Definitions and meanings of "Soon"

What do we mean by soon?

In the near future; shortly. adverb

Just prior to something; shortly. adverb

Without hesitation; promptly or speedily. adverb

With willingness; readily. adverb

Before the usual or appointed time; early. adverb

Immediately. adverb

(no sooner … than) As soon as. idiom

(sooner or later) At some time; eventually. idiom

At once; forthwith; immediately.

In a short time; at an early date or an early moment; before long; shortly; presently: as, winter will soon be here; I hope to see you soon.

Early; before the time specified is much advanced: when the time, event, or the like has but just arrived: as, soon in the morning; soon at night (that is, early in the evening, or as soon as night sets in); soon at five o′ clock (that is, as soon as the hour of five arrives): an old locution still in use in the southern United States.

Early; before the usual, proper, set, or expected time.

Quickly; speedily; easily.

Readily; willingly; gladly: in this sense generally accompanied by would or some other word expressing will, and often in the comparative sooner, ‘rather.’

Synonyms and

Betimes, etc. (see early), promptly, quickly.


Early; speedy; quick.

Speedy; quick. adjective

Short in length of time from the present.


A word that Jared Leto uses when he doesnt have a f*cken clue when somethings going to come out, or when he wants to piss off the fans.  Urban Dictionary

The most hated word by mcyttwt/dsmptwt. If someone (preferably a cc) says "soon" they probably mean 4 months to 1 year.  Urban Dictionary

When we feel like it.  Urban Dictionary

This word is used by famous boyband, 5 Seconds of Summer, as a replacement for not knowing specific dates for something, when being pressured by fans into revealing said information  Urban Dictionary

Sometime within the next calendar year.  Urban Dictionary

The definition in which it may be 4-6 weeks or days counting on what the person is using. Otherwise there is another soon. the Blizzard "soon" which can be a very LONG time 6-24 months actually.  Urban Dictionary

A standard reply to any question involving any question of time for SOE to do something. This usally means a lot longer than originally intended  Urban Dictionary

A word that Ed Boon uses when he doesn't have a fucking clue when somethings going to come out, or he wants to piss off fans.  Urban Dictionary

The word soon is used a LOT by the singer johnny orlando!  Urban Dictionary

A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time.  Urban Dictionary

The word "soon" in example sentences

How to use soon in a sentence? Example sentences with the soon, a sentence example for soon, and how to make soon in sample sentence, how do I use the word soon in a sentence? How do you spell soon in a sentence?

"Come along, as soon as you wish -- but don't come _too soon_." ❋ John Reed Scott (N/A)

That they will soon become a kind of separate and independant people; who will set up for themselves, -- will _soon_ have manufactures of their own, -- will _neither_ take supplies from the mother country, nor the provinces at _the back_ of which they are settled: -- That being at such a distance from the seat of _government_, from _courts_, ❋ Great Britain. Board Of Trade (N/A)

Your answer is, in fact, an identical proposition; for, when you say, "_As soon as_ profits are absorbed," I retort, Ay, no doubt "_as soon_" as they are; but when will that be? ❋ Thomas De Quincey (1822)

St. Thomas having maintained, that we are obliged to love God as soon as we attain the use of reason, the Jesuit Sirmond answered him, _that is very soon_. ❋ Paul Henri Thiry Holbach (1756)

He’ll be here soon, I fancy. text reads _soon, I, fancy. ❋ Titus Maccius Plautus (1919)

Never thought of _death_, or even looked upon it, for mother told us there was no need of harrowing up our feelings -- it would come soon enough, she said; and to me, who hoped to live so long, it has come _too soon_ -- all too soon; "and the hot tears rained through the transparent fingers, clasped so convulsively over her face. ❋ Mary Jane Holmes (1866)

Shostakovich himself never saw the film, so it was presumably under orders from the Stalin regime that his name soon appeared on a copyright infringement suit filed in this country. ❋ Lewis Hyde (2011)

In sixth grade I earned the nickname "Medusa" because of my hair, and the nickname soon caught on -- that and "Daisy Mae" because of my overalls. ❋ Nikki Luongo (2011)

Getty Images/Illustration Works In 1851, as gold fever still raged, John L.B. Soule wrote in the Terre Haute Express, "Go west, young man, go west!" a phrase soon expropriated by—and now usually attributed to—the far more prominent New York journalist Horace Greeley. ❋ John Steele Gordon (2011)

Perhaps I'll be sporting a dress with a name soon enough. ❋ Lettie Teague (2011)

His expression soon froze into consternation at the “good news” that the earring had been located. ❋ David Eisenhower (2010)

(They announced they were leaving the label soon after.) ❋ Unknown (2010)

The word soon spread among their crowd, and since Serge was wavering, Boris Sarkozy upped the ante to five hundred francs if he could get Delphine into bed. ❋ Megan McAndrew (2009)

The term soon became synonymous with good quality fries. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The [ABL] [Clip] will [be out] Soon. ❋ ExaBaybee (2007)

"[There will be] [lore] soon" ❋ Remsdawn (2021)

[We will] have more [information] soon. ❋ Turbine Entertainment (2005)

fan: when’s [the album] [release]? [ashton]: soon. ❋ 5sussybakas (2022)

Joe [Peacock]: "Part [15] will [be up] soon!" ❋ AR (2004)

The [] Tournaments are temporarily [unavailable], but will return soon. [Yeah right], more like in 2005 ❋ Somone (2003)

I:[RPG] [Beta] will [be up] soon. ❋ Danny (2004)

The "[BIG]" [Reveal] will [be out] soon. ❋ Nanonymoose (2019)

[johnny orlando] says [he’s] doing a [tour] soon ❋ Johnnyousesthewordsoon2much (2018)

PaulaAbdul: My [Album] will be [coming out] soon. ([tweeted], a few months ago) ❋ A Paula Abdul Fan (; (2010)

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