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A pad of paper used for sketching. noun

A book of literary sketches. noun

A book made with blank leaves of drawing-paper, adapted for use in sketching; hence, a printed book composed of literary sketches or outlines. noun

A book in which a musical composer jots down his ideas, and works out his preliminary studies. noun

A book of sketches or for sketches. noun

A book or pad with blank pages for sketching; a sketch pad. noun

A book of printed sketches. noun

A book containing sheets of paper on which sketches can be drawn noun

A book or pad with blank pages for sketching; a sketch pad.

A book of printed sketches.

A printed book of literary sketches or skits.

1. the opposite of textbook, in terms of appearance or maneuvers; sloppy, sketchy, antitextbook Urban Dictionary

(n) derived from the word sketchy. this is a word that describes someone who shows sketchiness to a ridiculous extent. Urban Dictionary

A book containing blank pages, generally carried by an artist or someone trying really hard to be aesthetic. Urban Dictionary

Written documentation of the proceedings of a party. (The party's "minutes", so to speak) Mainly includes profound words of wisdom spoken under the influence of whatever legal or illegal substances are present, such as "Where'd all these robes come from?" (Natasha, 3:25 a.m., 3/22/03) As the night progresses and people become "sketchier", the term becomes increasingly relevant to the contents of the book. Upon reviewing the book at a later time, if you are able to decipher your own scribbling, it can provide fabulous material for ridiculing the other partygoers for their wacky antics and genius-like wisdom. Urban Dictionary

The notebook Moriah Elizabeth uses to roughly barking sound effect here draw out her sketches before drawing them in her actual sketchbook. Urban Dictionary

During a night of drinking, the first friend to pass out then becomes a 'sketchbook' for all those in possession of a sharpie. This friend is subsequently photographed and posted to Facebook, thus becoming a Sketchbook Friend. Urban Dictionary

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The word "sketchbook" in example sentences

When you think about it, a sketchbook is often the only place an artist can truly be him - or herself, with nothing to prove to anyone else. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The issue includes a sketchbook from the upcoming First Wave series, and while I like Phil Noto’s work, I really want to see more of Brian Azzarello’s take on the characters. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For artist Iris Häussler, keeping a sketchbook is a primary means of experiencing the expedition as a sculptor, as an observer, and as a traveler. ❋ Unknown (2010)

For artist Iris Häussler, keeping a sketchbook is a primary means of experiencing the expedition as a sculptor, as an observer, and as a traveler. ❋ Unknown (2010)

You can use watercolor paper in a separate sheet or a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, which is perfect. ❋ James Gurney (2010)

I find it funny that I feel that a sketchbook is the most private of places, yet I am willing to spill my guts on this blog. ❋ Gail (2009)

But now I'll have to either start using the giant sketchbook, which is unwieldy but has many blank pages left; or buy a new one. ❋ A. Fortis (2008)

Turns out the sketchbook is a common phenomenon at shows like the MoCCA Art Fest, so much so that there are genres, like the kiss book, where the drawings are lined up to look like they're smacking each other on the lips or the ass. ❋ Unknown (2007)

His sketchbook was a curiosity, because he not only made sketches in it, but jotted down his travelling expenses, what he thought about things that he saw, and all the gossip he heard in the towns through which he passed. ❋ Mary Schell Hoke Bacon (1902)

The sketchbook is a tool for thinking as much as a wrench is a tool for pipe-fitting. ❋ Unknown (2009)

this stuff is just great. are you using alias sketchbook pro ? im curious how many layers you might typpically end up with. im guessing its a lot. ❋ MANDREWS (2006)

can i ask you - is this done in alias sketchbook ? how many layers do you typically end up with ? on that beautiful hsot with teh two guys oing target practice, i imagine there were many many. ❋ MANDREWS (2006)

[Did you] see that [nasty ass] [kickflip]? It was so sketchbook ❋ Eyeloveyoumore (2007)

dude, that [stalker] [kid] is [such a] sketchbook.... ❋ Thespatula0224 (2008)

Person 1: Since when was [Amethyst] an artist? I saw her [carrying] a sketchbook earlier. Person 2: She isn't. She just really wants to be [trendy]. ❋ Mediocrenickname (2018)

Person 1: [Wait], what? Wait, [say that again] so I can write it in the sketchbook... Person 2: Ok... [wait]... was I talking just then? ❋ Brooklyn516 (2004)

Moriah: before they become [sketches] in the [sketchbook], they become sketches in the [sketchbook sketchbook]. ❋ Aiko_Aoyama (2020)

It [looks like] I'm about to have a [new] Sketchbook Friend ❋ Ilam Nebrann (2010)

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