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Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Physical space is often conceived in three linear dimensions, although modern physicists usually consider it, with time, to be part of a boundless four-dimensional continuum known as spacetime. The concept of space is considered to be of fundamental importance to an understanding of the physical universe. However, disagreement continues between philosophers over whether it is itself an entity, a relationship between entities, or part of a conceptual framework. Debates concerning the nature, essence and the mode of existence of space date back to antiquity; namely, to treatises like the Timaeus of Plato, or Socrates in his reflections on what the Greeks called khôra (i.e. "space"), or in the Physics of Aristotle (Book IV, Delta) in the definition of topos (i.e. place), or in the later "geometrical conception of place" as "space qua extension" in the Discourse on Place (Qawl fi al-Makan) of the 11th-century Arab polymath Alhazen. Many of these classical philosophical questions were discussed in the Renaissance and then reformulated in the 17th century, particularly during the early development of classical mechanics. In Isaac Newton's view, space was absolute—in the sense that it existed permanently and independently of whether there was any matter in the space. Other natural philosophers, notably Gottfried Leibniz, thought instead that space was in fact a collection of relations between objects, given by their distance and direction from one another. In the 18th century, the philosopher and theologian George Berkeley attempted to refute the "visibility of spatial depth" in his Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision. Later, the metaphysician Immanuel Kant said that the concepts of space and time are not empirical ones derived from experiences of the outside world—they are elements of an already given systematic framework that humans possess and use to structure all experiences. Kant referred to the experience of "space" in his Critique of Pure Reason as being a subjective "pure a priori form of intuition". In the 19th and 20th centuries mathematicians began to examine geometries that are non-Euclidean, in which space is conceived as curved, rather than flat. According to Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, space around gravitational fields deviates from Euclidean space. Experimental tests of general relativity have confirmed that non-Euclidean geometries provide a better model for the shape of space..

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Definitions of "space"

  • Mathematics A set of elements or points satisfying specified geometric postulates: non-Euclidean space. noun
  • The infinite extension of the three-dimensional region in which all matter exists. noun
  • The expanse in which the solar system, stars, and galaxies exist; the universe. noun
  • The region of this expanse beyond Earth's atmosphere. noun
  • An extent or expanse of a surface or three-dimensional area: Water covered a large space at the end of the valley. noun
  • A blank or empty area: the spaces between words. noun
  • An area provided for a particular purpose: a parking space. noun
  • Reserved or available accommodation on a public transportation vehicle. noun
  • A period or interval of time. noun
  • A little while: Let's rest for a space. noun
  • Sufficient freedom from external pressure to develop or explore one's needs, interests, and individuality: "The need for personal space inevitably asserts itself” ( Maggie Scarf). noun
  • Music One of the intervals between the lines of a staff. noun
  • Printing One of the blank pieces of type or other means used for separating words or characters. noun
  • One of the intervals during the telegraphic transmission of a message when the key is open or not in contact. noun
  • Blank sections in printed material or broadcast time available for use by advertisers. noun
  • To organize or arrange with spaces between. verb-transitive
  • To separate or keep apart. verb-transitive
  • Slang To stupefy or disorient from or as if from a drug. Often used with out: The antihistamine spaces me out so I can't think clearly. verb-transitive
  • Slang To be or become stupefied or disoriented. Often used with out: I was supposed to meet her, but I spaced out and forgot. verb-intransitive

The word "space" in example sentences

To imagine a space means nothing else than that we imagine an epitome of our “space” experience, i.e. of experience that we can have in the movement of “rigid” bodies.. [Chapter 31. The Possibility of a “Finite” and Yet “Unbounded” Universe]

We could also say «per decem pedēs», _for ten feet_, where the space relation is one of _extent of space_.. [Latin for Beginners]

Inside the dura, and separated from it by a narrow space -- the _sub-dural space_ -- lies the. [Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition.]

The space between these layers -- the _sub-arachnoid space_ -- is traversed by a network of fine fibrous strands, in the meshes of which the cerebro-spinal fluid circulates.. [Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition.]

Mr. Dyer, that he confounded the idea of _space_ with that of _empty space_, and did not consider, that though space might be without matter, yet matter, being extended, could not be without space.. [The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. in Nine Volumes Volume the Eighth: The Lives of the Poets, Volume II]

I don’t know – maybe because I grew up with space ships and that great promise to meet aliens someday that ’space porn’ still incredibly excites me.. [In my Mind I am already floating in outer Space |]

I. iii.18 (165,3) till the diminution/Of space had pointed him sharp as my needle] _The diminution of space_, is _the diminution_ of which. [Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies]

And, America's interest in space is enough to warrant (through our elected officials) at 15 to 20 billion dollar budget a year.. [Remembering Apollo 11 and the Legacy of Apollo - NASA Watch]

“Having people in space is how we have come so far and have really been able to dominate space,” Hutchison said.. [NASA Budget Update - NASA Watch]

Having Americans in space is something you just accept.. [NASA Exploration Budget Request Gets Cut - NASA Watch]

No one can wrest leadership in space from the United States.. [Apollo 11 Anniversary Thoughts - NASA Watch]

On Daily Kos website, Vladislaw, a daily blogger, posted a poll asking this question, "Do you believe being able to and live work in space is a species imperative?". [Reader's Consensus: Develop a new launch vehicle - NASA Watch]

All vehicles that take people into space are "spaceships", or "spacecraft", but the name "space shuttle" only refers to the black-and-white airplane thing with the two pointy little booster rockets and the big orange tank.. [Zoe P. Strassfield: Chronicling My NASA Internship]

The cost of maintaining a robot in space is a minute fraction of the cost of maintaining a person in space.. [Dennis Wingo - Why Space? Why Now? - NASA Watch]

I question if the whole ban on weapons in space is really even the most peaceful approach.. [Obama Seeks Space Weapon Ban - NASA Watch]

Science in space is not necessarily science of space.. [Forget The Moon - NASA Watch]

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TurkishSpace English to Turkish Translate
f. aralık koymak, fasıla bırakmak; aralıklara bölmek.f. aralık koymak, fasıla bırakmak; aralıklara bölmek.

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