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What do we mean by spam?

Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail. noun

A single piece of such e-mail. noun

To send unsolicited e-mail to. transitive verb

To send (a message) indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups. transitive verb

A collection of unsolicited bulk electronic messages. noun

Any undesired electronic content automatically generated for commercial purposes. noun

An unsolicited electronic message sent in bulk, usually by email or newsgroups. noun

Alternative form of SPAM. (tinned meat product) noun

To send spam (i.e. unsolicited electronic messages.) verb

To send spam (i.e. unsolicited electronic messages) to a person or entity. verb

To relentlessly attack an enemy with (a spell or ability). verb

(rarely countable) Unsolicited bulk electronic messages.

Any undesired electronic content automatically generated for commercial purposes.

A type of tinned meat made mainly from ham.

1. n. Bulk mail from a stranger v. sending unsolicited commercial email to people you don't know 2. n. a canned precooked "meat product" from Hormel Foods. "Classic Spam" consists of "pork shoulder meat with ham meat added," salt, water, sugar and sodium nitrite. The product has become part of many jokes and urban legends about mystery meat, which has made it part of pop culture and folklore. Use of the term "spam" for unwanted email was adopted as a result of the Monty Python skit in which a group of Vikings sang a chorus of "spam, spam, spam . . . " in an increasing crescendo, drowning out other conversation. Hence, the analogy applied because such bulk mail can drown out normal discourse on the Internet.  Urban Dictionary

The AIDS equivalent for the internet. No known cures.  Urban Dictionary

Unsolicted emails, most of which offer penis extensions under wordings to avoid filters, such as "exp and y00r man - rod" or "giv e her good lu ving with huu uuge man - st i ck"  Urban Dictionary

1. Canned meat. Extremely cheap (considering) 2. Unsolicited mail/e-mail sent out in mass quantities. Usually not even addressed by name to the person who receives it. 3. In gaming, refers to a player who throws grenades indiscriminately, many at a time. Generally an issue in Team Fortress. Although lately has been expanded to include any overused gun/combo/move/tactic/etc.  Urban Dictionary

Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages  Urban Dictionary

The name "Spam" was chosen in the 1930s when the product, whose original name—"Hormel Spiced Ham"—was far less memorable, began to lose market share. The name was chosen from multiple entries in a naming contest. A Hormel official once stated that the original meaning of the name Spam was "Shoulder of Pork and hAM". According to writer Marguerite Patten in Spam – The Cookbook, the name was suggested by Kenneth Daigneau, brother of the Hormel vice president and an actor. Other explanations of the origin of the term include the acronym "Specially Processed American Meat", "Spiced Pork And haM", "Specially Processed Army Meat", and "SPAre hAM"; there are also some less-than-serious explanations, such as "Synthetically Produced Artificial Meat", "Some Parts Are Meat", "Someone's Pigs Are Missing", or "Stuff Posing As Meat". The current official explanation is the SP and AM were taken from "SPiced hAM" to win a $100 prize! The humorous radio show Ask Dr. Science claimed it is an acronym for "Scientifically Produced Animal Matter", a product of the food synthesis experiments of the 1950s, whose "closest living relative was the Velveeta, a kind of synthetic jellyfish."  Urban Dictionary

1.A classic in Mony Python humor. Can be bought for a very cheap price. 2.E-Mails or posts on message boards that were either pointlessly made by an annoying person, or made to annoy that were made by an annoying person. Or a link to a computer virus.  Urban Dictionary

To rapidly post the same line in a chat room consecutively  Urban Dictionary

Spiced Ham Manufactured around the world by licensee of the HORMEL company. The exact recipe is a closey guarded secret. Very popular in small Pacific Island countries where real meat is hard to find. In 1990 over 2 million Kilograms of spam were sold in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, the soloman islands, Rarotonga, tonga etc...  Urban Dictionary

- The crap you don't want to eat - The crap you don't want in your inbox - The crap you don't want on your forums  Urban Dictionary

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A: Send a message to Twitter spam watch team at @spam with the suspicious user name.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

* a reply to @spam like so: @spam this is a spam account: @bigmoney5 and we'll take care of it.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

13: 19 RT: @JamesRivers @MariSmith No kidding … just found out best practice is to send spam accounts or fake accounts to @spam when you see them rossgoldberg that's terrible! aren't they going to refund your $? melbournegirl I actually have seen that .. what does that say about me?   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Tailrank was “designed with spam prevention in mind. ” If Techcrunch was designed with ’spam prevention in mind’ I’m sure you’d have 90% less content   ❋ Michael Arrington (2005)

Because the term spam is now so universally accepted to describe unwanted email even Hormel has largely given up on trying to stamp such usage out, it follows that the story of its origins -- complete with the original Monty Python "Spam sketch" -- will live forever in the digital world.   ❋ Chris Weigant (2010)

Because the term spam is now so universally accepted to describe unwanted email (even Hormel has largely given up on trying to stamp such usage out), it follows that the story of its origins -- complete with the original Monty Python "Spam sketch" -- will live forever in the digital world.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

In response to my gripe about campaign spam from the Bush-Cheney Campaign, I received confirmation that apparently campaign spam is bipartisan this go-around:   ❋ Unknown (2004)

The term spam has such a negative connotation that I cannot stomach the thought of eating   ❋ Unknown (2010)

The actual generation and sending of the spam is a very small proportion of the footprint.   ❋ Mike Berners-Lee (2010)

Sometimes I've gotten myself called spam, which is especially discouraging.   ❋ Jenny Davidson (2005)

"And, sure enough I was bombarded with all kinds of, what we call spam, because it all goes to my junk email folder."   ❋ Unknown (2009)

And if a spam filter is not set up correctly or is too aggressive in what it identifies as spam, legitimate e-mails can be inadvertently blocked.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Yeah, looks like you need one of these every year to get everybody thinking "spam is bad, these are the good things we do and these are the benefits they bring."   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Getting spam is almost as exciting as being forwarded the latest urban legend that has boomeranged around again.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

(On the other hand, one drawback of having posted at VanderMeer's -- which was otehrwise a great experience -- is I keep having to sign back in to delete spam from the guest post entries.)   ❋ Pabba (2010)

However, no daily email spam is sent out to these contacts, harassing that they join!   ❋ Unknown (2009)

ISPs do have some network constraints and regularly engage in spam-blocking and other practices to keep users happy.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

"We hate spam, and we'll never spam you." (bottom of Urban Dictionary page) ❋ Applied Research (2009)

Spam is pretty useless. ❋ Keynon (2005)

According to all my spam emails, each extending my penis up to 4" , I could potentially have a penis approximately 4 miles long. ❋ Digital_Messiah (2004)

"Grilled Spam is great." "I get over thrity spam mails a week in my hotmail account." "Way to spam the room buddy. You throw enough nades that time?" ❋ TheFeniX (2003)

"I spamed the perverts the other day, and now they're really pissed off!" ❋ Santa (2002)

According to Hormel's trademark guidelines, Spam should be spelled with all capital letters and treated as an adjective, as in the phrase SPAM luncheon meat. However, barring having entered into a contract requiring one to do so, no one is legally obliged to follow such trademark guidelines. As with many other trademarks, such as Lego or Kleenex, people often refer to similar meat products as "Spam". ❋ Ben The Butcher (2006)

Vikings:(singing and chanting)Spam, spam, spam, spam, wonderful spam,(etc.)... ❋ Unknown (2003)

Uber: Quit Spamming Chat Noob Noob: u hav no lyfe Noob: u hav no lyfe Noob: u hav no lyfe Noob: u hav no lyfe Noob: u hav no lyfe Noob: u hav no lyfe Noob: u hav no lyfe ❋ Jediknight4587 (2005)

My god, this spam tastes good...can I have a little more spam with my Taro please ❋ Gavin Knight (2004)

Spam in your inbox: GET A CHEAP PENIS ENLARGEMENT WITH GREAT RESULTS! ❋ Sapphire X (2005)

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