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Definitions of "specialities"

  • Plural form of speciality. noun

The word "specialities" in example sentences

Bike Friday offers a range of regular models, but one of their specialities is making bikes for people with special needs.. [colleenifying the world]

One of the most distinctive ingredients used to flavour beans and other regional specialities is the pasilla oaxaqueña chile, with its hot, smoky taste and deep red color.. [The Cuisine of Oaxaca, Land of the Seven Moles]

One of Koichi’s specialities is Japanese language courses, and from what I’ve seen of his stuff, I can heartily recommend him and have confidence that the rest of the services offered will also be well worth the money.. [E-learning awareness high, usage low in Japan]

What may be called the specialities of the country, such as overall working suits, jack-boots, etc., are cheaper.. [Canada for Gentlemen]

One of her specialities was the pronunciation of English words, in which she was an authority.. [Old Familiar Faces]

Fumi's salary stopped when the new investment team stepped in, though she keeps her driver and continues to travel with the team to Paris for the womenswear shows twice a year where she makes sure everyone is happy and cooks for Yohji and the team one of her specialities is a type of Japanese omelette made with layers of egg.. [Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

And on the other hand it bears a close analogy to the mediumistic "specialities"; that is, to the well-known fact that one "medium," for instance, is good for "physical effects" (i.e. gives rise around it to dynamic phenomena), but is not good for. [Lola or, The Thought and Speech of Animals]

The oil and colour business was not one of his "specialities," but he knew a good deal about it, and could easily learn what remained.. [The Town Traveller]

The author tempts us with extraordinary local specialities such as a focaccia studded with cauliflower, sausagemeat, raisins, olives and pecorino, and truly gets behind the mind of the Sicilian cook.. [Nigel Slater's mincemeat pasties and lamb recipes]

Bookshop10 Church Street, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 8AP, 01566 774107Cookery, Cornwall and Launceston local Charles Causley are this bookshop's specialities.. [Independent bookshops in south-west of the UK]

The food is good – though sadly none of the great Kashmiri specialities appear to be there – and breakfast on the lawn is a pleasure.. [10 of the best hotels in India]

Religious and music titles are the specialities of this small shop, the latter backed up with a range of musical instrument accessories such as violin strings and rosin.. [Independent bookshops in south-east England]

There are different specialities with different pay scales; but also some companies refer to their field staff as “engineers” while others dont use the title for anything less than someone with a couple of degrees behind them.. [Top 10 Tech Companies That Pay Engineers The Most]

The new 11,000 square foot kitchen will now be a base of operations for Chang's whimsical homemade dessert shop, with decadent specialities like the 'garbage compost cookie' and famed 'crack pie' mmm!. [WATCH: Inside Milk Bar's Giant Williamsburg Cookie Factory]

She looked at how science blogs were interconnected, and was able to identify subgroups in different scientific specialities and was even able to pick out a troll.. [Women in Science Link Roundup: January 12 Edition]

The survey, undertaken in June 2009, draws on 1695 respondents across industries, regions and functional specialities, and the resulting article makes very interesting reading.. [How 69% of companies are benefiting from Web 2.0 « pwcom 2.0]

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