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Hyphenation south west er
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Southwester"

What do we mean by southwester?

A storm or gale blowing from the southwest. noun

A waterproof hat of material such as plastic, oilskin, or canvas, with a broad brim behind to protect the neck. noun

A southwest wind, gale, or storm. noun

A hat of water-proof material, of which the brim is made very broad behind, so as to protect the neck from rain: usually sou'wester. noun

A storm, gale, or strong wind from the southwest. noun

A hat made of painted canvas, oiled cloth, or the like, with a flap at the back, -- worn in stormy weather. noun

A strong wind blowing from the southwest. noun

A waterproof hat, often of oilskin, designed to repel wind and rain. noun

A long raincoat, often worn at sea. noun

A strong wind from the southwest noun

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The word "southwester" in example sentences

A southwester, which is usually pronounced and sometimes spelled ❋ Laura Lee Hope (N/A)

In six days we had two stiff blows, and, in addition, one proper southwester and one ripsnorting southeaster. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Meanwhile, we had a cold November followed by one chinook/southwester/easterly after another. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Lee County, Florida is in the southwester, part of the state. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Amyas could not sail the next day, or the day after; for the southwester freshened, and blew three parts of a gale dead into the bay. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Except for one wild southwester that broke the pin in the mizzen topsail yard and sent it into the rigging, all signs seemed in their favor. ❋ JOE JACKSON (2003)

Then we ran down the Illyrian coast and, with oars at full speed, sail bellying with a powerful southwester, rounded the Italian peninsula with a strong wind for Sicilia and the Tyrrhenian Sea, where we ran into a small flotilla of black-sailed ships expectantly lying in wait for us. ❋ Moorcock, Michael, 1939- (2003)

Based on our experiences in the first sounding, the necessary preparations were taken to enable the team to reach an ever greater depth in the second sounding just outside the southwester corner pillar of frigidarium 1. ❋ Unknown (2003)

They rounded Cape St. John expecting a deadly southwester, but found instead as fine a day as anyone could wish, clear and crisp like October in New England. ❋ JOE JACKSON (2003)

He was like a grampus when he set his teeth, and a southwester couldn't blow harder if he chose. ❋ John Turvill Adams (N/A)

The party of strangers who had cards to fish were before us, but they are on the wrong side, trying vainly to send their flies in the face of the southwester, which whirls their casting-lines back over their heads. ❋ Emilie Kip Baker (N/A)

The vessel was bowling along under a brisk southwester, which he found had been blowing steadily almost from the moment he had left the helm. ❋ Herbert Strang (N/A)

Those who have been to Mount Vesuvius, and who have had the hardihood to seek the exquisite Lacryma produced on the southwester slopes of the hill, will remember a peculiar ravine running for nearly a mile from the sandy part of the cone, and covered with a stunted green bush of fern-like leaves. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

It was easier than a southwester would have been, but that was the best that could be said for it. ❋ Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris (1917)

A strong man with a southwester on his head had stepped in. ❋ Unknown (1917)

In six days we had two stiff blows, and, in addition, one proper southwester and one rip-snorting southeaster. ❋ Unknown (1912)

It had run out of the shed admirably at nine or ten miles an hour or more, and although there was a gentle southwester blowing, it had gone up and turned and faced it as well as any craft of the sort I have ever seen. ❋ Unknown (1906)

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