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Definitions of "sources"

  • Plural form of source. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of source. verb

The word "sources" in example sentences

Our sources, and by ’sources’ this TV Addict is of course referring to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello just broke the news that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT alum Jessica Walter has been tapped to play fading 70’s movie starlet/current booze hound Tabitha Mills on the CW’s much hyped 90210 re-boot.. [Beverly Hills 90210 Casting Scoop | the TV addict]

According to one of the label sources, 35 to 40 percent of iTunes music sales are of catalog songs and albums, and that share is growing as labels digitize more of their older songs.. [ News]

The label sources grapes locally and employs contract winemaker David Lowe.. [Central Western Daily]

I always thought (and though I don't have it at hand, IIRC one of my sources is your guestblogger Paul Spinrad's book on bodily functions) that the compound responsible for the brown is bilirubin.. [Science Question from a Toddler: Why is poop brown? Boing Boing]

The agency admits that what it calls "sources integral to reliable operation" may be forced to shut down—those would be the coal-fired plants the EPA is targeting—and that these retirements "could result in localized reliability problems.". [The EPA's Reliability Cover-Up]

The most obvious interpretation of her refusal to name sources is that she's protecting the govt that pays her, or she's under strict orders/threats from them to keep quiet.. [he'll think about it tomorrow]

DUNHAM: Well, off the table was anything I believe happened to him since the time he came into U.S. custody, because they didn't want me going into their, what they call sources and methods of gathering intelligence from detainees, so I did not inquire at all about those issues, and I instructed Mr. Hambdi not to try to inform me of any.. [CNN Transcript Feb 4, 2004]

The plan is part of president Nicolas Sarkozy's controversial crackdown on Roma communities, which he described as sources of trafficking, exploitation of children and prostitution.. [ - Photown News]

Citing what it called sources familiar with the situation, the agency put Citi Private Equity unit's worth at some 10 billion dollars.. [The Earth Times Online Newspaper]

Some label sources say it may be revived - but not in the immediate future.. [The Register]

The communist regime has set up what is thought to be a Taepodong-2 missile, Kyodo news agency reported, quoting what it called sources close to Japan-US relations.. [Latest News Breaking News and Current News from the UK and World Telegraph]

I have my sources from the media and publishing worlds.. [Where Were You When You Heard About NightJack? « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Every one of these sources is almost certainly contaminated with E. coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidia, as well as those that cause Typhoid and Cholera.. [PhotoHunter: Sweet « Mudpuddle]

The problem with using crops that are also food sources is the negative impact on the price of food. [Think Progress » Fox Thinks Winter Chill Disproves Global Warming; Experts Disagree]

The problem with using crops that are also food sources is the negative impact on the price of food.. [Think Progress » Fox Thinks Winter Chill Disproves Global Warming; Experts Disagree]

Or is it protecting your $$ sources from the health care lobby ...??. [Obama, GOP trade barbs in health care fight]

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