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Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction. Sintering happens naturally in mineral deposits or as a manufacturing process used with metals, ceramics, plastics, and other materials. The atoms in the materials diffuse across the boundaries of the particles, fusing the particles together and creating one solid piece. Because the sintering temperature does not have to reach the melting point of the material, sintering is often chosen as the shaping process for materials with extremely high melting points such as tungsten and molybdenum. The study of sintering in metallurgy powder-related processes is known as powder metallurgy. An example of sintering can be observed when ice cubes in a glass of water adhere to each other, which is driven by the temperature difference between the water and the ice. Examples of pressure-driven sintering are the compacting of snowfall to a glacier, or the forming of a hard snowball by pressing loose snow together. The word "sinter" comes from the Middle High German sinter, a cognate of English "cinder"..

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Definitions of "sintering"

  • Present participle of sinter. verb
  • A process in which the particles of a powder are welded together by pressure and heating to a temperature below its melting point noun
  • The incomplete union into a solid mass of the particles of a powder heated so that softening but not perfect fusion occurs. noun

The word "sintering" in example sentences

And then we have quite a lot of specialty applications, for example, we have an application called sintering, which is high-speed deposition and that's performed well through the first half of the year and actually our printing business it's not a massive business, has also a performed strongly.. []

Researchers at the Univ. of Leicester, led by Professor Jingzhe Pan of the Department of Engineering, focused on a critical step in the manufacture of ceramics known as 'sintering'.. [Research & Development Today's News]

"Ceramics are produced from firstly compacting powders into a solid, and then firing the powder compacts in a process called 'sintering'.. [Research & Development Today's News]

These are precision cast by injecting a powdered metal slurry into a mold, removing the binders, and then heating (sintering) the parts.. [Which is a better material for a knife, high carbon steel or stainless steel?]

The first human crew (three or four) gets there and sets up shop, first sintering a landing pad so that you don't have to land landers km away from the outpost.. [Shuttle-C - NASA Watch]

The sintering means that the stones are compressed to a solid; barium titanate is also used in capacitors in electrical circuits, and in stone form as the heating element in hair straighteners.. [Inventor James Dyson launches heater that cannot burn you]

Mr. Koszo, who is Hungarian, learned of the sintering technology in an article published by the University of New South Wales, which helped him partner with scientists. [Vecor Recycles Waste From Coal Plants Into Building Materials]

A spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in Berlin, Heidar Zadeh, said the indictment is based on a misunderstanding, because the vacuum sintering oven was intended for use by an Iranian ceramics firm.. [Germany Charges Two Over Iran Equipment Deal]

The pair allegedly delivered a vacuum sintering oven to Iran in July 2007.. [Germany Charges Two Over Iran Equipment Deal]

German prosecutors also are investigating a separate allegation that Mr.S. and Mr.A. planned to ship a second vacuum sintering oven to Iran in 2008 via a shell company registered in an unnamed Asian country.. [Germany Charges Two Over Iran Equipment Deal]

The sintering oven at the center of the German case is valued at about €850,000 ($1.1 million) and falls under an export embargo because it is a dual-use device — one that can be used for both civilian and military purposes.. [Germany Charges Two Over Iran Equipment Deal]

They are actually printing out the final piece that gets delivered to the customer using a great big EOSINT polyamide laser sintering machine a.k.a. the magic 3-d printer.. [Rambles at » Blog Archive » Next: Print your furniture]

Fritting (or sintering) the coloring materials was a variation on the fluxing process.. [The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe]

Developed in-house, this new method of steelmaking dispenses with the traditional and time-consuming step of melting of coal and ore into chunks with hot air so-called coking and sintering thereby saving energy and cutting emissions by 90 percent.. [The Emerging Markets Century]

Magnequench magnets are produced from a unique patented process of sintering specialty metals.. [China Sole Manufacturer of Material for U.S. Missiles]

The production of iron - which today involves energy-intensive sintering and coke-making - will be switched to the new coal metallurgy, with substantial energy savings.. [Chapter 9]

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【焼結】 固体の粉末を混ぜ合わせ、プレス金型で圧縮し、融点以下の温度で加熱することで、焼結体と呼ばれる成形品を作り出す粉末冶金の工法。 (Eng.Sintering)


We can produce various types of ovens and sintering furnaces such as high temperature ovens, PTFE ovens, natural ga…

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Copper parts from recycled wire sintering
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Additive Manufacturing - Direct Metal Laser Sintering DMLS Technology

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