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Definitions of "sound-alike"

  • One that closely resembles another in sound, especially by imitation of voice or of musical style: an Enrico Caruso sound-alike. noun
  • Someone who has a similar voice to another. noun

The word "sound-alike" in example sentences

The packet we were given also included a long list of medications and sound-alike or look-alike medications that they were sometimes confused with.. [Chocolate & Vicodin]

For rock fans, the trends are producing a steady outpouring of bland, sound-alike records from bands that seem more eager to master a formula than push boundaries.. [Archive: The Dismemberment Plan's dalliance with Interscope Records]

So there you have it – a case of temp track influence, unintentional sound-alike, or deliberate influence?. [Archive 2009-04-01]

There could be conflict preemption if state laws tried to take works out of the public domain or interfered with the production of sound-alike sound recordings, which federal law specifically allows.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

And hey, if things turn out as bad as Ford suggests, there is always the solution that Andy Richter settled on — beating the heck out of the job-threatening Watson sound-alike with a baseball bat.. [What is 'Does Watson want your job?']

Pretty soon everyone will have a Glenn Beck sound-alike.. [Think Progress » CNN Taps Unhinged Conservative Blogger Erick Erickson As Regular Political Commentator]

You can even search for sound-alike names in case you have an ancestor whose name was spelled wrong.. [Chris Rodda: Congratulations, Mom -- Here's Your Graduation Present]

It's an even faux-harder collection of punk-pop tracks overloaded with sound-alike songs and heavy with undisguised filler, many written with the assistance of Top 40 vets like Linda Perry and No Doubt's Tony Kanal.. [Allison Stewart reviews 'Hurley,' the new album from Weezer]

A Florida congresswoman — convinced she was being prank-called by a Barack Obama sound-alike — hung up on the actual president-elect Wednesday.. [ In Which I Do the Inconceivable and Rise to the Defense of the Otherwise Indefensible Illeana Ros-Lehtinen]

Faster was better, since the velocity somewhat compensated for the thin, sound-alike melodies.. [In concert: Best Coast at Rock & Roll Hotel]

I would use the Scattante to post poignant questions all over the internet cycling forums about every single part, then progressively replace every single part with Chinese sound-alike parts off Ebay.. [Brazen Schemes: RTMS and Sympathy]

Later Black went bankrupt, sold the rights to the group, and the new owners found a sound-alike who, coincidentally, was named Jay .... [Stage Patter]

And of course, a lot of people had already noticed that she was kind of a bit of a sound-alike, look-alike for Sarah Palin.. [Big Tuesday For Tea Party Candidates]

The announcer (a Howard Cossell sound-alike) claims the coaching staff does not get along - not one little bit.. [Ad of the day: Web ad claims tea party 'coaching staff does not get along']

Unlike past Guitar Hero games made up of sound-alike bands mixed with genuine recordings, Guitar Hero World Tour songs will be comprised entirely of original master recordings, says Activision, from some of the biggest names in classic and contemporary rock including The Eagles, Van Halen, Linkin Park and Sublime.. ['Guitar Hero' preparing for 'World Tour']

When we did a trademark search, we got "sound-alike" trademark for the Biosphere project in the area of computer software, iirc.. [The Estate of Philip K. Dick Threatening Google With Legal Action | /Film]

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Damien just said Nudy & Lucki sound alike.... how lol


@modernjty you literally can’t fucking tell bc they sound exactly alike like where’s the mf flavor i saw her in concert and just..


@Arbys The man that does y'all's commercials for all the AWESOME different sandwiches that Arby's make; is he the "…


@tempomancy: the more south you go in the US the more everyone sounds alike. doesn't matter whether you're white, black, hispanic, asian…


the more south you go in the US the more everyone sounds alike. doesn't matter whether you're white, black, hispani…

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