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Hyphenation ‖Si tus
Pronunciations /ˈsaɪtəs/

Definitions and meanings of "Situs"

What do we mean by situs?

Position, especially normal or original position, as of a body organ or part. noun

Situation; site. noun

In biol., archæol., etc., the proper or original site, place, position, or location of a part or organ, or of any other thing: chiefly in the phrase in situ, in place—that is, not disturbed or disarranged by dissection, excavation, or other process of examination. noun

In law, situation in contemplation of law; locality, actual or recognized. noun

The method in which the parts of a plant are arranged; also, the position of the parts. noun

The position, especially the usual, normal position, of a body part or part of a plant. noun

The method in which the parts of a plant are arranged. noun

The location of a property as used for taxation or other legal purposes. noun

The position, especially the usual, normal position, of a body part or part of a plant.

The method in which the parts of a plant are arranged.

The location of a property as used for taxation or other legal purposes.

(real estate) The street number and street name of an address such as "3912 Park Drive". It does not include the city, county, country, etc.

Suck It Till Ur Sick, derived from the term(s) Blowjob, Giving head, etc. A derogatory term which results in someone telling another individual to Suck on Him/Her until the aforementioned becomes sick from so much sucking. Urban Dictionary

This word is short for situation and is used to describe an awkward, uncomfortable or intense moment. Urban Dictionary

Something being at its original place Urban Dictionary

When you wear thongs a lot and your butt crack itches. Urban Dictionary

When a dude with horrible personality, ripped abs and orange skin drops a roofie in your drink Urban Dictionary

Racism still confined to the basement membrane. not out-right racist, but getting there. Urban Dictionary

Situ comoedia syndrome is characterised by trying to turn everything into an interaction similar to a sitcom subconsciously. They will also be accompanied by imagining laugh tracks in the back of their mind, this usually comes with bad social skills and lack of friends as they will say things they don't mean to make it a comedic interaction. Urban Dictionary

Logan tweedie-situe, aka, the devourer of souls, is a incomprehensible immortal being of vast nature and size. When supper time arises, babies are on the menu for all 3 courses. His dog princess and him was banished to the Netherlands of Dubbo for eating a 2 year old (way beyond the age limit and contracted bowel hepatitis). Devourer of souls and his pit bull princess swore revenge on professor long-toes (jailor, former lover, casual fuck buddy, full time cum-extractor, part time nemesis). 4 Aeons later, professor long-toes has has created a new equator with his middle toe, and devourer of souls has escaped from Dubbo and has begun his journey to taking back what was his. Half way through the 50 light year journey his tum-Tum grumbled, it was time for num-nums. During his feast on a new pack of new borns, he had time to think of the origin of his nemesis and fuck buddy. Devourer of souls broke into a hospital and consumed the entire maternity ward except for one, an incubator baby, in a reinforced incubation system, it was professor long toes. Devourer of souls knows that this is just the beginning of a long journey Urban Dictionary

When a situation is more, it's a moment. Urban Dictionary

When you're in a messy situation with bae. Can be used when you and bae are fighting, bae is seeing another person, etc. Urban Dictionary

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The word "situs" in example sentences

Mr. Lasch sneers at "jargon" but is obviously unaware that the term situs is a transposition of Max Weber's notion of Stände, and denotes the vertical differentiation of a society as against stratum, which is a horizontal differentiation. ❋ Bell, Daniel (1974)

The chambers, valves and major vessels of the patient's heart were in the reverse position, in the condition called situs inversus solitaris with dextrocardia. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Maybe the King of Spain and the President of Brazil have no more important concerns than the situs of sporting events, but the reason why they can take time off in Copenhagen is that our President is responsible for the safety of the whole world. ❋ Unknown (2009)

To have made such a deliberate decision to “turn off the Constitution” would have required the military commanders or other Executive officials making the situs determination to anticipate the complex litigation history set forth above and predict the Boumediene decision long before it camedown. ❋ Unknown (2010)

One is what they would do is create protest zones where people were allowed to protest far from the situs of their particular protest so if the convention center was holding ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

Dia adalah Markus Frind sang pendiri Plentyoffish. com, sebuah situs Online Dating yang [...] ❋ Unknown (2007)

He might be a situs inversus as well—heart on the right side, some other organs reversed too. ❋ Colleen McCullough (2009)

Tautan balik ditutup, tapi anda bisa memberi komentar. ferry halo...ponsel saya sony ericsson j230i dan saya tidak bisa mengakses situs ❋ Unknown (2009)

Distro basis Redhat dan Debian telah mengantisipasi dengan memberikan metode instalasi secara online dengan perintah “# apt-get install nama-program” dalam peritah tersebut system linux akan otomatis mendeteksi dependencise apa saja yang diperlukan untuk menginstall program, lalu Linux akan men-download dependencise secara online lewat internet pada situs repository. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Debord and the situs in general did not believe that capitalism had definitively resolved all of its contradictions. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Romanae urbis situs, quem hoc Christi anno 1549 habet ❋ Unknown (2009)

Those local library branches that have survived to this day are the situs of much chess activity, which is logical given that the distinctive smell of books and the generally quite atmosphere is conducive to concentration and thought, two hallmarks of chess. ❋ Jan (2008)

The syntax of the body is not disturbed by reversals: situs viscerum inversu. ❋ Blythe (2008)

Hey Mary, come over here and [situs]. [The Leaf's] keep getting scored [on here] tonight, they are playing awful. They can [Situs]. ❋ Durbin03 (2014)

"That guy was dancing awfully close to you - were you having a bit of a [situ]?" or "[Stop it], you're [embarrassing] me, I'm having a situ here!" ❋ Feltch McFlop (2009)

All the [guest] [sat down] [in situ] ❋ Stalier (2020)

"Man, I think I have thong a situs [my butt] [crack] [itches]" ❋ B(real) (2014)

I thought [Pittsburgh] was an okay [town] until I got situ-rape-tioned by some [Steeler]. ❋ Schnappy Pappy (2011)

that [adam] guy has a [serious] [case] of racism-in-situ ❋ Thassoraven09 (2010)

Jack: Did you know Kikbai has situ comoedia syndrome? Kikbai: Speaking of syndromes, my grandma passed away when a bowling ball hit her in the head. Jack: Did the family sue [the bowling alley]? Kikbai: [Bowling alley]? This was at a [public pool]. Jack: Did that actually happen? Kikbai: No, I was just kidding my grandma is fine. ❋ Realconditions (2022)

“[Logan tweedie-situe] ate [my baby] again” “Again!! That [little rascal]”. ❋ Greg Man (2023)

Man, I [backed] my car over your [luggage]. [Umm], fuck, sorry, Situ-moment. ❋ 456sanchita (2023)

[Bae]: *flirts with dat bitch* Girl 1: OMG, wtf is wrong with [bae]????? Girls 2, 3, and 4: OMG!!!!! ______ is cheating on his GF!!!!!! You: [Gosh darn it], bae is SUCH an [a-hole]. Girl 2: Oh my gosh I feel so bad for you! Girl 1: Cheating boyfriend? Girl, you got yourself a real situ-bae-tion. ❋ Think On It (2017)

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