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An extreme fox; one who is hot beyond belief, yet somehow approachable. Often chased by copious amounts of paparazzi. Known to enjoy red wine, root beer vodka, and a good time.  Urban Dictionary

Solid fat used to make pastry.  Urban Dictionary

'Link Shortener' is a type of website and/or service that will turn your long URLs such as into a shorter URL such as  Urban Dictionary

Stop masturbating in the shower  Urban Dictionary

As in "What's your location?" Truckers ask other truckers this question in an attempt to triangulate smokey's location.  Urban Dictionary

As early as 2009, Google launched a URL shortening service, Also added the QR code and Api features, as well as the Android and ios App. But unfortunately, on April 13, 2019, Google announced that officially announced its withdrawal. There are several ways to shorten the URL, such as direct shortening, shortened QR code, shortened custom URLs, shortened custom domain for Suort, API, and more. . The function of is very complete and the design is very suitable for use in various occasions. #CUSTOM URL SHORTENING, #HOW TO SHORTEN A URL, #SHORT LINK, SHORT URL, #URL SHORTENING  Urban Dictionary

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Find out what the fastest URL shortener is in the slideshow below.   ❋ The Huffington Post (2010)

At the moment Google’s URL shortener is clearly dominating the market with perfect up time and extreme responsiveness — learn how you can use Goo. gl without a Google account or Google Toolbar here — but since it may not always be so WatchMouse set up a publicly accessible monitoring page to track URL shortening services.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Mitt Romney's spokesman has confirmed that they will be changing the Mitt. ly domain shortener.   ❋ Melissa Bell (2010)

Use URL "shortener" service that supports tracking.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

(That's just some statistics from the bit. ly URL shortener, which is popular but not the only that people use.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Republican Mitt Romney took that advice, changing his mitt. ly shortener to mi. tt.   ❋ Rob Pegoraro (2010)

Firefox browser users eager to try out Google's new web link shortener, you can stop shaking your heads now: It's not you.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

In reference to the vb. ly incident: the domain's purpose (proclaimed by its registrants themselves) was to serve as a 'sex friendly URL shortener', mainly for adult uses.   ❋ Rob Pegoraro (2010)

Oh the irony of the hundreds upon hundreds of twitter links to this site, using a third party URL shortener.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

You've got another way to point people to a Web address in a minimum of characters -- goo. gl, a new link shortener from Google launched in limited form last year but now open to anybody with a Web browser.   ❋ Rob Pegoraro (2010)

It needs to mimic how one would use a URL shortener service on a computer, but it also needs to cater to the many phones that cannot use copy and paste (yet).   ❋ Unknown (2009)

But otherwise, goo. gl falls short of my usual link shortener, bit. ly.   ❋ Rob Pegoraro (2010)

URL shortener bit. ly boosts efforts to stop spam ...   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Two weeks ago, Metcalfe says his year-old shortener site, Vb. ly, was shut down without notice by the domain host because it ran afoul of Libyan Islamic law.   ❋ Melissa Bell (2010)

So the perfect mobile URL shortener service would need to do the following:   ❋ Unknown (2009)

We were also told that we were "promoting an illegal activity" with our link shortener.   ❋ The Huffington Post (2010)

We need a proper mobile shortener service « Digital immigrant   ❋ Unknown (2009)

And there are 5478 other URL shortener services available to choose from.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Google's shortener competes with numerous other options -- for example, TinyURL and bit. ly -- that all do the same thing: Turn lengthy, unwieldy addresses into brief shortcuts that you can easily share on Twitter, in other status updates or in print.   ❋ Rob Pegoraro (2010)

Look at that shorten gettin' down on the dance floor! Those hips don't lie. ❋ Shorts-2 (2010)

I don't eat shortening based products anymore. ❋ Manulojose (2014)

Link shortener adfly tinyurl bitly short url ❋ UranusTBN (2013)

McKinley, shorten up the shower. ❋ Guitarist_Maximus (2017)

Bud says, "Jed, you might wanna mind your meter, the bear is round the bend." Jed says, "that's a 10-4, whats your 20"? Bud: marker 27. Jed: I got my eyes on. ------------ often shortened to: "what's your 20?" or just 20? when texting ❋ Mr Major (2008)

Shortener, How to shorten a url ❋ (2019)

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