Character 5
Hyphenation slide
Pronunciations /slaɪd/

Definitions and meanings of "Slide"

What do we mean by slide?

To move over a surface while maintaining smooth continuous contact. intransitive verb

To participate in a sport that involves such movement. intransitive verb

To lose a secure footing or positioning; slip. intransitive verb

To pass smoothly and quietly; glide. intransitive verb

To drop down from a running into a lying or diving position when approaching a base so as to avoid being tagged out. intransitive verb

To be ignored or not dealt with; drop. intransitive verb

To decrease. intransitive verb

To become less favorable or less desirable. intransitive verb

To cause to slide or slip. intransitive verb

To place covertly or deftly. intransitive verb

A sliding movement or action. noun

A smooth, usually inclined surface or track for sliding. noun

A playground apparatus for children to slide on, typically consisting of a smooth chute climbed onto by means of a ladder. noun

A part that operates by sliding, as the U-shaped section of tube on a trombone that is moved to change the pitch. noun

A period of decline or loss. noun

An image on a transparent base for projection on a screen. noun

An item of play equipment that children can climb up and then slide down again.

A surface of ice, snow, butter, etc. on which someone can slide for amusement or as a practical joke.

The falling of large amounts of rubble, earth and stones down the slope of a hill or mountain; avalanche.

An inclined plane on which heavy bodies slide by the force of gravity, especially one constructed on a mountainside for conveying logs by sliding them down.

A mechanism consisting of a part which slides on or against a guide.

The act of sliding; smooth, even passage or progress.

A lever that can be moved in two directions.

A valve that works by sliding, such as in a trombone.

A transparent plate bearing an image to be projected to a screen.

(by extension) A page of a computer presentation package such as PowerPoint.

A flat, usually rectangular piece of glass or similar material on which a prepared sample may be viewed through a microscope Generally referred to as a microscope slide.

The act of dropping down and skidding into a base

(guitar) A hand-held device made of smooth, hard material, used in the practice of slide guitar.

A lively dance from County Kerry, in 12/8 time.

A small dislocation in beds of rock along a line of fissure.

A grace consisting of two or more small notes moving by conjoint degrees, and leading to a principal note either above or below.

A sound which, by a gradual change in the position of the vocal organs, passes imperceptibly into another sound.

A clasp or brooch for a belt, etc.

(footwear) A shoe that is backless and open-toed.

(speech therapy) A voluntary stutter used as a technique to control stuttering in one's speech.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Slide

The word "slide" in example sentences

* A mountain "slide" is sometimes (as in the case of the famous slide at Alpnacht) a scientifically constructed incline paved with pine-trunks, down which the felled timber from the upper forests is shot into the valley without the labour and expense of transport. ❋ Unknown (1873)

When the title slide comes up, we are all expecting the T-man himself to come out and share some pointers about putting. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In November, as I reviewed the PowerPoint slides before I presented, I remember going back to the title slide, and removing the references to my doctorates. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Webb let the name slide by, figuring Stefan was her brother, therefore of no interest to him. ❋ Janet Dailey (1983)

: The You Tube header says "Procession to Cavalry" (sic), but the title slide spells Calvary correctly. ❋ Stand Firm (2010)

NOAA/ NCDC even used a picture from the Surface Stations Gallery for the title slide of a presentation (as quickly spotted by Anthony himself): ❋ Anthony Watts (2010)

Verify by selecting a label, the grip will show up at the midpoint ..... correct this by sliding the label slide to the end point where the actual label has been placed. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The first batch after the title slide are Sheril's. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There was a guy at NIST when I was there who would close his eyes during the title slide of any talk, and as far as anybody could tell, drop into a deep sleep -- faint snores, REM twitches, the whole nine yards. ❋ Unknown (2010)

This is a special slide for the title slide of your presentation. ❋ Vbdotnetnrew (2009)

We're working on discovering novel combination therapeutics against cancer [Amusing to see that the title slide had "confidential" written on it] We're trying to find combination therapies, because combining radiation with chemo works better than either does individually. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The Iraq Study Group's report making 79 specific recommendations to stop what it calls the slide toward chaos in Iraq. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The most amusing thing about my lectures (apropos to this question), is that every lecture presentation had a title slide indicating the day's topic, with (you guessed it) my name in equally-large font right underneath it. ❋ Angry Professor (2005)

Whenever you hear a market report, they always speculate that the slide is a result of "concern". ❋ Unknown (2002)

There's a thousand versions of how things could shake out but this slide is my version -- my version of what would be a useful reconfiguration of powers in this country. ❋ Unknown (1995)

This slide is a list of the sort of accountabilities that I feel Sunnybrook has as an organization. ❋ Unknown (1991)

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