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Hyphenation shop
Pronunciations /ʃɒp/

Definitions and meanings of "Shop"

What do we mean by shop?

A small retail store or a specialty department in a large store. noun

An atelier; a studio. noun

A place for manufacturing or repairing goods or machinery. noun

A commercial or industrial establishment. noun

A business establishment; an office or a center of activity. noun

A home workshop. noun

A schoolroom fitted with machinery and tools for instruction in industrial arts. noun

The industrial arts as a technical science or course of study. noun

To visit stores in search of merchandise or bargains. intransitive verb

To look for something with the intention of acquiring it. intransitive verb

To visit or buy from (a particular store). intransitive verb

To go from store to store in search of merchandise or bargains. phrasal verb

To look for something, such as a better job. phrasal verb

To offer (a large block of common stock, for example) for sale to various parties. phrasal verb

(talk shop) To talk about one's work. idiom

A booth or stall where wares were usually both made and displayed for sale. noun

A building, or a room or suite of rooms, appropriated to the selling of wares at retail. noun

In the rural districts and smaller towns of the United States the term store takes almost exclusively the place of the British shop, but the latter word is in occasional and increasing use in this sense in large cities. noun

A room or building in which the making, preparing, or repairing of any article is carried on, or in which any industry is pursued: as, a machine-shop; a repair-shop; a barber's shop; a carpenter's shop. noun

An establishment that sells goods or services to the public; originally only a physical location, but now a virtual establishment as well.

A place where things are manufactured or crafted; a workshop.

A large garage where vehicle mechanics work.

Workplace; office. Used mainly in expressions such as shop talk, closed shop and shop floor.

A variety of classes taught in junior or senior high school that teach vocational skill.

An establishment where a barber or beautician works.

An act of shopping, especially routine shopping for food and other domestic supplies.

Discussion of business or professional affairs.

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The word "shop" in example sentences

'And when I say a shop,' Hugo pursued, 'I mean a _shop_.' ❋ Arnold Bennett (1899)

Thank goodness it occurred to me at once to say that I went into the tobacco shop to buy stamps and I must have left it in the _shop_. ❋ Anonymous (1897)

In regard to the daily, or even the occasional use of the stronger drugs of the apothecary's shop -- whether this _shop_ is found in the family or elsewhere -- I would fain hope many of our young women may claim an entire immunity. ❋ William A. Alcott (1824)

I think he must have tried calling it… cos after I ran in my boots across from the shoe shop past the bedding shop… he was behind me saying it doesn’t work ... ❋ Speak-out (2004)

The main shop is across from a convenience store that carries Victoria beer and almost always has ice and next door to the tiendita is a place where they husk coconuts, you can tell by the huge pile of husks outside, no line-up of taxis. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The fact that Gration may end up being a bull in a china shop is apparently of little concern. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Ah, rumbled", I thought - as the shop is always groaningly full, and I'm surprised that they seem grateful for my humble offerings. ❋ Maxine (2009)

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