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Hyphenation sledge
Pronunciations /slɛdʒ/

Definitions and meanings of "Sledge"

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A vehicle mounted on runners drawn by work animals, such as horses or dogs, and used for transporting loads across ice, snow, and rough ground. noun

To convey or travel on a sledge. transitive & intransitive verb

A large heavy hammer, used chiefly by blacksmiths. Also called sledge-hammer. noun

To convey or transports, in a sledge; travel in a sledge.

The thick wooden outer case of a mummy. noun

Same as sled, 1 and 2. noun

A vehicle without wheels, commonly on runners and of various forms, much used in northern countries where ice and snow prevail; a sleigh: as, a reindeer sledge; an Eskimo sledge. In the United States sledge is not used in this sense. See sleigh, and cut under pulk. noun

Hence, anything serving the purpose of a vehicle which may be dragged without wheels along the ground, as the hurdle on which persons were formerly drawn to execution. noun

Same as sled, 2. noun

In heraldry, a bearing representing a heavy vehicle with runners like a sledge. noun

A large, heavy hammer, usually wielded with both hands; -- called also sledge hammer. noun

A strong vehicle with low runners or low wheels; or one without wheels or runners, made of plank slightly turned up at one end, used for transporting loads upon the snow, ice, or bare ground; a sled. noun

A hurdle on which, formerly, traitors were drawn to the place of execution. noun

A sleigh. noun

A game at cards; -- called also old sledge, and all fours. noun

To travel or convey in a sledge or sledges. verb

A low sled drawn by animals, typically on snow, ice or grass. noun

Any type of sled or sleigh. noun

To drag or draw a sledge. verb

To ride, travel with or transport in a sledge. verb

A heavy, long handled maul or hammer used to drive stakes, wedges, etc.

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The word "sledge" in example sentences

The fourth gold was in sledge hockey, in which the U.S. men beat Japan 2-0 in the final. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The sawing heartbeat of a panther morphs into a subway train sledge-hammering, smashing the ground, until it screeches to a morse code halt. ❋ Unknown (2008)

"Your sledge is waiting, Madame," announced the newcomer. ❋ Unknown (1915)

The phrase sledge hammer to crack a nut seems to apply. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Going inside this diminutive raised room perched on a sledge is a surreal experience and one of those defining moments of a fieldwork trip. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The sledge is a more serious device for this longer trip. ❋ Simmons, Dan (2007)

“The pinnace is all busted up and rigged for river work and the sledge is a pain in the arse to drag,” said Hickey. ❋ Simmons, Dan (2007)

The wind blows snow around the abandoned and empty sledge, which is little more than runners now. ❋ Simmons, Dan (2007)

Sled hockey called sledge hockey in Canada is an amazing sport, something you have to see to appreciate. ❋ Unknown (2005)

And so, simply and easily, thanks to the facilities of town life, Levin settled a question which, in the country, would have called for so much personal trouble and exertion, and going out onto the steps, he called a sledge, sat down, and drove to ❋ Unknown (2003)

Yet after she had called a sledge, Tatyana Pavlovna changed her mind. ❋ Unknown (2003)

And on the sledge were a great number of bags of gold. ❋ George Mitchel (N/A)

The sledge was a fine sight as it came sweeping towards Edmund with the bells jingling and the dwarf cracking his whip and the snow flying up on each side of it. ❋ Lewis, C. S. (1950)

How one of the front pair of dogs got under the sledge is a mystery. ❋ Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1922)

There are no ambulances and hospitals, and a man on a sledge is a very serious weight. ❋ Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1922)

At the outset in the forenoon my sledge was a bit in the lurch, and Scott drew steadily away from us. ❋ Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1922)

The sledge was a very small one, and it looked utterly insignificant, almost like a toy behind the four big bays harnessed two and two. ❋ Unknown (1919)

'So the sledge is the cause of the trouble, and taking it out, I found that all is due to want of care. ❋ Charles Turley (1904)

Lashly, Scott wrote, 'I was glad to find their sledge is a mere nothing to them, and thus, no doubt, they will make a quick journey back,' and under average conditions they should easily have fulfilled anticipations. ❋ Charles Turley (1904)

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