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Definitions of "sheep"

  • Any of various usually horned ruminant mammals of the genus Ovis in the family Bovidae, especially the domesticated species O. aries, raised in many breeds for wool, edible flesh, or skin. noun
  • Leather made from the skin of one of these animals. noun
  • A person regarded as timid, weak, or submissive. noun
  • One who is easily swayed or led. noun
  • A woolly ruminant of the genus Ovis. noun
  • A timid, shy person who is easily led by others. noun
  • Plural form of shoop. noun
  • Any one of several species of ruminants of the genus Ovis, native of the higher mountains of both hemispheres, but most numerous in Asia. noun
  • A weak, bashful, silly fellow. noun
  • Fig.: The people of God, as being under the government and protection of Christ, the great Shepherd. noun
  • To pasture sheep upon; use as a sheep-range.
  • A ruminant mammal of the family Bovidæ, subfamily Orinæ, and genus Ovis; specifically, Ovis aries, domesticated in many varieties, and one of the animals most useful to man. noun
  • Leather made from sheepskin, especially split leather used in bookbinding. noun
  • In contempt, a silly fellow. noun
  • A shepherd. noun
  • woolly usually horned ruminant mammal related to the goat noun
  • a timid defenseless simpleton who is readily preyed upon noun
  • a docile and vulnerable person who would rather follow than make an independent decision noun

The word "sheep" in example sentences

okay, this is completely unrelated, but you mentioned goat cheese and that made me think of sheep, and since you're in NZ, i've been wanting to ask if you've seen the movie _black sheep_--you know, since it's about man-eating genetically modified sheep roaming the NZ countryside. again, totally unrelated to your post.. [If only they had money, they could be rich like us!]

How long must a sheep actually measure to come under the denomination of _a long sheep_? ". [The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 14, No. 383, August 1, 1829]

We came suddenly upon a flock of gigantic wild sheep, feeding on scanty tufts of dried sedge and grass; there were twenty-five of these enormous animals, of whose dimensions the term sheep gives no idea: they are very long-legged, stand as high as a calf, and have immense horns, so large that the fox is said to take up his abode in their hollows, when detached and bleaching, on the barren mountains of Tibet.. [Himalayan Journals — Complete]

Not only was this patently false, but it amounted to another insult: The word sheep in Russian is roughly equivalent to jackass.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

They're the people Jesus was aiming for when He taught that the sheep is the MODEL for good human behavior.. [No love for Harry Reid on the Tea Party Express]

Tasering a sheep is a cheap and effective way of cooking it, considering the current cost of energy. on October 7, 2008 at 10: 18 am | Reply Retired Sgt. [Whilst Rome Burns………… « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

In the end, what gets you a sheep is your eyes and your legs, but your two most essential tools are your rifle and your binoculars.. [An Alaskan Sheep and Grizzly Hunting Adventure by Philip Caputo]

I suppose he was not a cow-dog, but what they call a sheep-dog.. [The Complete Project Gutenberg Writings of Charles Dudley Warner]

Christ's offering up himself for his sheep is another proof of his being a good shepherd, and in this he yet more commended his love, v. (a.). [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)]

Another crofter described going close to a sea eagle's nest and finding what he described as a sheep's graveyard.. [The News is - The News is Now Public]

Thanks to Hillary, the Republican candidate in 'sheep's clothing.. [GOP attack ad takes aim at Obama's past]

Sometimes a sheep is just a sheep and not a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing.. [STELLA MCCARTNEY VEGAN FASHION | Inhabitat]

Kitano Y, Flake AW, Quinn TM, Kanai M, Davies P, Sablich TJ, Schneider C, Adzick NS, von Allmen D: Lung growth induced by tracheal occlusion in the sheep is augmented by airway pressurization.. [CHOP congenital diaphragmatic hernia publications]

They're tiny knitted creatures, with spindly legs and multicoloured bodies, and snapping at their heels is a gnarly-looking wolf in sheep's clothing.. [The graffiti knitting epidemic]

Factory closures and slump in sheep farming have led to a dramatic rise in violence on the island. [Sardinia's mayors attacked as recession-hit citizens vent their anger]

Again, there are well-tested means of protecting sheep from the bears.. [Back Biodiversity 100, save our wildlife]

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@bgirl0001: Hey Groper McHappy Hands @JustinTrudeau one of your Liberal sheep off his meds??👇🏻 Funny how you didn’t get the old man thro…


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@greekital: Sounds just like an elitist in sheep clothing.


@SCalliss: This is apparently guarding sheep

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