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Definitions of "simple"

  • Having or composed of only one thing, element, or part. See Synonyms at pure. adjective
  • Not involved or complicated; easy: a simple task. See Synonyms at easy. adjective
  • Being without additions or modifications; mere: a simple "yes” or "no.” adjective
  • Having little or no ornamentation; not embellished or adorned: a simple dress. adjective
  • Not elaborate, elegant, or luxurious. See Synonyms at plain. adjective
  • Unassuming or unpretentious; not affected. adjective
  • Having or manifesting little sense or intelligence. adjective
  • Uneducated; ignorant. adjective
  • Unworldly or unsophisticated. See Synonyms at naive. adjective
  • Not guileful or deceitful; sincere. adjective
  • Humble or lowly in condition or rank: a simple woodcutter. adjective
  • Ordinary or common: a simple head cold. adjective
  • Being a fundamental or rudimentary element; basic. adjective
  • Not important or significant; trivial. adjective
  • Biology Having no divisions or branches; not compound: a simple leaf; a simple eye or lens. adjective
  • Music Being without figuration or elaboration: a simple tone. adjective
  • A single component of a complex, especially one that is unanalyzable. noun
  • A fool; a simpleton. noun
  • A person of humble birth or condition. noun

The word "simple" in example sentences

Having confused physical with linguistic or expressive facts, and observing that, in the order of ideas, the simple precedes the complex, they necessarily ended by thinking that _the smaller_ physical facts were _the more simple_.. [Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic]

When I once told a sceptical friend about Miss Florence Cook's séance, and added, triumphantly, "Why, she's a pretty little simple girl of sixteen," that clenched the doubts of this Thomas at once, for he rejoined, "What is there that a pretty little _simple_ girl of sixteen won't do?". [Mystic London: or, Phases of occult life in the metropolis]

Commerce, III, 4, I, even the simple bankrupt in contradistinction to the fraudulent bankrupt is punished, and every person unable to pay his debts is declared a _simple_ bankrupt, who, among other things, has made excessive household expenses, or lost considerable sums by play etc.. [System der volkswirthschaft. English]

"And, like a great many other simple but important processes, rare just because it _is so simple_," remarked Maurice, with great justice.. [Fairy Fingers A Novel]

II. i.39 (123,2) [without you were so simple, none else would] None else would _be so simple_.. [Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies]

Thanks for your response, Lexikos, but I think you should have read more carefully / I should have stated in the subject that the function is for pixels that can't be retrieved by PixelGetColor (or GetPixel), but I wanted to keep the title simple / there's no much room (I've edited it now).. [AutoHotkey Community]

My arthritic little fingers beg to differ with the term simple, however Husband sprang to the fore and the light house was soon in the tree.. [Epinions Recent Content for Home]

There are deeper playing options with plenty of complexity, but the goal was to make the title simple and fun out of the box.. [Brandon Sun Online - Top Stories]

I fear, though, Nigel and I have very different interpretations of the word simple.. [TV review: Rick Stein's Spanish Christmas; Nigel Slater's Simple Christmas; Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder]

Mr. Toohey following Heidegger and the German sociologist Martin Doehlemann draws a further distinction between what he calls "simple" and "existential" boredom.. [Accidie? Ennui? Sigh . . .]

I did a word count of the transcript of our conversation in December, and Couples used the word "simple" 14 times in 25 minutes.. [If Keith Richards Played Golf...]

Besides, he said, all this talk about government service obscures what he calls a simple requirement in the state's municipal code that candidates live in Chicago for a full year before an election.. [Rahm Emanuel's Residency Continues To Be An Issue In Chicago Mayoral Race]

Why do you have to argue for what you call a simple fact?. [Is New York Times Giving Short Shrift To Edwards Campaign?]

You asked what part of the reality based community ignores what you called a simple focused correction.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » A Suggestion for Tea Partiers:]

They say it's no time to add taxes to what they call the simple pleasures we all enjoy, and they argue the tax would be unfair since it would soak the poor.. [CNN Transcript Jul 29, 2009]

CHO: Griffiths, who is 20, says he admires Graham for what he calls his simple message.. [CNN Transcript Jun 26, 2005]

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