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Definitions of "snickered"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of snicker. verb

The word "snickered" in example sentences

Then again, we all kind of snickered at the idea of movies based on Disney rides, and that whole "Pirates of the Caribbean" thing turned out all right.. [Ridley Scott Passes Go, Collects $200 To Direct ‘Monopoly’ » MTV Movies Blog]

When I read the word "snickered" in the NYT account I immediately thought, Mickey Kaus didn't snicker; only Andrew Sullivan snickered!. [Mickey Kaus on Sniggergate.]

I liked the music and kind of snickered at the politics.. [Jonathan Diamond: Charlie Still Don't Surf]

According to Judge Robreno, Mr. Wider's lawyer, Joseph Ziccardi, "snickered" at his client's conduct and failed to stop his client's tirades and was therefore culpable as well.. [If Spitzer Loses Law License,]

I thought the spot was mildly amusing you might say I "snickered" at it... ouch but I must say I was confused about why it would be considered manly to yank out your chest hair.. [[searching for meaning, money]

That pious deacon who had not "snickered" for above forty years, would have found his moral sensitiveness somewhat disturbed by the free, untrammelled way in which he spoke and acted.. [The American Missionary — Volume 42, No. 12, December, 1888]

The echoes of the ringing axe came back to them from an adjacent hillside; a squirrel barked and "snickered," as if he too were a party to the fun; crows overhead cawed a protest at the destruction of their ancient perch; but with steady and remorseless stroke the axe was driven through the concentric rings on either side into the tree's dead heart.. [Nature's Serial Story]

Some people might object to the word, and say that he only "snickered," or made faces.. [Jarwin and Cuffy]

Of course they wanted money to deflate and recharge my tires with N2, I just kind of snickered at them and got my tires rotated.. [NASIOC]

We will try to show you this is a great choice -- even though the White House press corps "snickered" at Pittsburgh being chosen (no doubt, they would have preferred Miami; we don't have the ocean).. [ - News]

For the past five races, every time I got beat, I kind of snickered and said, 'That's okay, I'm just supposed to win my 60th event and race Antron or Dixon in the finals.'. [ news]

I admit I kind of snickered at that, thinking it was mostly gut-check time for the 43,170 at Ford Field: Did they have what it takes to sit through three more quarters of this?. [ - RSS]

She kind of snickered and said she didn't think I was crazy at all because she knows it works.. [Sauntering Soul]

While I am terribly sorry about the few complete idiots who booed and snickered when you walked across the stage to collect your high school diploma, I am rather grateful for the unfortunate nature of your name as it was the ONLY thing that shifted the attention away from me when I, once again, slipped out of my shoe and not only stumbled down a concrete stair or two, but the entire flight.. [Dear Saddam Hussein]

Even the lads and lassies giggled and snickered over their part in the affair, narrating with gusto how Larry had jumped on my chest and slept under the bridge, how So-and-So had slept out in the sandhills that night, and what had happened to the other lad who fell in the ditch.. [Chapter 4]

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  • PronunciationsS N IH1 K ER0 D
  • Character9
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