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Sheltered (Brantley) is a 4-part documentary Canadian television series which premiered on October 20, 2010 on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Co-produced by Mountain Road Productions and Bossy Jossy Productions the series follows Derek Marsden, an Ojibway carpenter, as he travels the world to learn the ancient home building techniques of the world's Indigenous and traditional cultures. His journey takes him to locations in Africa, Central and South America where he lives and work with people who are managing to maintain their customs and lifestyle..

What does the word sheltered mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word sheltered in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with sheltered and anagrams of sheltered.

Definitions of "sheltered"

  • Protected, as from wind or weather. adjective
  • who grew up being overprotected by parents or other guardians; often implies a lack of social skills, worldly experience, etc. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of shelter. verb
  • protected from danger or bad weather adjective

The word "sheltered" in example sentences

Paula now lives in what she calls 'sheltered accommodation' , while Jaymelea has moved into a rented flat.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

Strategic is what we call sheltered at my school, at your school it's probably just as strategically named to try to unsuccessfully hide from the students the fact that they are in a sheltered class.. []

Not only were we sure of being dry and warm and sheltered from the wind, but we had the softest and most luxurious mattresses that could be made from moss.. [Chapter 31]

On the other hand, the poppies had prospered in my field; and not only had they been sheltered from the barbarians, but also from the birds.. [The Golden Poppy]

One example is the widespread belief that the word posh derives from an acronym of Port Out Starboard Home, these being the preferred sides, being sheltered from the sun, of passengers on P&O liners sailing between Britain and India.. [Posh]

The boy's life is stressful and frightful enough, but then discovers a patch of land where he's sheltered from the thoughts of everyone around him and can be content in utter silence for a time.. [Wish List Wednesday #28: "The Knife of Never Letting Go"]

Colleges and universities — sheltered from the currents of popular opinion by tradition, geography, tenure and monetary endowments — have historically fostered that exchange.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Freedom of Speech vs. Workplace Harassment Law — A Big Free Speech Win in the Ninth Circuit]

Sam is completely, utterly sheltered from the Wicked Ways of Man.. [Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat]

He accused the mayor of presiding over a "sanctuary city," where illegal immigrants are sheltered from the full effects of the law, an accusation Hickenlooper denied.. [Tea Party Candidates Help And Hurt GOP]

The young Labordeta attended the school, which remained open, and was sheltered from the fiercest ravages of 1940s fascist education.. [José Antonio Labordeta obituary]

I think that the boys are cute, but if I were their mom, I would try to keep them sheltered from the public spotlight.. [Britney Spears And Sons OK! Magazine January 2008; Britney Spears Sons OK! January 2008]

While the storm is (for now) sheltered from a windy environment, the march toward winter is shrinking that zone in which significant tropical cyclone development is possible.. [Hurricane Paula winding up in the Caribbean]

But then again, if Joel is going to be a sheltered indoor cat like poor Kitty was, perhaps he needs to be sheltered from the more gruesome side of Brenda's job.. [The Closer: When should Brenda tell Kitten Joel about her Job?]

Largely, this is because the eastern side is sheltered from the wind, and even on warm days, the wind off Narragansett Bay can be uncomfortably cold.. ["Into a light that lingers."]

In recent years, Rochester, Minn., has been sheltered from the housing crisis.. [Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Clinic keeps housing market healthy]

Shorter buildings allowed a full view of lush crops, sheltered from the bustle of the City by the lull of circulating water.. [365 tomorrows » 2009 » September : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

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@BasedBasterd: #Mueller was involved in covering finances for Noriega, BCCI, and BNL banking scandals & became chief counsel for HSBC Ba…


@ianlovelandUK Threat? Oh f off. Just stating facts. To ignore the democratic choice of the people is something you…


@woodsettsaf: @frackfree_eu Thank you, thank you . We knew nothing but are now facing a rig with access 20m from sheltered housing!

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Sheltered - #1 - New Home - Let's Play / Gameplay
Sheltered - #1 - New Home - Let's Play / Gameplay
Sheltered - Ep. 1 - Survival in the Fallout Shelter! - Let's Play - Game Introduction
Sheltered - Ep. 1 - Survival in the Fallout Shelter! - Let's Play - Game Introduction
UPDATE 1.7 FINALLY! New Mode: SURROUNDED - Sheltered Gameplay (Mobile | PC)
UPDATE 1.7 FINALLY! New Mode: SURROUNDED - Sheltered Gameplay (Mobile | PC)

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Sheltered Word Data

  • PronunciationsSH EH1 L T ER0 D
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation


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