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Condorcet moved from his first achievements in mathematics into public service, with the aim of applying to social and political affairs a scientific model that he termed a ˜social arithmetic.™. [The Snowbank]

This event will consist of workshops on building leadership skills, discussions on social issues, spaces to share personal passions and ideas for change, and a scope to transform a �social change idea� into a �social initiative�.. [A YOUTH FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME]

This approach stood in opposition to the more empiricist view dominant since Hume, Comte and Mill, that the moral or social sciences had relied on conceptual and methodological analogies with the natural sciences, from Newtonian and statistical mechanics, such as Condorcet's ˜social mathematics™ and also from biology, such as Saint-Simon's ˜social physiology™.. [The Unity of Science]

-- The investigation of social evils and of their proper remedies, and of the laws which govern man in his social relations, has received of late the name of _social science_.. [Outline of Universal History]

It is more difficult to say which extreme is worst, among _an equal number of individuals_; but probably the city; for in the country, vice is oftener solitary, and less frequently social; while in the city it is not only _social_ but also _solitary_.. [The Young Man's Guide]

˜social conditions™ that brought his views into conflict with a number of reformers, including the Fabian social radicals, Sidney and Beatrice Webb.. [My Recycled Soul]

˜social minimum policy regime™ as a set of policies and institutions that serve to secure reasonable access to this social minimum for all members of the society.. [Social Minimum]

_transient offices_, or _occupations not related to social life_; using such titles only as indicate a rank or profession that is _for life_; and which has become a part of the man's _identity_, or which is distinctly allied to his _social conditions_.. [Etiquette]

And I am increasingly of the view that it’s not just that the CS code doesn’t properly account for social media, there’s actual a wider problem with regulating and allowing for what you might broadly call ’social movement’ politics generally.. [Why I’m going dark for purdah at Helpful Technology]

I have followed the trajectory of US National Public Radio’s Bryant Park Project because they were experimenting with so many social media tools and ideas, and more than that, they seemed to have grokked the ’social’ in social media.. [Strange Attractor » 2008 » July]

The reason the Obamacrats think they can get away with their take over of health care and various other social marketplaces is because their conservative opponents don’t even know the name of the game is ’social marketplace’.. [Political Genius Defined - Dan_Perrin’s blog - RedState]

These issues are ripe for a more interactive, distributed approach enabled by social media – a truly ’social consultation’ – where the issues are conveyed in an engaging way and people can respond in whole or in part through a number of channels, whether in our space or theirs.. [Adventures in social consultation at Helpful Technology]

For me, when you talk about social networking – sharing information in a way that people understand what they’re buying, protecting, or not protecting – what you’re providing is very ’social’ and meaningful.. [Social insurance? Naw. « BuzzMachine]

Don’t even think about collection social security when you retire – it’s so socialist it has ’social’ right in the name!. [App Store Hypocrisy Update: Mein Kampf Complete With Nazi Logo Approved]

I want to use Russell’s question about the ‘real use’ of LinkedIn as a window into what I think is a profound confusion about the nature of sociality, which was partly brought about by recent use of the term ’social network’ by Albert Laszlo-Barabasi and Mark Buchananin the popular science world, and Clay Shirky and others in the social software world.. [Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Why some social network services work and others don’t]

Many users aren†™ t using social networking beyond the most basic functionality” – that, plus music makes 95% of the ’social networking’ traffic.. [The New Portals: It’s the Bread, Not the Peanut Butter]

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