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Definitions and meanings of "Sledgehammering"

What do we mean by sledgehammering?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word sledgehammering. Define sledgehammering, sledgehammering synonyms, sledgehammering pronunciation, sledgehammering translation, English dictionary definition of sledgehammering.

Peter Gabriel's song about sex Urban Dictionary

The professional wrestler Triple H's favorite weapon. Urban Dictionary

1. a tool used many purposes, including smashing things. 2. a big hit for rocker Peter Gabriel. It hit Number One in America during the summer of 1986. It has an award-winning, revolutionary video that features Claymation, or some technique similar to it. Peter Gabriel sings the lyrics from the point-of-view of a cocky guy, maybe as a parody of all those cock rock hits. 3. anything that breaks the ice, or shatters the walls of shyness or alienation in a person. Then you can get a certain person better and establish communication with him/her. Urban Dictionary

A half handjob, half bagtag. Usually performed under hammed circumstances when the woman's decision making is poor. Unfortunatly, when told to go faster the woman speeds up and smashes your nuts to peices. Also known as the HJ(handjob) Hodge. Urban Dictionary

Woman lays down on a couch and puts her legs over the mans shoulders. Man rests his feet on the end of the couch and "pelvic thrusts" into the woman. Warning! Results may include; ulta-orgasm, broken back, and/or broken penis. Urban Dictionary

The model of bicycle Pedro Sanchez rides in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." It has a shock, pegs, and a mexican flag flying from the seatpost. Lucky! He regularly takes it off sweet jumps and gets like three feet of air. Urban Dictionary

Worlds fastest Corvette manufactured by Callaway. Most expensive corvette produced for it's time $400,000.00. Urban Dictionary

"big hammer", serious tool, not carried in pocketz,and not used with nails, more like used fo` whacking down anything else. (also total humour series, starring by some actor named david, watch out for Sledge.) Urban Dictionary

A fart smelling soooooooo damn bad that the person's head instantly recoils back. Most of the time, this fart is silent. Urban Dictionary

A person who tricks another person in to thinking they are romantically interested, only to ignore them later on. Urban Dictionary

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The word "sledgehammering" in example sentences

Worker is sledgehammering cement, signs recall petition for mayor Sam Adams. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I saw the rise of Japan, watched on TV a bunch of Detroit workers making a show of sledgehammering a Toyota. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Stephen Deas shatters this mystery, sledgehammering the dragon mythos into fragments, in his awesome new novel The Adamantine Palace. ❋ Paul (2009)

The contact of my feet against the earth sends sledgehammering blasts of pain through my joints. ❋ Dan Clark (2009)

Can we help but smirk over the fact that this married, decent representative of the Empire State, who proudly referred to himself as a sledgehammer, diverted some of his sledgehammering funds to stick his penis in some stranger's vagina repeatedly until he achieved ejaculation the night before Valentine's Day in the Mayflower? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Poetic language can be wielded beautifully, and I imagine it should be used delicately as well, but the effect from Something Wicked is more like a poetic sledgehammer wielded by someone learning the nuance of sledgehammering. ❋ Fred Perry (2007)

If you think I'm just sledgehammering opinions like your typical partisan political blogger, you will stumble endlessly here. ❋ Ann Althouse (2006)

Such fears on the musical front, however, do not last long - Marry the Night's softer stylings are soon sent packing by what Gaga had always promised would be "sledgehammering dance beats". ❋ Tim Jonze (2011)

The sledgehammering "Quasar and Panoptican" opened the show, Corgan hunched over his guitar with splayed legs, his combat boots touching down on an armada of foot pedals. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Walk a mile in the construction worker's boots and you won't be so quick to complain when he's outside your house sledgehammering at 5am. ❋ Unknown (2011)

I'm on board, but I worry that she still gives off an "I'm not going to win vibe" that the judges are unfairly sledgehammering her with. ❋ Michael Slezak (2010)

One would think there had been enough of these videos from all corners of the world to prove that sledgehammering the throttle you're in Iceland. ❋ Jonathon Ramsey (2010)

It turns out Eskimos CEO and president Rick LeLacheur and Maciocia were not wantonly sledgehammering their beloved CFL franchise, after all. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Are you inspired to spend the weekend sledgehammering your hearth and mitreing some molding? ❋ Unknown (2008)

that video of sledgehammering wheels is the same thing i did for my 6th grade science fair experiment. i'm still not sure i understand what the dudes dryhumping the wheels had to do with the wheel maintaining its integrity after a sledgehammer destroyed it. perhaps i have no integrity. ❋ BikeSnobNYC (2009)

[I wanna] be your sledgehammer....... ❋ CatherineInRock (2004)

[Jim Ross]: [Bah Gawd], Triple H nearly took his HEAD off with that damn Sledgehammer... what a [slobber knocker]! ❋ Sadfsfgsdfgefg (2007)

1. Richard got so pissed at the shallow boobs that were giving out what passes for the news these days he picked up a [sledgehammer] and smashed the fucking TV into junk. 2. A big [highlight] of [the Peter] Gabriel concert that I went to in 2003 was his megasmash "[Sledgehammer]". 3. ... I wanna be ... your sledgehammer Why don't you call my name? Ha! I wanna be your sledgehammer... ❋ I Saw U2 Live Twice (2007)

"Man, she was giving me a [handjob] last night but her [dumbass friend] told her to go faster, and it turned into a [sledgehammer]." ❋ Canuck19 (2007)

I had to go to the [hospital] last night. Why? I had to take my girl there cuz I may have [broken] her back doing [the Sledgehammer]. ❋ Tbsveryfunny (2010)

[Pedro]: [Eets] a sledgehammer. ❋ Uncle Rico (2005)

Sledgehammer [1/4 Mile]= 10.6 secs @ 127mph [top speed]= 254mph [0-60] time 3.9sec ❋ James Adamcheck (2006)

[lez] grab [the sledge] [hammer] ! ❋ Saywhaaat (2003)

Bruce: *toot* Claire: *SWINGGGG* [EWWWWWWW] *coughs* Greg: EVACUATE, IT'S A [SLEDGEHAMMER]!! Bruce: *[whistles]* ❋ Ni_Mader_JiJi_Bao_Zhe (2010)

"She stopped answering his calls, [that girl] is a [sledgehammer]." ❋ Js2011 (2011)

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