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Definitions of "situations"

  • Plural form of situation. noun

The word "situations" in example sentences

Suddenly society felt itself dragged into situations altogether new and anarchic, —situations which it could not affect, but which painfully affected it.. [A Dynamic Theory of History (1904)]

Ryan Johnson Dana Schutz paints what she calls 'situations.'. [A Painter of Odd 'Situations' Gets a Retrospective—at 34]

Ms. Schutz doesn't paint from life or photographs; instead, she creates what she calls "situations"—open-ended narratives, parlor game-like challenges how might a woman swim, smoke and cry all at once?. [A Painter of Odd 'Situations' Gets a Retrospective—at 34]

Certainly the origins of the novel do not lie in "situations" that are rendered as closely as possible to those of "real life.". [Realism in Fiction]

But all (ball) Sac (k) aside, the part that pisses me off in situations like this IS the one-sided appraisal of it - where One Side making attacks on a Civilian Population makes it acceptable for retaliatory strikes of the same base and cowardly nature.. [Ashamed « A Bird’s Nest]

On the contrary, I believe that the moral sense is dulled in situations such as the Soviet Union, in which the market was replaced by Communist Party corruption.. [Economics and Moral Intuition, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

It enables us to examine what it really means to be human, by placing characters in situations that never arise in the world we see around us today.. [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gareth L. Powell & Aliette de Bodard]

She gets angry but in situations normal people would get angry in.. [The problem of the Childlike Empress at SF Novelists]

The smoothness of a light auto in fast shooting or tight situations is hard to beat.. [favorite shotgun for trap and upland birds?]

In fact, one of the major difficulties in trying to execute turns in offroad situations is excess speed.. [Get The Most Out Of A New Set of Truck Tires]

I use both and love both of them, there are certain situations that are better for each, but it's also to each his own opinion.. [what is better spinning or baitcasting reel and why.]

This show forces their dancers to learn all forms of dance and master them, it's in situations like this where you'll find a classical ballet dancer putting on a tough face to perfect the attitude ofKrumpingand a hip-hop dancer fine-tuning his movements to fit the technical details of a waltz.. [I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!]

Yet I too get afraid in situations that could go wrong.. [Terry Kelhawk: Islamic Garb in America : Fear and Joy for You, and Juan Williams Too]

The most recent survey asked cadets how often during the previous 12 months they had been in situations when someone subjected them to unwanted proselytizing and gave five choices: very often, often, sometimes, once or twice and never.. [41% Of Non-Christian Air Force Cadets Cite Proselytizing]

The majority of refugees are in long-term situations that last, on average, 17 years.. [Dale Buscher: Why Refugees Need to Make a Living]

If we were to look only to specific short-term situations, we would lose the main argument of the negotiations, which is having the capacity to cope and compete with the regional blocs that are being formed around the world.. ['We Have To Get Together']

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@slicknet: Confession: I am an introvert who does a convincingly accurate impression of an extrovert in social situations.


@RealCandaceO Glad theres more people that can acknowledge racism can be a problem to anyone in certain situations.


@CosmicGoddes: There’s a big turning point taking place now regarding letting go, there’s so much that has been in your way. The only wa…


@CGET_gouv: [VRAI OU FAUX] Les #villesmoyennes sont toutes en déprise❓Le @CGET_gouv décrypte les situations socio-économiques de 203 d’e…


@muranell Hmm that depends on the situation. I will NEVER store a square boy but will sometimes store an S/Z. Howev…

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