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Definitions of "sketch-plan"

  • The first plan of a building or architectural scheme, suggesting matter to be developed in later detailed drawings. noun

The word "sketch-plan" in example sentences

I expect soon from Thomas a sketch-plan of your cottage, by which. [Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences, Vol. 1]

Fox, all bland detachment, strolled to a near-by pew and seemed to be absorbed in his sketch-plan of the chancel and sanctuary.. [Death in Ecstasy]

I expect soon from Thomas a sketch-plan of your cottage, by which I can at once tell if it will do.. [Alfred Russel Wallace Letters and Reminiscences]

He next made a rapid sketch-plan of the bay, marking the position of the body and the various impressions in the sand, and then, following the double track leading from and to the Shepherd's Path, scrutinized the footprints with the deepest attention, making copious notes and sketches in his book.. [John Thorndyke's Cases related by Christopher Jervis and edited by R. Austin Freeman]

Then, when examining the preliminary sketch-plan, he had put his finger on a square space and asked what room that was.. [Clayhanger]

I have the honour to enclose herewith a sketch-plan of the village and the disposition of General Brounckers 'laager.. [The Dop Doctor]

Mr. Hastings had been spending the evening at the house of a neighbour, and left at midnight to walk home, taking the short route that lay through Ravensdene Park -- that is, from D to A in the sketch-plan.. [The Canterbury Puzzles And Other Curious Problems]

On this occasion Gaunt, who of course acted as guide, struck off in a new direction; as, having made a sketch-plan of the island when he was on the summit of the mountain, he believed it possible to reach the wreck by a much shorter route than the one he had followed.. [The Missing Merchantman]

The day was now wearing on apace, and his long walk had sharpened his appetite; Gaunt therefore thought that he could not do better than sit down where he was and take his luncheon or dinner whilst he noted in fuller detail the topography of the island, of which he there and then made a rough sketch-plan.. [The Missing Merchantman]

Six of the board's seven members signed the most recent approval; Chairman Peter Gibbs - the lone vote against the project's earlier sketch-plan approval - remained opposed.. [ -]

Nothing further was to be discovered there, however, and she spent the next three quarters of an hour in checking the plan of the house which formed the only illustration to the little guidebook she had purchased on her previous visit, and in preparing a sketch-plan of her own on which she marked the door with the faulty lock, the position of the two attic cupboards, the blocked-up and papered-over communicating door between the largest bedroom and the next room, and the window with the inside shutters.. [When Last I Died]

"_His Honour considers the above sketch-plan remarkably faithful.. [The Dop Doctor]

We're working hard to fulfill all sketch-plan requirements. ". [Summit Daily News - Top Stories]

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