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5 types of climate: hot, very hot, damn its freakin' hot, wow look roast human char siew all over the streets!, otherwise. 4 common interest among all typical Singaporeans: Food, glorious food! Shopping, Welcome to the Great Singapore Sale! Toto/4D, come Saturday Sunday.. will I win? (bai liu li bai hui bu hui kai), Education - "Boy AH! u finish tuition homework liao or not! Later got piano lesson! AIYO! Your spelling learn already anot?!" 3 MRT lines: North South line, East West line, North East line 2 hours(approx): is needed to travel from one end to another end of Singapore. 1 common language: Singlish "See liao lah... What you want?" "SCUSE"  Urban Dictionary

The tiny dot on the map  Urban Dictionary

A country that you should give a chance to before making any snide comments about it. Despite being a tiny 647km island surrounded by water, and despite all the negativity for its reputation of having too many restrictions, Singapore is actually a stable and safe country with great food and harmonious people. If you don't care too much about politics, and would like to live in a place where jogging on the street at 4am is actually plausible without you getting mobbed, Singapore is a great choice to consider.  Urban Dictionary

A country where you can get penalised for virtually anything,even chewing gums.But otherwise a great place with lots of delicious foods and shopping places.The living conditions aren't too shabby either,if you can stand hot and humid climate that is.  Urban Dictionary

Place where is reaching colonalism after well over 40 years because of fucking white farts and stupid foreigners who enter this once beautiful country and steal our jobs . Singapore may be progressing economically at a very rapid rate but this only results in its local population getting poorer then before, the only people who make money are the overrated white farts . This makes singapore a place where white people can earn alot of money thus singapore is also known to be another hot spot for white people aka white `s playground white the local population work their asses off.The government doesn gives two shit about anything as long its family rule the ranks around here forever forever and forever  Urban Dictionary

When you are in dirty side of a causeway u know it malaysia but when you get to the end you find yourself in a spotless area you will know its singapore  Urban Dictionary

A place where grades matter but your mental health doesn't  Urban Dictionary

It's hot. It's crowded. It's small. It's home.  Urban Dictionary

A really, really tiny country who people from America think is part of China. Also, it is one of the countries that practice hybrid democracy because it is not exactly democracy if the same political party, PAP has ruled for so long. Also, it's a really cool place for nightlife and is building more cooler buildings than Dubai. Lastly, really dependent on other countries as it is too small to get natural resources. NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER EVEN EXPERIENCED A NATURAL DISASTER NOT EVEN A SHAKE!!!!!  Urban Dictionary

1) Indonesian President: Little red dot 2) Taiwan Minister: Booger 3) Americans and all other Caucasians: Somewhere In China 4) Malaysians: How do i get my citizenship? 5) me: when you're dead  Urban Dictionary

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This iconic desk has been first introduced to the international market at the international furniture fair in singapore 2010 IFFS. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Ron on Jul 17, 2008 just watched it in singapore … and it was mindfcking awesome ❋ Unknown (2008)

Everyone says singapore is a horrible place to work … … …. .sad but its true …. .too stressful! ❋ Unknown (2007)

I'd love to see the illustrations in the Alasdair Gray book - am intrigued after surfing around looking for examples of his work. dz - Borders in singapore is really nice. still haven't made it to the one in Times Square. ❋ Sharon Bakar (2005)

i grew up in singapore and some of those items you got look familiar. that packet of asian baked treats, is that a mix for pandan roll cake? ❋ Myriam (2007)

Wednesday, June 17 2009 hi om, its 12: 55 here in singapore and i’m eagerly waiting for the update (well to be precise i have been waiting for the most basics of mobile phone features since i got my hands on the device). so, copy/paste, fwd sms, share contacts, push notifications is making me wait for it at the wee hrs. ❋ Unknown (2009)

January 23rd, 2008 at 3: 13 am this url shows another awesome new school building in singapore. ❋ Unknown (2008)

i believe that if they come to singapore and promote their albums, they will have more fans in singapore. and till now i feel that TVXQ is the best boyband i have ever known and also the best singers and best looking koreans!!! ❋ Unknown (2006)

22 October 2009 at 0: 10 is the ramp up to the expressway over corner 3 on the singapore F1 street cirquit. figure they just had to pick the furthest thing from Gotham right? gues this little bubble called singapore is it haha - Yorben ❋ Unknown (2009)

Updated 04: 07 PM August 20, 2010 all these cheapo construction worker aren't going back to their country when they are retrenched because they have mountain of debts back home when they paid their agents to come to singapore. this is a big problem for MOM. they will significantly increase the crime rates in singapore which is happening right now. ah huat ❋ Unknown (2010)

A lot of the top 15 is made up of protestant-heavy countries, with the exception of catholic austria and luxembourg and plurality-buddhist singapore and hong kong. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I applaud the japanese and singapore fans for being such gracious and well-mannered fans. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I think I am going to go to singapore just to bottle up some of your luck! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Bravo to twiligh singapore crew! fantastic footage! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Definitely a must visit for any form of singapore shopping. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Better yet, make the financiers wear wind-activated sirens on their ankles to warn pedestrians of their approach. "newagent99 wrote," Jud Gregg says the derivatives market will move to singapore .. ❋ Doug Feaver (2010)

She has done the work and he has been given the credit which includes the change 'theme for his campaign which she had been saying for months. johann frm singapore ❋ Unknown (2008)

After i searching2 on google there some people had this problem like this with this COMGATEWAY SCAM singapore drop ship. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Horrible experience considering my 7 hour gap at singapore ! ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Singapore] is [rojak]. ❋ Yalayala (2004)

singapore was visited by [raffles] in 1819 ❋ Lololololololololololol1234 (2019)

If you travel across the [causeway] from [Malaysia] and suddenly find yourself on spotlessly clean streets, then, welcome to [Singapore]. ❋ Kitera (2007)

[Singapore] is a 'fine' [country] [yes it is]! (fine refering to monetary one) ❋ Hubba X (2005)

white guy : [jee] life is really hard in europe [fuckkkkk] other white guy : why don`t we immigrate to singapore and kick some [ching chong] butts? The girls will be all over us and we will fuck like never before white guy : totally awesome man... ❋ Chingchonggg (2007)

1 Indonesian president:[the red dot] 2 Malaysian president:cowpat 3 [Hongkong]:booger 4 USA:china [singaporeans] hate answers 2 3 4. ❋ Lololololololololololol1234 (2019)

1: Why were you in the [psychiatrist's] office? 2: Ah, [I just came] from Singapore. 1: Ah! I'm so sorry for you! [Well wishes]! ❋ Tony's Abortion Clinic & Pizza (2021)

Guy 1: So, is Singapore a [city], [town], state, or country? Guy 2: [All of the above]. ❋ Apu The Monkey (2011)

Bob: Hey, let's go to Singapore Tom: Yeah and while we are it, [we should] [captain] [the Titanic] too!!!! ❋ Anon 1247 (2011)

Mahatir: [Whomever] wants to [defect] can try [swimming] across... ❋ Abel Bong (2005)

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