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Hyphenation sleigh
Pronunciations /sleɪ/

Definitions and meanings of "Sleigh"

What do we mean by sleigh?

A vehicle mounted on runners for use on snow or ice, having one or more seats and usually drawn by a horse. noun

To ride in or drive a sleigh. intransitive verb

To drive or take the air in a sleigh.

A Middle English form of sly.

A vehicle, mounted on runners, for transporting persons on the snow or ice; a sled. noun

A form of drag-carriage for the transport of artillery in countries where much snow falls; also, the carriage on which heavy guns are moved when in store, by means of rollers placed underneath the carriage and worked by handspikes. noun

The slender fore part of the lower jaw of a whale, containing the teeth: same as coach, 5. See pan, 12. noun

Sly. adjective

A vehicle moved on runners, and used for transporting persons or goods on snow or ice; -- in England commonly called a sledge. noun

A small bell attached either to a horse when drawing a slegh, or to the sleigh itself; especially a globular bell with a loose ball which plays inside instead of a clapper. noun

Sly adjective

A vehicle, generally pulled by an animal, which moves over snow or ice on runners, used for transporting persons or goods. (contrast "sled", which is smaller) noun

To ride or drive a sleigh. verb

Ride (on) a sled verb

A vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow noun

A vehicle, generally pulled by an animal, which moves over snow or ice on runners, used for transporting persons or goods. (contrast "sled", which is smaller)

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The word "sleigh" in example sentences

And why is that Christmas songs always use the word sleigh instead of sled? ❋ E (2008)

Synopsis: A bunch of writers conjure the story of Satan Claus, monstrous legend of Christmas whose sleigh is pulled by eight black pigs with demonic eyes. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Kincaid believed it was called a sleigh bed, and again, probably a reproduction. ❋ Deborah Crombie (1993)

Above was a broad shelf, wide enough for him to lie on, and covered with an old catskin sleigh robe. ❋ Unknown (1893)

a wee like a storm, and my sleigh is at the blacksmith's to be shod. ❋ Lucy Maud (1911)

Since Mr. Claus follows a rewards system based on merit rather than entitlement, the reindeer eagerly compete to be chosen for Christmas duty and the lucky eight or nine who guide his sleigh are the envy of animals all over the world. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Later, seated on the warm cushions of the sleigh and skimming over the countryside, Harkins reflected proudly that his commandeering of the sleigh was a master stroke. ❋ Greenberg, Martin H. (1990)

The sleigh was a beautiful one, built of mahogany, and the pair of horses wore real silver mountings on their harness. ❋ Margaret Vandercook (N/A)

Snugly tucked under the seat of his sleigh was a four-gallon keg and a box. ❋ Various (N/A)

Not a soul has refused; every one we've asked is going, and the sleigh is a regular old ark. ❋ Julie Mathilde Lippmann (N/A)

The jingle of their harness-bells is pleasant of a sultry night, recalling the sleigh-bells of bracing winter. ❋ Various (N/A)

The gratified cabman, happy over his hasty bargain, which delivered him from a half hour's stamping of feet and clapping of his fur covered hands, never cares to wonder whether the occupant of his sleigh is a disguised swindler or an Earl _in-cog_, but jingles his sleigh bells hurriedly in the direction of Nicholas street. ❋ [pseud.] Vera (N/A)

This is put there by the intelligent New Englander to impart that glad movement to his sleigh, which is so entrancing when he goes out driving with his best girl. ❋ Unknown (1929)

When the sleigh was a quarter of a mile up the road Ruth turned to her uncle. ❋ Unknown (1912)

It was a bright and beautiful day when the jingling bells and prancing horses acquainted me with the much-praised experience of sleigh-riding; and my kind host had determined that I at least should suffer no inconvenience from the cold, for our sleigh was abundantly provided with robes, and was warmed by a recently invented apparatus. ❋ Unknown (1898)

"Yes, but the sleigh is a goner," answered Mr. Laning, and then some sharp words passed between himself and the livery-stable driver. ❋ Edward Stratemeyer (1896)

In the sleigh was a Cossack pale with terror, with a baby in his teeth and a pistol in each hand. ❋ Harry De Windt (1894)

He called a sleigh and drove to the barracks for his own skates. ❋ Henry Seton Merriman (1882)

The sleigh was a large one, and we fitted it with a good supply of robes and straw, and put a healthy young pig in it to serve as a decoy. ❋ Thomas Wallace Knox (1865)

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