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Definitions of "song"

  • Music A brief composition written or adapted for singing. noun
  • Music The act or art of singing: broke into song. noun
  • A distinctive or characteristic sound made by an animal, such as a bird or an insect. noun
  • Poetry; verse. noun
  • A lyric poem or ballad. noun
  • for a song Informal At a low price: bought the antique tray for a song. idiom
  • A musical composition with lyrics for voice or voices, performed by singing. noun
  • any musical composition noun
  • The act or art of singing. noun
  • A melodious sound made by a bird, insect, whale or other animal. noun
  • Something that cost only a little; chiefly in for a song. noun
  • That which is sung or uttered with musical modulations of the voice, whether of a human being or of a bird, insect, etc. noun
  • A lyrical poem adapted to vocal music; a ballad. noun
  • More generally, any poetical strain; a poem. noun
  • Poetical composition; poetry; verse. noun
  • An object of derision; a laughingstock. noun
  • A trifle; an insignificant sum of money. noun
  • Singing; vocal music in general; utterance in tones of musical quality and succession, with or without words: opposed to speech and to instrumental music. noun
  • The musical cry of some birds (see singing bird, under sing) and, by extension, of some other animals. noun

The word "song" in example sentences

It must be confessed, however, that the field of English slang verse and canting song, though not altogether barren, has yet small claim to the idiomatic and plastic treatment that obtains in many an _Argot - song_ and _Germania-romance; _ in truth, with a few notable exceptions, there is little in the present collection that can claim literary rank.. [Musa Pedestris - Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes [1536 - 1896]]

The melody flows or soars like the song of a bird, because it is the free expression, not of musical fantasy, as such (the unconscious play of tonal fancy), but the flow of _melody_, _song_, the soaring of spirit in some one particular direction, floating upon buoyant pinions, and in directions well conceived and sure.. [A Popular History of the Art of Music From the Earliest Times Until the Present]

This was a tumultuous mixture of the wild carouse, the noisy song, and the drunken dance; and the meaning of the word comedy is a comus _song_.. [Handbook of Universal Literature From the Best and Latest Authorities]

My Dear Hodgson, -- I thank you for your song, or, rather, your two songs, -- your new song on love, and your _old song_ on _religion_.. [The Works of Lord Byron: Letters and Journals. Vol. 2]

because the cry here is wing to wing10 and song to song—. [Calls. V. Mist Forms]

On his first solo album, “Journey’s End,” Matthew Fisher wrote and sang a song with the lyric, “Just don’t make me play **that song** again.”. [Should Have Thought of That in 1967 - The Lede Blog -]

I'm using the term "song cycle" for Scaling because I'm really grouping these songs together.. [Daniel J. Kushner: Vital Vox: "A & Q" With Gelsey Bell]

The fascinating thing to me is that Phil Spector recorded the title song which is played over the Osterley Park sequence.. [Before and After #194: Lucille Ball]

Peace Sells … But Who's Buying?, save for the title song which is featured on the. [Xboxic]

We showed a brand-new print of the film they wrote the title song for -- Jailhouse Rock and the film of the Broadway musical that celebrated their canon of songs Smoky Joe's Cafe.. [Martin Lewis: Is That All There Is? A Fond Farewell to Jerry Leiber]

Robin song is suited to cooler air, to mornings and evenings in spring and summer and the shorter day length later.. [Country diary: Wenlock Edge]

A flashback shows 16-year-old Sue on stage belting out the title song from Oklahoma!. [Keck's Exclusives: Glee Reveals Sue's Evil Origins]

Only Martin Scorsese's New York, New York has failed to make it to the Great White Way, but don't count it out yet -- it does have one of the greatest 11 O'clock numbers of them all when Liza Minelli belts out "New York, New York" at the end, the title song written specifically for this film by Kander and Ebb.. [Michael Giltz: DVDs: "Battle: Los Angeles" Old Fashioned War Movie...With Aliens]

The main line of the song translates as: She lives in me.. [Bollywood: Ek Vivaah...Aisa Bhi]

So our unity with them in song is a magnificent expression of what it means to be Catholic, to broaden our thinking and living outside the boundaries of time and space.. [Why Latin Hymns?]

One of these was the title song itself, which had been recorded by Walter Houston in 1944 and sung by Frank Sinatra on the radio in 1946.. [Weill's 'Lost' is Found]

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