Definitions and meanings of "Show"

What do we mean by show?

To cause or allow to be seen; display. intransitive verb

To display for sale, in exhibition, or in competition. intransitive verb

To permit access to (a house, for example) when offering for sale or rent. intransitive verb

To conduct; guide. intransitive verb

To direct one's attention to; point out. intransitive verb

To make evident or reveal (an emotion or condition, for example). intransitive verb

To reveal (oneself) as in one's behavior or condition. intransitive verb

To indicate; register. intransitive verb

To demonstrate by reasoning or procedure. intransitive verb

To demonstrate to by reasoning or procedure; inform or prove to. intransitive verb

To grant; bestow. intransitive verb

To be or become visible or evident. intransitive verb

To make an appearance; show up. intransitive verb

To be exhibited publicly. intransitive verb

To give a performance or present an exhibition. intransitive verb

To finish third or better in a horserace or dog race. intransitive verb

A play, dance, or other entertainment.

An exhibition of items.

A broadcast program/programme.

A movie.

An agricultural show.

A project or presentation.

A demonstration.

Mere display or pomp with no substance. (Usually seen in the phrases "all show" and "for show".)

Outward appearance; wileful or deceptive appearance.

(with "the") The major leagues.

A pale blue flame at the top of a candle flame, indicating the presence of firedamp.


Sign, token, or indication.

Semblance; likeness; appearance.


A discharge, from the vagina, of mucus streaked with blood, occurring a short time before labor.

Cheap concert  Urban Dictionary

A show is a mini concert usually consisting of small, local bands. they are usually really low key and are usually really cheap. these shows are where all the scene, broXcore and hxc kids hang out at. they usually consist of five to nine bands that are either alright or really good, but sutimes the bands really sukk but then all the kids just go chill outside  Urban Dictionary

Totally ridiculous. disaster. not reliable.  Urban Dictionary

What all the "hip" scene kids / sceneters call concerts. A scene kid would never ever call a concert a show. They would loose a lot of scene points. They'd probably go cut themselves and be emo or something.  Urban Dictionary

Aonther name for the movies or theatre  Urban Dictionary

A slang term used among marijuana growers to refer to their marijana growing operation.  Urban Dictionary

Means something is almost unbeliveable in either a good or bad way,  Urban Dictionary

To show showed shown 1)to let someone look at something, 2)to prove something 3)to teach someone how to do something  Urban Dictionary

When using a webcam, to display more than that which is normally covered by clothing (which is camming), as in one's genital areas or in the case of a female her breasts and genitals.  Urban Dictionary

What a self-conscious, pretentious, and egocentric urbanite uses for the word "concert."  Urban Dictionary

The word "show" in example sentences

How to use show in a sentence? Example sentences with the show, a sentence example for show, and how to make show in sample sentence, how do I use the word show in a sentence? How do you spell show in a sentence?

That, and the truth that in 10 years the naysayers will be forgotten, and made irrelevant...but the show, the *show*...goes on.   ❋ Abigail Nussbaum (2005)

Red Line Chemistry will show off its softer side when it headlines a “special acoustic show”   ❋ Unknown (2011)

Priory, to take care of all the old trumpery, and show the place -- you know it's a _show place_.   ❋ Maria Edgeworth (1808)

Reminds me of how every new TV show is 'the new hit show_____!' even before the pilot airs also reminds me of a certain poster here who admitted they declared Obama a failure before his first day in office, because, they just 'knew' he would be. call it 'The Power of Negative Thinking' question is, why would anyone want their country's leader to fail?   ❋ TimALoftis (2010)

Guicontrol,, textshow, \% nothing\% return if value = 3 show = \% 1\% \% 2\% \% 3\% guicontrol,, textshow, \% show\% sleep, \% timeoutsleep\%   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Guicontrol,, textshow, \% nothing\% return if value = 4 show = \% 1\% \% 2\% \% 3\% \% 4\% guicontrol,, textshow, \% show\% sleep, \% timeoutsleep\%   ❋ Unknown (2009)

One of the purposes of such patterns is to show people what a $50 gold coin would look like and to ’show off’ proposed designs for $50 gold coins.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Sharon was careful not to let her expression show just how much his kiss had affected her.   ❋ Janet Dailey (2011)

The main show is being held at Stage 16, where films such as "Pretty in Pink," "Elizabethtown" and "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" were shot.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

The term show trial is a pejorative description of a type of highly public trial.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Good: Despite all the “dead this andre-killing that” the show is not dark in the least, a credit to everyone on the show from the creators, set designers, writers, actors, and directors.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

The word show in this passage means “to reveal in an ongoing, progressive way.”   ❋ BOB RUSSELL (2003)

They cheated a little bit by overexposing the image to make the label show up as red (the antlers also popped more after overexposure), but it's such a fun find (that has no scientific purpose).   ❋ Casey Chan (2010)

Are you going to the (insert band name) show tonight? ❋ Sk (2003)

Hey, are you ging to the fire in the morgue show saturday night??? fire in the morgue is a local band from morgan hill, CA that plays alot of shows ❋ Ford[408] (2007)

"hey i just bought a car from that used car lot..." "aww man, that used car lot is a show!" or "you're a show" (you are being ridiculous." ❋ XenonHID_VQ (2003)

Hey, are you going to the Thermals show tonight?! or My mommy won't drive me to the show and I have no car slash money! ❋ Shanay (2004)

Im goin to the show ta see that new movie ❋ Brandi (2004)

"how big is your show?" ❋ Eninatled (2003)

It was a SHOW what the Wizards did to MJ ❋ Junkies Fan Bowie MD (2003)

1.I'll show u the definition of show at 1). 2.look into ur dictionary it'll show you that 2) is right. 3.I'll show you how to use show by reading 1.,2. and 3. ❋ Melancholy (2005)

Seen in a chat room... Him:"Hey honey will u show?" Her:"Yea, let me turn on my cam" Him:"Dam nice titties girl!" Her:"Wanna see anything else, I'll show." ❋ Colt1957 (2007)

"So many great shows last weekend, shame I could only make two of 'em," "Oh, don't plays and musicals and stuff usually run for more than one night?" "No... like Bon Iver, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear shows." "What is that?" "Those are artists. You know like... 'bands.'" "Oh! So you meant there were a lot of CONCERTS last weekend?" *hipster rolls his eyes* ❋ Hatespretense (2014)

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