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Definitions of "sodality"

  • A society or an association, especially a devotional or charitable society for the laity in the Roman Catholic Church. noun
  • Fellowship. noun
  • A fraternity, a society or association. noun
  • Companionship. noun
  • A fellowship or fraternity; a brotherhood. noun
  • Specifically, a lay association for devotion or for charitable purposes. noun
  • A fraternity; confraternity: especially in use by Roman Catholics for a religious fraternity or society. noun
  • people engaged in a particular occupation noun

The word "sodality" in example sentences

Virginis), because the name sodality was in a special manner peculiar to these, also because their labours for the renewal of the life of the Church were more permanent and have lasted until the present time, so that these sodalities after fully three hundred years still prosper and flourish.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon]

The name expresses the object of this sodality, which is to collect faithful hearts around the Saviour for constant adoration and love and to make reparation to Him for the ingratitude of men.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon]

While this article will be of interest particularly to our traditionalist readers, I'd like to draw attention particularly to the various manifestations of popular lay devotion -- the procession with its sodality and society banners, the family atmosphere, the call to live our Faith through our common culture.. ["Make the Truth Lovable to Them through Beauty"]

She was a member of the ladies 'sodality at the Shrine of St. Jude Catholic Church in Rockville.. [Michael Cassidy; Mark Carroll; Caroline Chastain; Alma Jordan; Stephen Keeffe; Raymond Long]

Had I to do it over again, I would not have gone with the subscription method; I did it mostly out of fond memories of the Judges Guild as a "guild," a gamer's sodality, rather than any proper business sense.. [James Mishler Answers More!]

So, in truth, the Parthenon is a special memorial which functions as a technology for channeling individual desire into the production of a national sodality premised on an invented tradition and its redeployment in support of imperialism.. [The Ruins of Empire: Nationalism, Art, and Empire in Hemans's Modern Greece]

Conflicting class and ethnic interests could only be successfully negotiated and subsumed within a constructed British sodality by their hostile alterity to various others defined in national, religious, or racial terms.. [The Ruins of Empire: Nationalism, Art, and Empire in Hemans's Modern Greece]

It was a rather respectable sodality, dedicated to celebrating the "Glorious Revolution" of 1688, a relatively bloodless coup that installed William and Mary of the House of Orange on the English throne, and established Protestantism as the state religion.. [Reactionary Prophet]

A sodality of soreheads under the black flag of the Underground Literary Alliance had no other apparent purpose than to complain at tentshows that Moody and his whitebread buddies, a circle-jerk of class entitlements with names like Dave Eggers, Jonathan Lethem, and David Foster Wallace, had gobbled up all the royalties and review space, all the MacArthur baubles and Guggenheim buzz in Bookie World.. [In the Desert, Prime Time]

On the wall of his bedroom hung an illuminated scroll, the certificate of his prefecture in the college of the sodality of the. [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man]

Blessed Lady and of the sodality of the holy angels to set a good example to their fellow-students. —. [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man]

I n the middle of the hall the prefect of the college sodality was speaking earnestly, in a soft querulous voice, with a boarder.. [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man]

The elder boys, of course, will see that this custom is not infringed and I look especially to the prefects and officers of the sodality of Our. [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man]

On Saturday mornings when the sodality met in the chapel to recite the little office his place was a cushioned kneeling-desk at the right of the altar from which he led his wing of boys through the responses.. [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man]

Already in their lifetimes, they were becoming no more than a harmless sodality.. [The Stars Are Also Fire]

A smallish man of indeterminate coloring and anonymous features, his unprepossessing exterior and lack of erudition hid an unshakable faith in his own intelligence and strength of mind; he ran his sodality like a general.. [The Grass Crown]

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  • Pronunciations(sō-dălˈĭ-tē)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation so dal i ty




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