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Definitions of "sixth"

  • The ordinal number matching the number six in a series. noun
  • One of six equal parts. noun
  • Music An interval of six degrees in a diatonic scale. noun
  • Music A tone separated by this interval from a given tone. noun
  • Music The harmonic combination of two tones separated by this interval. noun
  • Music The sixth tone of a scale; the submediant. noun
  • The ordinal form of the number six. adjective
  • The person or thing in the sixth position. noun
  • One of six equal parts of a whole. noun
  • The interval between one note and another, five notes higher in the scale, for example C to A, a major sixth, or C to A flat, a minor sixth. (Note that the interval covers six notes counting inclusively, for example C-D-E-F-G-A.) noun
  • First after the fifth; next in order after the fifth. adjective
  • Constituting or being one of six equal parts into which anything is divided. adjective
  • The quotient of a unit divided by six; one of six equal parts which form a whole. noun
  • The next in order after the fifth. noun
  • The interval embracing six diatonic degrees of the scale. noun
  • Being the first after the fifth: the ordinal of six
  • Being one of six equal parts into which a whole is divided.
  • A sixth part. noun
  • In early English law, a sixth of the rents of the year, or of movables, or both, granted or levied by way of tax. noun

The word "sixth" in example sentences

A third work was entitled "Casus seu Notabilia" on the five books of Decretals, which was intended as a complete and practical commentary, but which owing to the author's death, did not go beyond the title sixth of the first book, consequently not published.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 2: Assizes-Browne]

That is why it suggested what it calls a sixth principle on transparency that would require carriers to explain their network management practices.. [NYT: Economists balk at FCC's net neutrality plans]

But you do get to use what we call your sixth sense, your common sense.. [CHASING the WHITE DOG]

Among the other three, one served in the Israeli army's Northern Command Ordnance Corps, one has an academic background, and the sixth is a former stand-up comedian.. [08/27/2004]

(And, for the record, Kurt Busch is in sixth place 47 points ahead of -- you guessed it -- brother Kyle, in ninth.). [James M. Clash: NASCAR's Kurt Busch on Racing Brother Kyle]

Starting the Talladega race in sixth place, the No. 2 Miller Lite car, driven by Kurt Busch, was powered by an engine called D95R, built by Penske Racing.. [Wild Ride]

Columbus came into Wednesday in sixth place in the Western Conference with 70 points.. [Jackets deal Leclaire, draft pick for Vermette]

Finishing with 19 wins and a quarter-share of a four-way tie for the regular season title, Campbell trumped preseason predictions by the coaches and league media that had it finishing in sixth place.. [Atlantic Sun Conference]

TURNING POINT: On Feb. 9, Tampa Bay sat in sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings following a season-high, four-game winning streak.. [Tampa Bay Lightning Team Report]

SUPER STEELERS: Pittsburgh win sixth title with late strike. [Football News: NFL & Fantasy Stories, Teams, Stats, Scores & Schedules]

UK audiences lap up 3D horror, while Simon Pegg's Burke and Hare makes an unpromising debut in sixth place. [3D boosts flagging Saw series with biggest-ever opening]

Starting in sixth grade, K¹² addresses the student as the primary user.. [Tom Vander Ark: Online Partnerships for Elementary Success]

This new novel, his sixth, is really about middle age (he's 57) and the over-ripening of long-term relationships (he smokes here out of respect for Kenny, his boyfriend of 20-plus years) and the yearning for true beauty in a world that's short on it.. [Michael Cunningham and a new generation of writers transcend 'gay literature']

The two have been planning - some might say plotting - their political careers together since they were in sixth grade.. [The very young guns of politics: 18-year-old friends seek spots on Pr. George's school board]

As Baffert realized that Lucky had come in sixth, ahead of Lukas 'horse, he yelled out, I beat you.. [Unlucky Derby draw is Lookin At Lucky's undoing]

(Which it apparently was: I was busted once, in sixth grade, after skimming a few coins a week from the family shopping-money purse to play arcade games after running errands to the grocery store.) "Money was so tight," my wife, Karen, told me of her own childhood, "that every penny was accounted for.". [When a Child 'Forgets' to Give You Change]

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@NCAAsoftball: WHAT. A. PLAY! 🤯 Eliyah Flores flashes the leather and turns ✌️ to get the Sooners out of a jam in the sixth. #NCAASof…


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@NCAAsoftball: WHAT. A. PLAY! 🤯 Eliyah Flores flashes the leather and turns ✌️ to get the Sooners out of a jam in the sixth. #NCAASof…


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