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What does the word shielded mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word shielded in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with shielded and anagrams of shielded.

Definitions of "shielded"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of shield. verb
  • provided with a shield adjective
  • protected from influence or danger adjective
  • In zoology, shield-bearing; scutigerous; cataphract; loricate. See cut under phylloxera-mite.
  • (used especially of machinery) protected by a shield to prevent injury adjective

The word "shielded" in example sentences

Being outside of the beltway, and thus shielded from the standard idiocy, I have no idea what 24AheadDotCom is trying to say.. [Matthew Yglesias » Surveillance]

Police Chiefs need to be shielded from the knee-jerk reactions of a local electorate and central government. on April 4, 2010 at 3: 40 pm PC World. [Locally Elected Police Chiefs, Yeah? « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

In fact I will go further and say that all children are innocent and deserve to be protected and shielded from the horrors of war.. [Is Obama a Terrorist? « Blog]

It was the whispers - the crosstalk of a dying station, no longer shielded from the neural network of its human occupants.. [Valentines, part the first]

We will continue to be allowed to vote because voting maintains an air of Democracy (Greek-Demos) in a society, even if the means of counting the votes is proprietary (read DIEBOLD) and shielded from the Demos.. [Think Progress » SC Lt. Gov. compares people getting gov’t help to ‘stray animals’ who ‘breed’ because they don’t know better.]

The supplier incentives are to invent newer, better, more specialized (costly) services and justify each as a "necessity", while the demanders are shielded from the immediate cost effects by the very nature of the insurance (protection against financial loss) - the services and guaranteed payment umbrella propagate the false perception in demanders that health care services are free or of minimal cost.. [Primary Care Doctors vs. Specialists, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Long shielded from the realm of man, the inhabitants of Themyscira are tested when American fighter pilot Steve Trevor inexplicably crashes into their world.. [Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat]

Now, apparently, even discussions of the case are to be shielded from the general public.. [Jon Davidson: Prop 8 Defender Flees Televised Discussion]

The fact that the BBC is directly funded by the licence fee rather than through general taxation meant it was in effect shielded from the Whitehall budget cuts? and political interference.. [BBC funding cannot escape George Osborne's cuts]

But in other areas, I think we've been very lucky to have been maybe shielded from the recession just a bit, you know, just simply because of our position and what my husband does, working he works in the hospitality industry, at a bar, and people are still drinking.. [Ohio Family Of Five Gets By On Modest Income]

At first the sleeper had been restless, but, shielded from the flies and the sun, his breathing became gentler and his movements ceased.. [THE HOBO AND THE FAIRY]

Families are lying on the ground, shielded from the sun by sheets or blankets held up by wooden poles.. [Aid mission uses lessons of war]

As a public employee, Millett had every right to expect that he would be given support and shielded from the howling bullies at his doorstep.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

That would add up to about $28,000 in shielded income over the course of his five-year payment plan.. [Justice Elena Kagan a comfortable and active questioner in first case]

Qwaider: Nido, It's OK, I think in our educational system in Jordan and the rest of the Arab world we were shielded from the Greek Mythology and Gods and Olympians for really good reasons.. [Qwaider Planet]

Sentiment was helped after Reserve Bank of Australia assistant governor Guy Debelle today said Australia has so far been shielded from the Greek financial crisis - but only up until last night.. [ | Top Stories]

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@almostjingo: WTF. They shielded Backpage.


@Cliff67189905: @Usa1Christopher @Jayhawker4Trump @RealJamesWoods Why? If Americans keep just sitting on their back sides and hope they…

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  • PronunciationsSH IY1 L D IH0 D
  • Character8
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