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Definitions of "size"

  • The physical dimensions, proportions, magnitude, or extent of an object. noun
  • Any of a series of graduated categories of dimension whereby manufactured articles, such as shoes and clothing, are classified. noun
  • Considerable extent, amount, or dimensions: a debt of enormous size. noun
  • Relative amount or number, as of population or contents: What size is Cleveland? noun
  • Character, value, or status with reference to relative importance or the capacity to meet given requirements: Try this proposal on for size. noun
  • The actual state of affairs: That's about the size of the situation. noun
  • To arrange, classify, or distribute according to size. verb-transitive
  • To make, cut, or shape to a required size. verb-transitive
  • Sized. Often used in combination: bite-size appetizers; an economy-size package. adjective
  • size up To make an estimate, opinion, or judgment of: She sized up her opponent. phrasal-verb
  • Any of several gelatinous or glutinous substances usually made from glue, wax, or clay and used as a glaze or filler for porous materials such as paper, cloth, or wall surfaces. noun
  • To treat or coat with size or a similar substance. verb-transitive
  • A thin, weak glue used as primer for paper or canvas intended to be painted upon. noun
  • Wallpaper paste. noun
  • The thickened crust on coagulated blood. noun
  • To apply glue or other primer to a surface which is to be painted. verb
  • To adjust the size of; to make a certain size. verb
  • To classify or arrange by size. verb
  • To approximate the dimensions, estimate the size of. verb

The word "size" in example sentences

Since a specified size described as “nominal size” can never exactly be found two dimensions are necessary between which the actual size may vary.. [3. Selected Basic Terms of the ISA System of Fits]

The solution: create a structure with the standard elements, allocate too much memory, and the rest is the element. struct dyn_list int size; struct dyn_list* next; void* node_alloc (unsigned int size)/* returns pointer to element */struct dyn_list* h = malloc (sizeof (struct dyn_list) +size);. [ articles]

; ~ LV_GetText (name, A_EventInfo,1); ~ LV_GetText (size, A_EventInfo,2); ~ tooltip, Name: \% name\%\%A_Tab\%Size: \% size\%. [AutoHotkey Community]

IfGreaterOrEqual, offset, % size%, return A_ThisFunc "> Offset is bigger then size". [AutoHotkey Community]

DriveType - eq foreach ($ObjDisk in $objDrives) $size = $objDisk. size / 1024. [MSDN Blogs]

& else size: = % size% 'bytes' type % filename% ':' % ftyp% '(' % size% '); Last Modified' % datm%. [Introduction to the Primos Operating System by Violence of The VOID Hackers]

& s ftyp: = [attrib % filename% - type - br] & s size: = [attrib % filename% - l - br] & s datm: = [attrib % filename% - dtm - br] & s size: = [calc % size% * 2] & if % size% = 1 & then & s size: = % size% 'byte'. [Introduction to the Primos Operating System by Violence of The VOID Hackers]

▀▀▀ ░ release size·: 702Mb ░ ▀▀▀ movie year···: 2010 audio········: 133 kbps mp3 2 ch runtime······: 84 min source·······: PAL DVD format·······: 1015kb/s xvid frame size .... [VeryCD - 电驴资源订阅]

StringRight, size, p_type, 1 loop, \% size\% value + = * ((p_address+p_offset) + (A_Index-1)) value: = - ((~value+1) & ((2** (8*size)) -1)). [AutoHotkey Community]

StringRight, size, p_type, 1 loop, % size% value + = * ((p_address+p_offset) + (A_Index-1)) value: = - ((~value+1) & ((2** (8*size)) -1)). [AutoHotkey Community]

Martin in his "Natural History of England" says: "The only blemish on the church is the enormous size of the pillars in the body of it, which are much too large in proportion to their height, and _would have been reduced to a proper size_, chiefly at the cost of the late Bishop. [Bell's Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Gloucester [2nd ed.] A Description of Its Fabric and A Brief History of the Espicopal See]

They range in size from the $2,500 i1040, with a 42-in. deck, to the $3,000 i1050, which has a 50-in.deck. —. [Outdoor-gear preview: Cub Cadet cuts cost of power steering]

What if a company (even a public one) decided that it was no longer seeking revenue growth, but feels instead that it's making enough money and that improving its products, processes and services but remaining relatively the same in size is success enough?. [17 posts from February 2009]

Less familiar to those fans, and significantly smaller in size, is the ticket after-after market.. [Jesse Lawrence: Thanks to Roy Halladay, 2010 Has Been a Very Good Year For The Ticket After-After Market]

Regulators looking at the "flash crash" have focused on a Waddell & Reed mutual fund that, at $27 billion in size, is bigger than most hedge funds.. [What's News: Business]

They range in size from the small 2-3 cup pots to a behemouth that will distill enough early morning gitup to satisfy any coffee slugging hunt camp.. [What is the best coffee maker, percolator, for camping?]

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