and approaching fiascos at worst. Urban Dictionary

The act of when while a girl and a guy are having sex the guy lays down and holds his dick straight as she spins as she goes up and down. Urban Dictionary

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The word "sharpens" in example sentences

At most, the phrase sharpens the wording of Article 42 on authorization for the Security Council to resort to force. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"From Honda's standpoint, it really kind of sharpens our spirit of competition," Mendel said. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Blockade of the α7 nAChR 'sharpens' nicotine-evoked transients; therefore, we determined the effects of co-administration of nicotine and the α7 nAChR antagonist methyllycaconitine on dSAT performance. ❋ William M Howe (2010)

"When you go against those, it kind of sharpens up your tools for the game Saturday," Miami center Tyler Horn said. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A small silicone plate that in a few seconds "sharpens" razor blades and makes them as good as new, even extending the life of the blades with up to 10 times. ❋ MMD Newswire (2010)

So much so they derive a conclusion on benefits of playing chess saying it 'sharpens' the brain. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The new Focus mode of Enhancer would appear to be a de-convolver which "sharpens" using a very different approach than standard sharpeners a'la photoshop, seems to be similar to "Focus Fixer" from another vendor which is currently not available for CS3 ❋ Unknown (2008)

Every surrendering to this holy embrace deepens our heart and sharpens our spears. ❋ PhD Bradford Keeney (2010)

I think as a writer it’s actually an advantage to have that feeling of being outside things, because it sharpens your perspective. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The process sharpens the eye, so that one knows when one sees a standout piece. ❋ Tina Gaudoin (2010)

Scripture says that iron sharpens iron ... and when it does, sometimes sparks fly! ❋ Victoria Osteen (2011)

"This includes a unified front of political and diplomatic pressure that makes clear to Gadhafi that he must go, that sends a strong message of accountability, and that sharpens the choice for those around him," she said. ❋ Jay Solomon (2011)

Practical is the way to go for most sportsmen, my dad has had the same Rapal knife for over 40 years and it still sharpens up just fine. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Regan knew that panic sharpens the senses and makes a campaign more alert to danger and quicker to respond. ❋ Anonymous (2011)

But new research suggests that instead of being a debilitating factor, having many options actually sharpens our focus on quality. ❋ David DiSalvo (2011)

Getty Images New research suggests that having many options actually sharpens our focus on quality. ❋ David DiSalvo (2011)

A University of Cambridge study, published in 2003, concluded that modafinil confers a measurable cognitive-enhancement effect across a variety of mental tasks, including pattern recognition and spatial planning, and sharpens focus and alertness. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"This includes a unified front of political and diplomatic pressure that makes clear to Gadhafi that he must go, that sends a strong message of accountability, and that sharpens the choice for those around him." ❋ Jay Solomon (2011)

“[Fancy] a [sharpener] at [lunchtime]?” ❋ Spalding (2019)

That [darn] [sharpener] broke my [pencil lead] in one twist! ❋ Ok’nt Boomer’t (2019)

Hey [Frank], my girlfriend gave my dick [the sharpener] last night! [Best sex] of my life. ❋ Mr ZSP (2020)

[Quilting] [sharpen], video game sharpen, p90x sharpen, walk the dog sharpen, [fedalio] shapen. There are so many more examples. ❋ KELBEL13 (2009)

O i am going to stick my pencil in your [sharpener] tonight, and we all know you'll [enjoy that] *[wink wink]* ❋ Bigbird90 (2005)

Man, she [ain't even] hot but you [keep] [sharpening]. ❋ LBOT (2011)

I went to [Georges] [house] to do some [hardcore] sharpening today ❋ Banter1235 (2014)

"What's up with Joe today?" "Oh, he ran out of sauce for his [morning sharpener]. He's feeling a bit [twitchy], is all." "[Poor bastard]." ❋ CredibleHulk84 (2017)

Geez [Dennis] and Jim have stood around all day [penis sharpening] about what they did during [the blizzard]. ❋ Wittle Buddy Squarepants (2010)

[Yo dude] [me and] [that girl] were sharpening the pencil last night. ❋ Big Mike5334 (2010)

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