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The soul, in many religious, philosophical, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal essence of a living being. Soul or psyche (Ancient Greek: ψυχή psūkhḗ, of ψύχειν psū́khein, "to breathe") are the mental abilities of a living being: reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking, etc. Depending on the philosophical system, a soul can either be mortal or immortal. In Judeo-Christianity, only human beings have immortal souls (although immortality is disputed within Judaism and may have been influenced by Plato). For example, the Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas attributed "soul" (anima) to all organisms but argued that only human souls are immortal.Other religions (most notably Hinduism and Jainism) hold that all living things from the smallest bacterium to the largest of mammals are the souls themselves (Atman, jiva) and have their physical representative (the body) in the world. Jain philosophy is the oldest world philosophy that separates body (matter) from the soul (consciousness) completely. The actual self is the soul, while the body is only a mechanism to experience the karma of that life i.e if we see a tiger then there is a self conscious identity residing in it (the soul), and a physical representative (the whole body of tiger which is observable) in the world. Some teach that even non-biological entities (such as rivers and mountains) possess souls. This belief is called animism. Greek philosophers, such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, understood that the soul (ψυχή psūchê) must have a logical faculty, the exercise of which was the most divine of human actions. At his defense trial, Socrates even summarized his teaching as nothing other than an exhortation for his fellow Athenians to excel in matters of the psyche since all bodily goods are dependent on such excellence (Apology 30a–b). The current consensus of modern science is that there is no evidence to support the existence of the soul when traditionally defined as the spiritual breath of the body. In metaphysics, the concept of "Soul" may be equated with that of "Mind" in order to refer to the consciousness and intellect of the individual..

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  • Plural form of soul. noun

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If you abolish the ferry-boat, it was argued, you will abolish the penny; and if you abolish the penny, what is to become of the poor souls in purgatory? and for the sake of the _souls_, the _living_ were forced to do without the bridge.. [Pilgrimage from the Alps to the Tiber Or The Influence of Romanism on Trade, Justice, and Knowledge]

The Guarani Indians of South America teach that a sacred song not only awakens your heart, it provides a channel for what they call the word souls to be carried and delivered to the community.. [The Bushman Way of Tracking God]

The word souls are the songs and messages their shamans deliver while under the influence of divine inspiration.. [The Bushman Way of Tracking God]

When a sick person asks for help, healing takes place through this straightforward sequence: a shaman sings a sacred song, a divine connection is made, and the word souls express the balm.. [The Bushman Way of Tracking God]

Whatever the divine brings forth through the word souls is the medicine the clinic in the sky has cooked up for you.. [The Bushman Way of Tracking God]

Love delivers the word souls—the liberating ropes that pull us to newborn freedom.. [The Bushman Way of Tracking God]

In the light of physical science our bodies are mere machines, and every emotion of our souls is accounted for by molecular changes in the brain-substance.. [Science]

Perception is found in all monads; in those monads which we call souls there is apperception, but there is a large subconscious region of souls in which there are perceptions.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 9: Laprade-Mass Liturgy]

But the individual selves, which we call souls, are not, for it is the effect of conduct in a previous state of existence [Karma] that decides the character and form of the new life to be lived, or whether there is to be a new life lived at all, since conduct sufficiently good entitles to absorption in the one all -- Brahman.. [The World's Greatest Books — Volume 13 — Religion and Philosophy]

Their fellows in whom the white and gray matter of the brain cells are a little differently correlated, will in their merry moods sing psalms and make it their habitual activity to reach out after the Unknown in various ways, trying to satisfy the vague and restless longings of what they call their souls by punishing themselves and pampering the poor.. [A Voice From the South]

Next to our care concerning our souls is our care concerning our seed, and God has a blessing in store for the generation of the upright.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)]

From Re 6: 9, I infer that "souls" is here used in the strict sense of spirits disembodied when first seen by John; though doubtless "souls" is often used in general for persons, and even for dead bodies. beheaded -- literally, "smitten with an axe"; a Roman punishment, though crucifixion, casting to beasts, and burning, were the more common modes of execution.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

We were certainly all affected deeply by the catastrophic Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 that swept some 200,000 souls from the planet.. [David Katz, M.D.: Public Health: Why We Need to Humanize the System]

You ... my true love and light by day and night, slim boy of corn death, spin souls and signs, the breath of kissed lips, plough fields of grass, carve wood and stone, melt sand to glass.. [The Lucifer Cantos 5/13]

Scruffmcgruff seven skullrings that contain souls? hello horcruxes .... [Fox to Adapt Incarceron - The Next Harry Potter-type Franchise? | /Film]

Instead of playing politics, perhaps the ACoC should try being a church, win souls for Christ and his eternal kingdom and do its own good works – quickly before it goes bankrupt.. [The Anglican Church of Canada: a political special interest group « Anglican Samizdat]

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