Definitions and meanings of "Solutions"

What do we mean by solutions?

A homogeneous mixture, which may be liquid, gas or solid, formed by dissolving one or more substances.

An act, plan or other means, used or proposed, to solve a problem.

The answer to a problem.

A product, service or suite thereof, especially software.

Satisfaction of a claim or debt.

The act of dissolving, especially of a solid by a fluid; dissolution.

The crisis of a disease.

The common solution for companies when addressing any incoming Tech Call which is to completely restore a system to it's original state with no regard to information previously stored.  Urban Dictionary

A word many business people misuse to describe the process of creating a solution. These people need a grammar lesson and should be fired immediately.  Urban Dictionary

- I could kiss you, and you could kiss me back. - You could kiss me and i'd definitely kiss back.  Urban Dictionary

A term used in information technology and management consulting to describe an over-priced service which cannot be explained except in esoteric terms which the customer cannot understand.  Urban Dictionary

This term became popular in the business world because it was used to describe some products or services that when bundled together would lead to a complete solution. For example, Microsoft Office isn't just a suite of applications, it's a total office solution. The term, like most management buzzwords has lost any meaning it originally had. People no longer sell products or services any more, they're all selling solutions. With the golden age of the 'give us your money and don't ask questions' Internet boom of the late 90s this word grew to become e-solutions. An e-solution is something to do with the Internet. No-one is really sure what it does but it makes web pages or something and so is a must-have.  Urban Dictionary

An answer to all of the problems of America, there are two answers.  Urban Dictionary

To offer up solutions that bend the bounds of law but do not necessarily break them.  Urban Dictionary

Similar to the situation, mike sorentio, the solution refers to a man or men that isn't just the man or the answer he is the total package, the solution. Not only is said person or persons well endowed, have perfect hair and a craving for the richest things in life (i.e. grading papers, pleasuring women, and fighting crime) he also is a man of much wealth fortune and insight (usually not a women)  Urban Dictionary

The process of finding a solution to a problem.  Urban Dictionary

A special kind of reach around lubricated with any bodily fluid (the solution) including, but not limited to, spit, snot, or fecal matter.  Urban Dictionary

The word "solutions" in example sentences

How to use solutions in a sentence? Example sentences with the solutions, a sentence example for solutions, and how to make solutions in sample sentence, how do I use the word solutions in a sentence? How do you spell solutions in a sentence?

Just like Gore and everyone else who does it claiming over and over that the science is settled and it's all about the necessary solutions now, the question itself has to be understood to be about the *solutions*, just the same way that such a stupid question about terrorism and Islamo-fascism would be interpreted as being about the solutions.   ❋ Ann Althouse (2007)

In order to recognise that it is pointless to propose global solutions, and equally pointless to criticise such “solutions” on a continent-wide level.   ❋ Unknown (1989)

With over 50 offices worldwide, Guy Carpenter creates and executes reinsurance solutions and delivers capital market solutions* for clients across the globe.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

With 50 offices worldwide, Guy Carpenter creates and executes reinsurance solutions and delivers capital market solutions* for clients across the globe.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

"I strongly encourage state and business officials to meet at one table with EPA and Corps of Engineers officials to discuss the best solutions ­-solutions that create jobs and protect our beautiful state and its people - all at the same time.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The method of estimating the potency of insulin solutions is based on the effect that insulin produces upon the blood sugar of normal animals.   ❋ Unknown (1965)

Ahmed added that while East African countries are implementing their own short term solutions to the drought, long range planning is needed to deal with the uncertainty of climate change.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

Moreover, these precautionary steps only are short term solutions which do not address the broader global problems of energy dependence and consumption which make all of us vulnerable.   ❋ Lincoln Mitchell (2011)

The main disadvantage that EC2 has compared to other solutions is the lack of permanent storage, that forced us to change the file storage system to use S3 instead of just keeping them on the filesystem.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

Short term solutions included making CAN fertilizer harder to convert into an HME, more easily detectable, and easier to track.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

I incorrectly installed a driver but when I called tech support they wanted me to recover the entire system and they didn't even attempt to find an alternative solution. Wow, the typical IT Solution hits again.. ❋ Jamfetto (2008)

I am an idiot so I will spend my day solutioning a way to deal with my stupidity. ❋ Scranth (2008)

How do I fix our relationship? Oh I know, The Solution. ❋ TheSolutionHaHa (2018)

What the company needs is a whole new HR solution. ❋ Xaviana (2003)

Steve: We offer turnkey catering solutions for consumers and prosumers Dave: You sell sandwiches from a battered old caravan parked on an industrial estate don't you? Steve: Ssssh, she doesn't have to know that. ❋ Thepreacher (2006)

Man: I have a solution to all of America's problems Solution 1> Death to Bush! Solution 2> Fake ID's to Canada for everyone! ❋ ?????? Allen (2005)

Riding on the berm during a traffic jam would be "getting solutional." ❋ Thaweasy (2010)

Mike Sorentio may be the Situation, but Chuck Norris is the solution. Pat Hayes' perfect parted hair is nothing short of solution to life's baldness. ❋ The Big Deal Of J.S. Hayesings (2011)

Boss: "Stabbins, where are we on the proposal for the new clients software?" Stabbins: "We are solutioning the proposal right now, we will have it done today." ❋ XJGPER (2006)

Jason: "Where is Matt?" Ben: "I don't know, probably giving his buddy a solution reach." ❋ JoseValentino (2016)

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