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Definitions of "soft"

  • Easily molded, cut, or worked. adjective
  • Yielding readily to pressure or weight. adjective
  • Out of condition; flabby. adjective
  • Smooth or fine to the touch: a soft fabric. adjective
  • Not loud, harsh, or irritating: a soft voice. adjective
  • Not brilliant or glaring; subdued: soft colors. adjective
  • Not sharply drawn or delineated: soft charcoal shading; a scene filmed in soft focus. adjective
  • Mild; balmy: a soft breeze. adjective
  • Of a gentle disposition; tender. adjective
  • Affectionate: a soft glance. adjective
  • Attracted or emotionally involved: He has been soft on her for years. adjective
  • Not stern; lenient. adjective
  • Lacking strength of character; weak. adjective
  • Informal Simple-minded; foolish. adjective
  • Informal Easy: a soft job. adjective
  • Based on conciliation or negotiation rather than on threats or power plays: took a soft line toward their opponents. adjective
  • Gradually declining in trend; not firm: a soft economy; a soft computer market. adjective
  • Informal and entertaining without confronting difficult issues or hard facts: limited the discussion to soft topics. adjective
  • Using or based on data that is not readily quantifiable or amenable to experimental verification or refutation: The lawyer downplayed the soft evidence. adjective

The word "soft" in example sentences

Mine turned out soft and well..soft of, bend-able, if that makes any sense?. [Banana Oatmeal Cookies | Baking Bites]

Each of these varieties may be had in two grades, according to the negative in hand or the effect desired in the print, viz.: _hard_, for use with soft negatives where we desire to get vigor or contrast in the print, and _soft_, for use with hard negatives where softness of effect is desired in the print.. [Bromide Printing and Enlarging A Practical Guide to the Making of Bromide Prints by Contact and Bromide Enlarging by Daylight and Artificial Light, With the Toning of Bromide Prints and Enlargements]

Miss Wynter puts that glance behind her, and perhaps there is something -- something a little dangerous in the soft, _soft_ look she now turns upon him.. [A Little Rebel A Novel]

The extreme limit of soft tone is very effective in both choral and orchestral music, and most conductors seem to have no adequate notion of _how soft_ the tone may be made in such passages.. [Essentials in Conducting]

The ground was very soft here; the men were cutting through _soft_ granite!. [Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines]

The organs of speech are the lungs and bronchial tubes; the throat, particularly that part of it which is known as the larynx or, in popular parlance, the “Adam’s apple”; the nose; the uvula, which is the soft, pointed, and easily movable organ that depends from the rear of the palate; the palate, which is divided into a posterior, movable “soft palate” or velum and a “hard palate”; the tongue; the teeth; and the lips.. [Chapter 3. The Sounds of Language]

With each stroke of her hair, her lids grew heavier, her expression soft and sleepy, until she finally drifted off.. [Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark: The Clan MacRieve]

The term soft power was coined by Joseph Nye, a professor at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government and a former official at the State and Defense departments.. [Defense Firms Look to Fill Gaps as U.S. Policy Shifts]

Besides, Bush was not going to be impressed by any bumper sticker with the word soft in it, especially since, according to the polls, he had considerable support where it really mattered—among the American people.. [The Great Experiment]

In an interview published Saturday in Le Parisien newspaper, Aubry said the phrase "soft with the weak, and hard on the powerful" was one that fits her well.. [ rss feed]

Even the expression 'soft play' sounds feminine, 'baby gym' sounds better.. [WalesOnline - Home]

I'm such a sucker - though I much prefer the term soft touch. [Autism Hub]

It's what I call the soft side of sport and I think it's so, so important.. [Sir Clive Woodward: At the Olympics the home team tends to deliver]

Another protester, construction contractor Ahmed Darweesh, blamed the ruling generals for what he termed their "soft position" on Israel, saying Egypt wanted to declare that "shedding the blood of its people will not go in vain.". [Egypt's military and protesters move farther apart]

On Sept. 5, he and his colleagues in the Education Working Group plan what he calls a "soft re-opening" of primary and secondary schools, rolling out from Benghazi to other areas of liberated Libya.. [Back to School in Liberated Libya]

"I don't think that any of this threatens the eurozone, except possibly the risk of what I call a soft bailout, that conditionality is not enforced and the Germanies of this world after 5 or 10 years of filling a black hole – in Greece and possibly elsewhere as well – will walk out in disgust," Buiter said.. [George Papandreou, Greece Prime Minister, To Outline Needed Budget Cuts]

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