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The nuthatches constitute a genus, Sitta, of small passerine birds belonging to the family Sittidae. Characterised by large heads, short tails, and powerful bills and feet, nuthatches advertise their territory using loud, simple songs. Most species exhibit grey or bluish upperparts and a black eye stripe. Most nuthatches breed in the temperate or montane woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere, although two species have adapted to rocky habitats in the warmer and drier regions of Eurasia. However, the greatest diversity is in Southern Asia, and similarities between the species have made it difficult to identify distinct species. All members of this genus nest in holes or crevices. Most species are non-migratory and live in their habitat year-round, although the North American red-breasted nuthatch migrates to warmer regions during the winter. A few nuthatch species have restricted ranges and face threats from deforestation. Nuthatches are omnivorous where they eat mostly insects, nuts, and seeds. They forage for insects hidden in or under bark by climbing along tree trunks and branches, sometimes upside-down. They forage within their territories when breeding, but they may join mixed feeding flocks at other times. Their habit of wedging a large food item in a crevice and then hacking at it with their strong bills gives this group its English name..

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Definitions of "sitta"

  • A Linnean genus of birds, the nuthatches, typical of the family Sittidæ. noun
  • type genus of the Sittidae noun

The word "sitta" in example sentences

The bird called sitta is quarrelsome, but clever and tidy, makes its living with ease, and for its knowingness is regarded as uncanny; it has a numerous brood, of which it is fond, and lives by pecking the bark of trees.. [The History of Animals]

THIS is orbitlamousely whut happens wren yoo go tew Florida and leave yer kittehs with a cat-sitta fur a phew daze. [Cat burglar - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

Consider the reflexes of *-dθ- in Proto-Semitic 'six' in its daughter languages, often simplifying to either *-dd- (progressive assimilation) exemplified by Arabic sitta, or to *-θθ- (regressive assimilation) as happened in Ugaritic *θiθθu (represented in its alphabetic cuneiform as ṯṯ, without vowels as was their custom of spelling).. [To be or not to have. That is the question.]

It is really a dang shame that yoo cannot have mii as your sitta they call me a whispa-ruh – no rly srsly iz troo! gremlin says:. [teh wind did ut - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

So much so, that when we passed the family group in memory of Mazzini, and Alessandro explained dramatically that "the daughter he sitta down and cryo because his father is a-dead," poppa said, "Is that so?" without the faintest show of excitement, and momma declined even to look round.. [A Voyage of Consolation (being in the nature of a sequel to the experiences of 'An American girl in London')]

Cinclodes, the wagtail; Geobates a Saxicola; Limnornis lives in reed beds growing in the water; Henicornis in reed beds growing out of the water; and many other ground species exist concealed in the grass on dry plains; Homorus seeks its food by digging in the loose soil and dead leaves about the roots of trees; while Geo-sitta, Furnarius, and. [The Naturalist in La Plata]

När då de andra kämpar rida 14 ur silverportarna till krig, jag skulle sitta vid din sida, en trogen vän, och se på dig.. [Fritiofs Saga]

Det är så skönt, när du stäven vänder från fjärran segling mot hemmets stränder, där röken stiger från egen härd och minnet vaktar sin barndomsvärld och friska källan din lekplats lögar, 15 men fädren sitta i gröna högar och, full av längtan, den trogna mön står på sin klippa och ser åt sjön.. [Fritiofs Saga]

När månen strör kring bergen sitt bleka sken 38 och midnattsdaggen faller på bautasten, då sitta vi, o Torsten, på högar runda och spraka över vattnet om ting, som stunda.. [Fritiofs Saga]

Så skall jag sitta i min jungfrubur, en svartklädd änka efter livets glädje, och sömma brutna liljor uti duken, tills en gång våren vävt sin duk och sömmar 420 den full med bättre liljor på min grav.. [Fritiofs Saga]

There are three creatures, the squirrel, the field-mouse, and the bird called the nut-hatch (_sitta Europaea_), which live much on hazelnut; and yet they open them each in a different way.. [The Natural History of Selborne, Vol. 2]

Läkarna trodde inte ens att han skulle kunna lära sig sitta.. [ - Business News]

Man kan sitta och meditera hur länge som helst framför dina teckningar.. [The EDM SuperBlog]

Jekk jidħol vapur Malta b'mitejn u sitta w disgħin emigrant llegali, darb'iva u darba le, lista bla temm ta 'kummenti ripetuti mill-istess nies.. []

Prairie Ice: Snow Petrels sitta canadensis: winterlude. [A DC Birding Blog]

Before I discuss that, I must point out that the statement attributed to the Prophet regarding the ghazwat ul-hind is found in only one of the sihah sitta, the six collections of Hadith reports of the Sunni Muslims-in the collection by al-Nasai.. []

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Skala dem sitta vid en del av de prioriterar badrum och nu kommer över hundra anmälningar om en nio och annat för att uppmärksamma

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dame touka sitta
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Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitta I'm not sick but I'm not well Lyrics American Pie Soundtrack
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