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What does the word somniferous mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word somniferous in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with somniferous and anagrams of somniferous.

Definitions of "somniferous"

  • Inducing sleep; soporific. adjective
  • causing or inducing sleep, normally with harmful overtones. adjective
  • Causing or inducing sleep; soporific; dormitive. adjective
  • Causing or inducing sleep; soporific: as, a somniferous drug.
  • sleep inducing adjective

The word "somniferous" in example sentences

In the times of St Thomas it [woman] was considered an essence as certainly defined as the somniferous virtue of the poppy .... [March 25th, 2009]

In a deep leather chair, his feet resting in another deep leather chair, at the Indoor Yacht Club, Harry Del Mar yielded to the somniferous digestion of lunch, which was for him breakfast as well, and glanced through the first of the early editions of the afternoon papers.. [CHAPTER XX]

``To construct mechanically the brain of a somniferous tale, it is not enough to dissect nonsense and mightily stupefy the reader's intelligence with renewed doses, so as to paralyse his faculties for the rest of his life by the infallible law of fatigue; one must, besides, with good mesmeric fluid, make it somnambulistically impossible for him to move, against his nature forcing his eyes to cloud over at your own fixed stare.. [What the nonfiction writer promises the reader.]

For the former, the revelations and fascination were regularly overcome by the somniferous effect of this essentially meaningless work.. [John Bolton - Surrender is Not an Option]

The wine, which had exerted its somniferous influence over Mr. Snodgrass and Mr. Winkle, had stolen upon the senses of Mr. Pickwick.. [The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club]

And botany, about which he produced reams of somniferous poetry titled The Loves of Plants all about the sex life of eighty-three species of vegetation.. [American Connections]

She seemed about to call down vengeance upon me; when, happily the leaden god, in pity to her trembling Lovelace, waved over her half-drowned eyes his somniferous want, and laid asleep the fair exclaimer, before she could go half through with her intended imprecation.. [Clarissa Harlowe]

The Justice, whose eyes had closed under the influence of the somniferous lullaby of the song, started up in his chair as it suddenly ceased, and stared with wonder at the unexpected addition which the company had received while his organs of sight were in abeyance.. [Rob Roy]

It would be a great mistake to think that we should banish from our tables all somniferous articles.. [The physiology of taste; or Transcendental gastronomy. Illustrated by anecdotes of distinguished artists and statesmen of both continents by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Translated from the last Paris edition by Fayette Robinson.]

Her study of library - cataloguing, recording, books of reference, was easy and not too somniferous.. [Main Street]

I did not find the jolting of the cart at all disagreeable, on the contrary, it had quite a somniferous effect upon me.. [Lavengro]

Somali good advice, long as the somniferous sermons of Mentor to the insipid son of Ulysses.. [First footsteps in East Africa]

At last, however, even Martha the wide-awake was yielding to the somniferous heat of the day when a young man entered the bar and made her sit up with great alacrity, beaming all over her hard wooden face.. [Madame Midas]

As for the somniferous members of the crew, they were carried one by one into the fishing boats and taken ashore.. [A Triumph of Souls]

His figure looked fragile as he stood in his pressurized spacesuit among the ruins of the long-deserted city on an old street where the grotesque animal plants of the deep-sea pushed up through the cracks of the pavement under the yellow somniferous light of the lanterns which still functioned although they had not been attended for centuries.. [Enemy in the Dark]

This somniferous influence, which is to some extent exercised by local electrization, is here distinguished by its far greater constancy as well as by its greater degree of perfection.. [The Electric Bath]

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Somniferous Word Data

  • Pronunciations(sŏm-nĭfˈər-əs)
  • Character11
  • Hyphenation som nif er ous


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