Definitions of "Socket"

An opening or a cavity into which an inserted part is designed to fit. noun

The concave part of a joint that receives the end of a bone. noun

A hollow or concavity into which a part, such as the eye, fits. noun

To furnish with or insert into a socket. transitive verb

To provide with or place in a socket.

In golf, the neck of a club into which the shaft runs. noun

A chuck or holder on the end of a drill-spindle having a taper-hole to receive the corresponding taper-shank of the drill or of another socket. noun

An opening or cavity into which anything is fitted; any hollow thing or place which receives and holds something else. noun

Specifically A small hollow tube or depression in a candlestick to hold a candle. Also called nozle. noun

In anatomy, specifically, the hollow of one part which receives another; the concavity or excavation of an articulation: as, an eye-socket; the socket of the hip. noun

In mining, the end of a shot-hole, when this remains visible after the shot has been fired. noun

A bony hollow into which a structure fits. noun

A receptacle into which an electric device can be inserted. noun

Receptacle where something (a pipe or probe or end of a bone) is inserted. noun

The word "Socket" in example sentences

For reasons that I haven't bothered to figure out, the socket module is named _socket in the minipython distribution. Manifest Density

For reasons that I haven't bothered to figure out, the socket module is named _socket in the minipython distribution. Manifest Density

Things to go shopping for in Malaysia: a powerboard where every socket is a universal socket. When Your Universal Adaptor Doesn’t Fit | Lifehacker Australia

The socket is always connected to the neutral wire, so no big deal … unless the trouble light is plugged in to an outlet with reversed polarity. Reuben's Home Inspection Blog - Part 2

For Exchange, five VMs per socket is more often typical. Half of VMware customers virtualize Microsoft Exchange

The version with the E27 socket is recommended when a soft ambience is required, whereas the version with the G12 socket and metal-halogen light source is recommended for environments in which a high level of light and lower energy consumption is needed. New Lighting from Lightyears

"This limited edition Revival features all the benefits of a DAB radio as well as rotary tuning and volume controls, RDS station name display, a stereo line in socket for iPod/MP3 playback, headphone socket and portability." Archive 2008-11-01

A socket is identified by the combination of source address, source port, destination address, destination address. and IIS 2 million pageviews per hour « The Paradigm Shift

Allow it record fron a mic in socket at selectable sample rates just like the iRiver ifp799, and give it a good powered mic preamp with clean flat A to D conversion. Scripting News for 11/30/2006 « Scripting News Annex

This "safe" -- really a cache -- disguised as a wall-socket is pretty clever and goes for a mere $10. Boing Boing: May 14, 2006 - May 20, 2006 Archives

Okay - the lighter socket is what I wanted - for things like cd player car kits and cell phone chargers. It's Wrong, It's Wrong, So Very Wrong...

I'm also pretty sure this design could be adapted to make a diy breath controller that can be plugged into the expression socket so i'll have to try that too. MATRIXSYNTH

In user space, we call socket () to create a netlink socket, but in kernel space, we call the following API: struct sock * netlink_kernel_create (int unit, void (* input) (struct sock * sk, int len)); Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

I would remind you again what we said on the call which is we gained in North America 6 percentage points of share in the channel, so we are not losing any existing sockets although the term socket in this context is not at a play. Home Page

For internet protocols; UDP for example, used in socket programming for transmitter-reciever/client-server model is a connectionless oriented protocol, when applications such as streaming video or gaming or voice use UDP (a transport layer protocol), the data is simply sent out and without any re-transmitting on the other end primarily because it would take too much time to correct the faulty state (re-assembling the corrupt data due to things like EMI on the transmission medium) and an overlap on the current state would take place, subsequently scrambling the voice heard etc …, this making it a gamers, telephone callers or video watchers nightmare. The Weasel Thread

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