Definitions of "Slapdash"

Hasty and careless, as in execution. adjective

In a reckless haphazard manner. adverb

In a sudden, offhand, abrupt, random, or headlong manner; abruptly; suddenly; all at once.

To do in a rough or careless manner.

To rough-cast (a wall) with mortar.

Dashing; offhand; abrupt; free, careless, or happy-go-lucky; rash or random; impetuous: as, a slap-dash manner; slap-dash work; a slap-dash writer.

A composition of lime and coarse sand, mixed to a liquid consistency and applied to exterior walls as a preservative; rough-casting; harling. noun

The outside plaster filling of a half-timbered house, between the beams. noun

Offhand, careless, happy-go-lucky, or ill-considered action or work. noun

Violent abuse. noun

To apply, or apply something to, in a hasty, careless, or rough manner; to roughcast. transitive verb

In a bold, careless manner; at random. adverb

The word "Slapdash" in example sentences

Wake up ... refuse the short term slapdash fixes our govenrment has become famous for and demand a realistic plan!!!! obama is the only candidate to get it right. Obama ad criticizes gas tax plan

There's nothing "slapdash" about this sentence: "Listening for his murderers, he became aware of the oppressive life of the jungle, of the collective roar of insects, as big as any city's at noon." Style in Fiction

My builds are getting more and more 'slapdash' and 'elegantly sloppy' euphemisms for crap since Arcadia is not around to point out the flaws in them. Arcadia Asylum's inventory... it's gone: asset server issues are calamities

Mr. Towers wouldn't survive as an art critic because no serious journal of painting would permit him to get away with the "slapdash" comparison of Roy Lichtenstein's work with mine. Complaint

Who, may I ask, is being "slapdash" and violating the requirements of the "sullen art" of literary criticism? Setting It Straight

Mr Norman welcomed the apology but said the way the information was given out was "slapdash" and "incompetent". BBC News - Home

During submissions on penalty, the prosecution said the company had a 'slapdash' approach to maintenance, had shown no remorse and embarked on a finger-pointing exercise during the trial. Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

When I don't have them around, I do a kind of slapdash version, which I will describe now. Grist - the Latest from Grist

But that's not going to keep her original, "slapdash," study from being widely cited by the usual ranters. Libertarian Blog Place

Other reviewers criticised the movie's lack of wit, laziness and "slapdash" execution.

There's obviusly little justification for the kind of slapdash policies that Washington has been pursuing since 9 / 11, and the war in Iraq was a terrible mistake. a reader's words

That kind of slapdash political gimmickry does not belong in office. Top Stories - Google News

All worn in a very slapdash fashion at times, I have to admit. And for my next trick……. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

Nature tourism would surely be a more sustainable economic engine than coal mining, shale-gas drilling and slapdash commercial development, they said, and would surely push property values higher. McKay Jenkins: A National Park in West Virginia?

And now this exhibit looks haphazard, casual and slapdash, making me feel like I've sadly stumbled on the Alphonso Soriano of the art world. Paul Klein: A Bountiful Weekend of Art

What does slapdash mean?

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