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Definitions and meanings of "Spasmed"

What do we mean by spasmed?

To produce and undergo a spasm.

The time a muscle or group of muscles in your body go ultra, super tight and shake uncontrollably for a period of time. Usually occurs among atheltes after extended periods of over-exertion on their muscles Urban Dictionary

From the mid to late 1970s. When a person has eaten their fill of a meal, their body creates an inner shudder at the thought of a further mouthful. Urban Dictionary

Formerly known as SPAM. The SPASM is a contemporary emotion personified by the uncontrollable grimacing that results from receiving the first junk mail of the day... Urban Dictionary

When you are angry and you need to punch something.. you punch the keyboard and a spasm comes out. Or when you are bored you just do spasms. Urban Dictionary

Variation of a Convulsion. Seemingly less severe, creating less of a mess. Urban Dictionary

Annoying, irritating, cause of distraction. Urban Dictionary

When someone spazzes out when riding on a bus, causing them to orgasm. Urban Dictionary

When a person (you know who you are) over exagerates their actions in order to get attention from their peers. For example, apon being shot with a mere 0.12 jule BB gun that person could scream out in pain and run away before returning only to be shot multipul times for a derranged form of pleasure. People like this are also known as wordfucktardsword. Urban Dictionary

Total wreck the head whom you dislike a large amount : Urban Dictionary

Spam advertising images that appear on web sites and undergo jittery motions in order to catch one's attention. Urban Dictionary

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The word "spasmed" in example sentences

Surely, online videos like Nivea's "Black Booty" campaign and Hot Pocket's "Hot Pocket's Dojo" campaign are undoubtedly some kind of spasmed response at being exposed to unbounded levels of creative freedom. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Here is just a quick rundown of what I totally spasmed about in the first 10 minutes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Though the shooter aimed at Back-from-the-Dead, it was his assistant, standing just to my left, who spasmed in time to a loud popping sound. ❋ W. Michael Gear (2011)

Dolores's tensed frame spasmed into the wall, knocking a family portrait from its perch behind her to the ground. ❋ Emily Smith-Miller (2011)

As I got out of bed, my entire back spasmed, sending wince-inducing shocks through my hips and down to my toes. ❋ Johnny Weir (2011)

"But when he was swinging, it spasmed up on him a little bit." ❋ Unknown (2010)

Suddenly his flesh spasmed in her hand, and he threw back his head and crowed, Oh, God, yes! ❋ Deborah Gonzales (2011)

Alexis Krauss of the former, decked in a tight, red throwback jersey spasmed and gyrated across the stage as guitarist Derek Miller stood behind in solidarity. ❋ Alexander Adler (2011)

Sitting demurely on the couch, I quietly spasmed in orgasm. ❋ Unknown (2010)

His muscles spasmed as he dropped his weapon, and then he fell to the ground, effectively paralyzed. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Thoughts of Feek and Hobarth hammering in his head, he recognized this man, too, and his heart spasmed as memories—unwanted and unwelcome—slammed down on him. ❋ Christie Golden (2011)

His neck spasmed from time to time, and pain shot around his bruised chest with every step, even with the cushioning of the suit. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Jaran spasmed and bucked, screaming resistance, thrashing out for survival. ❋ Unknown (2010)

His body spasmed as an orange beam struck him in the back, and he sagged to the floor. ❋ Dayton Ward (2011)

[Last night], my [arm] was spasming ❋ Aimée & Ryan (2006)

"Would you care for a wafer-thin [mint], Mr. Kreosote?" "[No thanks] you, I've just had a [spasm], I couldn't eat another thing". ❋ Chris Wheelie (2005)

Buddy: "[Jeez], I thought you were gonna [rattle off] yer chair?!?!" Victim: "Nah, I just got m'self a beef-jerky-viagra-kind-of-a-vibe..." Buddy: "Any good?" Victim: Er... Nope. Just' a [lil'] SPASM..." ❋ Little-miss Can't Do Wrong (2007)

[Spasm]. :vbhcjdbvjhuebgfvhdusgvbfhdskbvhdukwgvbfjvhjbsdplenbfhdbvhbjhfjdbgvruhfbwuqvbfuywbvfukwvbhfuwekgfuvgbuwgfvbuw etc. [Katherine]: She is being such a bitch [Tilly]: innaaaat Katherine ARGH jcjunmjvdbhwq,mgew ❋ Hello.FrauCassuns. (2009)

[She was hit] with a Spasm and [collapsed]. ❋ Kwing (2009)

[She is] a spasm. ❋ Krizzia (2011)

"Hey, [Jamie], [look at that snake]!" "[HAHAHA] look at Jamie! He just totally spasmed!" ❋ Wasofine (2009)

Dude, that fag keeps pissin' me off [just so] that I [shoot] him and he can [pretend] it hurt. I'm gonna get my machette and cut his legs off. ❋ Pikey (2003)

person 1: yeah [well i] dont think its any of your business if i pretend to have an eating problem to get attention and i steal [other peoples] love interests. person 2: you spasm. [go away]. ❋ ThatCatzGirl (2009)

Man, I can't [make it] out for all the freekin' spasm [on my] [screen]! ❋ Jay Hoffman (2008)

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