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What do we mean by shipyard?

A yard where ships are built or repaired. noun

A yard or piece of ground near the water in which ships or vessels are constructed. noun

A yard, place, or inclosure where ships are built or repaired. noun

A place where ships are built and repaired. noun

A workplace where ships are built or repaired noun

A place where ships are built and repaired.

The act of docking your penis inside of the shipyard(vagina) and letting off the seamen(semen} into the shipyard which is the act of shipyarding someone Urban Dictionary

Noun. a heavenly brew responsible for black-outs in the New England area, specifically Maine. beer varieties: Export, Pumpkinhead, Special Brew, Winter, Joshua Chamberlain, Old Thumper Urban Dictionary

Rising up against the USSR during the fall of it's power int he late 80's, the workers of the Gdansk shipyard, Poland staged the first successful strike in the history of the USSR, thus undermining communism. Urban Dictionary

Noun: A Shipyard Bubba is the type of overweight, grotesque, blob of human matter. They tend to be ignorant and border line retarded. That also works for Shipyard Urban Dictionary

This aggresive act involves postioning oneself on the edge of large boat with every intention to defecate off the side. If this bold individual is able to execute a dump in plain viewsight of other ship goers and beach loungers he is said to have acheived the highest known title in boating, the "Shipyard Steven" Urban Dictionary

A man who ties up pieces of rope filling holes in a ship or boat. Along with this he puts a tar-like substance into the hole so the water doesn't leak in when more water pressure is added. Urban Dictionary

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The word "shipyard" in example sentences

Scrapping the second carrier and bringing forward the construction of frigates would still leave a gap in shipyard work, ministers have been told. ❋ Richard Norton-Taylor (2010)

NEWPORT NEWS - Control of the region's largest labor union and its roughly 6,800 members is at stake this week in an election that pits a two-term shipyard incumbent against the man he replaced six years ago.

Above the front door of Karnágio - Greek for "shipyard" - hangs a painting of a weathered sailor, chief witness to Dimitris 'painting past. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The order book for the shipyard, which is owned by a joint venture led by the construction firms and two junior partners, includes more than 20 tankers, drilling rigs and an offshore platform—all for Petrobras, at a cost to the oil company of more than $8 billion. ❋ Paulo Prada (2011)

But a sale of the Asian business, while far from certain, would mean the company's focus will shift again to the Dubai-based shipyard, which is considered much more commercially viable and therefore could gain easier access to funding for now and once the debt restructuring talks are completed. ❋ Nicolas Parasie (2012)

At the northern end of the shipyard was the massive dock where Lincoln and the other Nimitz class carriers were built. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Just past the shipyard is the now-abandoned Navy maximum security prison. ❋ Will (2008)

Shipbuilders are counting on the fact that a shipyard is a shipyard -- even if they build rigs in it -- and that lower-cost delivery could win them some business. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The shipyard was a society in which manhood was based on a publicly useful skill and on contributing to a community in which men supported and guided each other. ❋ Unknown (1999)

‘The shipyard is the property of Mrs Hector Barlow,’ he said. ❋ Shute, Nevil, 1899-1960 (1951)

Below the shipyard was a cove of no very great depth, but of extreme beauty. ❋ James De Mille (N/A)

Guinayangan also boasts a shipyard, which is nothing more than a rough shed, the implements being most primitive in construction. ❋ Florence Kimball Russel (N/A)

The shipyard, which is owned by General Dynamics, anticipates relative stability over the next two years, as long as there are no changes to the Navy's ship-purchasing plans, said shipyard spokesman Jim DeMartini. ❋ Unknown (2011)

What drove us to the shipyard was the value in the yards versus the value in the market that we could put those kinds of assets in the fleet for, and I think that's probably still the case even though the shipyard prices are starting to come up.

The shipyard is the most prominent presence on the Peninsula, from the 234-foot gantry crane - the strongest in the Western hemisphere - that dominates the downtown skyline to the more than ❋ Unknown (2010)

The shipyard is the largest in South America and has a 400 m x 73 m building dock with two ❋ Unknown (2010)

With over 185 years of operating experience, the shipyard is the largest in Canada and among the largest and most sophisticated in North America. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Ken] shipyarded [barbie]{shipyarding} ❋ Wolverine123456789 (2011)

We got a keg of [shipyard]. You ever tried playing [beerpong] with shipyard? I was wrecked! I love fall because [Pumpkinhead] is out. ❋ Mmmbeer (2008)

The Gdansk shipyard [industrial action]. ❋ Kung-Fu Jesus (2004)

[Ew] Did you see that [shipyard bubba] with is [crack out]! ❋ ThicB01 (2021)

Mike had such high [aspirations] of being [crowned] the [shipyard steven] that he deemed it necesary to drop his shorts, lean off the side of the boat and launch a dump for all those on the beach to witness. ❋ Reggie Dumps (2009)

I [hired] a shipyard chalker to [repair] my [boat] yesterday. ❋ ARneddrdeewn (2009)

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