Character 4
Hyphenation soon
Pronunciations /suːn/

Definitions and meanings of "Soon"

What do we mean by soon?

In the near future; shortly. adverb

Just prior to something; shortly. adverb

Without hesitation; promptly or speedily. adverb

With willingness; readily. adverb

Before the usual or appointed time; early. adverb

Immediately. adverb

(no sooner … than) As soon as. idiom

(sooner or later) At some time; eventually. idiom

Early; speedy; quick.

At once; forthwith; immediately.

In a short time; at an early date or an early moment; before long; shortly; presently: as, winter will soon be here; I hope to see you soon.

Early; before the time specified is much advanced: when the time, event, or the like has but just arrived: as, soon in the morning; soon at night (that is, early in the evening, or as soon as night sets in); soon at five o′ clock (that is, as soon as the hour of five arrives): an old locution still in use in the southern United States.

Early; before the usual, proper, set, or expected time.

Quickly; speedily; easily.

Readily; willingly; gladly: in this sense generally accompanied by would or some other word expressing will, and often in the comparative sooner, ‘rather.’

Synonyms and

Betimes, etc. (see early), promptly, quickly.


Speedy; quick. adjective

Short in length of time from the present.


Synonyms and Antonyms for Soon

The word "soon" in example sentences

"Come along, as soon as you wish -- but don't come _too soon_." ❋ John Reed Scott (N/A)

That they will soon become a kind of separate and independant people; who will set up for themselves, -- will _soon_ have manufactures of their own, -- will _neither_ take supplies from the mother country, nor the provinces at _the back_ of which they are settled: -- That being at such a distance from the seat of _government_, from _courts_, ❋ Great Britain. Board Of Trade (N/A)

Your answer is, in fact, an identical proposition; for, when you say, "_As soon as_ profits are absorbed," I retort, Ay, no doubt "_as soon_" as they are; but when will that be? ❋ Thomas De Quincey (1822)

St. Thomas having maintained, that we are obliged to love God as soon as we attain the use of reason, the Jesuit Sirmond answered him, _that is very soon_. ❋ Paul Henri Thiry Holbach (1756)

He’ll be here soon, I fancy. text reads _soon, I, fancy. ❋ Titus Maccius Plautus (1919)

Never thought of _death_, or even looked upon it, for mother told us there was no need of harrowing up our feelings -- it would come soon enough, she said; and to me, who hoped to live so long, it has come _too soon_ -- all too soon; "and the hot tears rained through the transparent fingers, clasped so convulsively over her face. ❋ Mary Jane Holmes (1866)

Shostakovich himself never saw the film, so it was presumably under orders from the Stalin regime that his name soon appeared on a copyright infringement suit filed in this country. ❋ Lewis Hyde (2011)

In sixth grade I earned the nickname "Medusa" because of my hair, and the nickname soon caught on -- that and "Daisy Mae" because of my overalls. ❋ Nikki Luongo (2011)

Getty Images/Illustration Works In 1851, as gold fever still raged, John L.B. Soule wrote in the Terre Haute Express, "Go west, young man, go west!" a phrase soon expropriated by—and now usually attributed to—the far more prominent New York journalist Horace Greeley. ❋ John Steele Gordon (2011)

Perhaps I'll be sporting a dress with a name soon enough. ❋ Lettie Teague (2011)

His expression soon froze into consternation at the “good news” that the earring had been located. ❋ David Eisenhower (2010)

(They announced they were leaving the label soon after.) ❋ Unknown (2010)

The word soon spread among their crowd, and since Serge was wavering, Boris Sarkozy upped the ante to five hundred francs if he could get Delphine into bed. ❋ Megan McAndrew (2009)

The term soon became synonymous with good quality fries. ❋ Unknown (2008)

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