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Definitions of "slightest"

  • superlative form of slight: most slight. adjective

The word "slightest" in example sentences

He ignores the spicy and bitter taste, although he calls the slightest of breezes to carry away the perspiration that threatens to bead on his forehead.. [The Towers of the Sunset]

This unselfish and exemplary conduct, coupled with his refusal to stray even the slightest from the Code of Conduct, earned him the deepest respect from not only his fellow prisoners, but his captors as well.. [Cook, Donald G.]

Pomp and ceremony had their place, adding to the unforgettable nature of the evening without detracting in the slightest from the unusually relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere which marked the event as one of the most successful ever held in Toronto.. [Diamond Jubilee Dinner]

The lowland negro of South Carolina has a barbaric dialect, which no external influences have as yet impressed in the slightest degree; the English words seem to tumble all at once from his mouth, and to get sadly mixed whenever he endeavors to speak.. [The Great South; A Record of Journeys in Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland]

My opinion, which really isn’t being asked for in the slightest, is that I’m quite pleased that marriage of itself is not yet dead and that PA has actually opted for it with someone she’s found worthy to commit to so seriously.. [une pièce montée]

Another aspect of the character that the film manages to bring to the fore and doesn't even taint in the slightest is the way that the audience connects with and continues to sympathise with the lead character despite his continuing actions.. [Filmstalker Review: Law Abiding Citizen]

Anyone differing from them in the slightest is the greatest evil the world has known and must be completely and utterly destroyed.. [2008 May « Lean Left]

The only one that bothers me in the slightest is her somewhat whacked-out church.. [After all the attacks, the audience for Palin's speech tonight will be huge.]

Even when she was seated on the vacant stool, which was placed there probably for her accommodation, she again looked on him more than once with the same pensive, lingering, and anxious expression, but without either shyness or embarrassment, not even so much as to call the slightest degree of complexion into her cheek.. [The Fortunes of Nigel]

England “Sabbath breaking,” or the “desecration of the Sabbath,” that is, the slightest occupation, whether it be of a useful or pleasurable nature, and any kind of game, music, knitting, or worldly book, are on Sundays regarded as great sins.. [Essays of Schopenhauer]

She tried to recall the slightest details of that past day.. [Madame Bovary]

The Vulcan sat in his characteristic chess-pose, leaning on his elbows, hands folded, the first two fingers steepled—gazing back at Jim with an expression of carefully veiled compassion, and with what Jim's practiced eye identified as the slightest trace of mischievous enjoyment.. [My Enemy My Ally]

"But I can't help the plants, and I cannot even call the slightest of breezes.". [The Magic Engineer]

And rack my memory as I would, I could not recall the slightest ruffling of the pattern.. [Dead Cert]

_ -- I have never seen in any work on coins the slightest allusion to the money of the native princes of Wales before the subjugation of their country by Edward I.. [Notes and Queries, Number 45, September 7, 1850]

Whatever in that other letter I may have said to lead you to believe she had come to care for me in the slightest was a result solely of my own self-delusion and her innate gentleness.. [The Triflers]

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@B0x0fFr0gs @typicalgrace_ Not jealous in the slightest 😂😂 also please post huge amounts of photos so we can live v…


am i ready for this? not in the slightest.


@NozAhmed: Dortmund away is routine. Imagine being worried in the slightest about tonight. Could never be me.


Me: *does something risky knowing full well it’s not going to work out well in the slightest*


@khanyamkuhlu_: I need to stop getting excited at the slightest attention I receive.

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