Definitions and meanings of "Smart"

What do we mean by smart?

Having or showing intelligence; bright. synonym: intelligent. adjective

Canny and shrewd in dealings with others. adjective

Amusingly clever; witty. adjective

Impertinent; insolent. adjective

Energetic or quick in movement. adjective

Fashionable; elegant: synonym: fashionable. adjective

Capable of making adjustments that resemble those resulting from human decisions, chiefly by means of electronic sensors and computer technology. adjective

To cause a sharp, usually superficial, stinging pain. intransitive verb

To be the location of such a pain. intransitive verb

To feel such a pain. intransitive verb

To suffer acutely, as from mental distress, wounded feelings, or remorse. intransitive verb

Sharp pain or anguish. noun

Intelligence; expertise. noun

To speak or act impertinently. phrasal verb

(right smart) A lot; a considerable amount. idiom

To feel a lively, pungent pain; also, to be the seat of a pungent local pain, as from some piercing or irritating application; be acutely painful: often used impersonally.

To feel mental pain or suffering of any kind; suffer; be distressed; suffer evil consequences; bear a penalty.

To hurt or sting.

To cause a smart or sting in.

To feel a pungent pain of mind; to feel sharp pain or grief; be punished severely; to feel the sting of evil.

Knowledgeable, witty, or intelligent. Not a popular thing to be in America these days.  Urban Dictionary

The opposite of George W. Bush.  Urban Dictionary

1) to be/act intelligent 2) to be learned, but not able to integrate that knowledge into everyday use (intelligent), often used as a concatenation: book-smart, street-smart, brick-smart 3) to dress in a coordinated or fashionable manner, See: look sharp 4) (intrans. verb) to hurt or cause pain  Urban Dictionary

It means your inteligent  Urban Dictionary

Something 4/3 people on this site think they are (and yes i meant to have an improper fraction)  Urban Dictionary

Someone who doesn't support Bush.  Urban Dictionary

Code for a girl with a large set of "brains"  Urban Dictionary

Having high aptitude relative other people.  Urban Dictionary

Something more people should be, and sure won't sound if they use all this slang.  Urban Dictionary

1. Being a minimum of two mental steps ahead of everyone else, preferably three or four. 2. The kid who does everybody else's math homework just because they're bored 3. Being the type of person who can walk into a room, say a couple of words, and have other people bowing at their feet and calling them a genius.  Urban Dictionary

The word "smart" in example sentences

How to use smart in a sentence? Example sentences with the smart, a sentence example for smart, and how to make smart in sample sentence, how do I use the word smart in a sentence? How do you spell smart in a sentence?

In fact, mommy is SO smart that she rapes all the silly vain ’smart’ women, forcing them into pregnancy or death. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Of course, you could also argue that Bob was smart enough to get himself into those rarefied realms in the first place, but there is a lot more to that than ’smart.’ ❋ Unknown (2005)

After all, the term "smart growth" was first coined in Maryland. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Harvard international affairs expert Joseph Nye, often credited with coining the term "smart power," said Clinton and Obama had made strides in coordinating work between the Pentagon and the State Department. ❋ Reuters (2011)

Research reveals the UK is confused by the term smart/casual ❋ Unknown (2010)

On the security side, the competitive picture is -- you know, McAfee acquired Secure Computing so where we would use the term smart filter, our sum product in that are the web watcher product, that hasn't really changed. ❋ Unknown (2009)

One website, Macaoyuan, features a popular posting named 30 Money Saving Tricks, which is geared towards what it calls smart penny pinching women in Shanghai. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Apple Olive Oil Cake Many people think a healthy diet doesn't include desserts, but pastry chef Amanda Tutone is a firm believer in what she calls "smart indulgence." ❋ Jen Murphy (2012)

We do have an early ETF business that is more focused on what we call smart passive strategies for fixed-income investing. ❋ Karen Damato (2011)

And therefore, African Americans and Latinos have an equal stake in what I describe as a smart on crime approach to fixing the system. ❋ Kamala D. Harris (2011)

He's done it with a book promoting what he calls smart solutions to climate change. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But the deeper benefit is, I think, our customer focus, our extreme knowledge of our customers, and our ability to give them what I call a smart shopping experience. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Clinton said the U.S. will apply pressure wherever it may be needed, but using what she calls smart power. ❋ Unknown (2009)

She was sort of suggesting the unilateralism, as it's called, of the Bush administration, will be replaced by what she called smart diplomacy. ❋ Unknown (2009)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

[George W. Bush] is so [not smart]. ❋ Gonadfry (2005)

1) That japanese kid is smart. He got his PHD before he was 20. 2) Jennifer is finally loosening up. Back in high school she was just too [book-smart] and had no clue about what was going on. 3) Hey [Swaggart], thats a smart looking suit you've got on. 4) Ouch, a [paper cut]... that smarts! ❋ Pythonspam (2003)

[This kid] is [really] smart ❋ SAMIFOGPORDC (2019)

i am so smart, i [kno] my [abc's] A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I , J, K....R, Y, Z!!!!!!!!! [hooray]! ❋ Chels (2004)

She didn't [vote] for [Bush], [therefore] she is smart. ❋ WAGMIRE (2005)

wow that girl is really smart.yea she has a nice set of "goals" [infront] of her.i always [like a girl] with intelligence.<[guy3]>do you think she was tutored? ❋ Grill (2005)

[Joseph] is smart because he can learn math and [chess] [faster] than the average person ❋ Jeff Besoz (2020)

[That girl] is [pretty] and very smart, that is the best [way to be]! ❋ No Comment Ever (2008)

[I like] [Sophia] because she's smart and [she's cute]. ❋ Evenstar (2007)

What does smart mean?

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