Definitions and meanings of "Specific"

What do we mean by specific?

Explicitly set forth; definite: synonym: explicit. adjective

Clear or detailed in communicating. adjective

Limited, distinctive, or unique. adjective

Intended for, applying to, or acting on a particular thing. adjective

Concerned particularly with the subject specified. Often used in combination. adjective

Relating to, characterizing, or distinguishing a species. adjective

Designating a disease produced by a particular microorganism or condition. adjective

Having a remedial influence or effect on a particular disease. adjective

Having an affinity limited to a particular antibody or antigen. adjective

Designating a customs charge levied on merchandise by unit or weight rather than according to value. adjective

Designating a commodity rate applicable to the transportation of a single commodity between named points. adjective

Something particularly fitted to a use or purpose. noun

A remedy intended for a particular ailment or disorder. noun

A distinguishing quality or attribute. noun

A distinguishing attribute or quality.

A remedy for a specific disease or condition.


(in the plural) The details; particulars.

You must be specific. You know what I mean?  Urban Dictionary

Personal too specific about a celebrity slander biased opinionated  Urban Dictionary

An Underground rapper most known for Under the Hood combining great lyrics with the awsome beats and sounds of the dj Nujabes  Urban Dictionary

Word used by an idiot when they mean Pacific.  Urban Dictionary

In the act of being more specific  Urban Dictionary

To make a product adhere to certain specifications  Urban Dictionary

Noun: Characterized when something specific is said.  Urban Dictionary

A CSS rule that states that in case of conflict, the properties of the most specific selector is applied.  Urban Dictionary

The act of making something specific.  Urban Dictionary

Specificative: talking specifically about a subject or the lack of.  Urban Dictionary

The word "specific" in example sentences

How to use specific in a sentence? Example sentences with the specific, a sentence example for specific, and how to make specific in sample sentence, how do I use the word specific in a sentence? How do you spell specific in a sentence?

The arbiter appears to the undersigned to have viewed the rivers St. John and Restigouche as possessing both a specific and a generic character; that considered _alone_ they were _specific_ ', and the designation in the treaty of "rivers falling into the Atlantic" was inapplicable to them; that considered _In connection with other rivers_ they were _generic_ and were embraced in the terms of the treaty, but that as their connection with other rivers would bring them within a principle which, according to the views taken by him of other parts of the question, was equally realized by both lines, it would be hazardous to allow them any weight in deciding the disputed boundary.   ❋ Unknown (1878)

Your referral to instant runoff voting in specific is particularly odd, given that IRV is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue (with both McCain and Dean strongly supporting it), and is limited in popularity to conservatives or liberals.   ❋ Unknown (2004)

The term specific gas production (Gp, measured in m³ gas/m³ Vd x day) supplements the above expression by defining the digester's biogas output. pH/volatile acids   ❋ Unknown (1989)

We are now prepared to ask whether (a) the differences between angels are always specific and never individual differences, or (b) both specific and individual differences; and (c) if specific, in which sense of the term specific—the metaphysical or the biological sense.   ❋ Mortimer J. Adler (1982)

Bearing in mind that for such substances the term specific resistance has no very definite meaning, M. Bouty considers it is not less than 3.19 x 1028 E.M. units at ordinary temperatures.   ❋ Richard Threlfall (N/A)

The term specific is used here in its ordinary sense, without raising the question of the propriety of its application to these or other remedies.   ❋ Oliver Wendell Holmes (1851)

"Although deals are still struck on a name specific basis, there are definitely signs that lending restrictions are being lifted and a wider spectrum of names being consider," he said.  

Record Collector gets a look-in every now and again - I'm a sucker for the label specific things they do; "Great Vertigo / Island / Harvest collectables", that sort of thing.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Al Gore thinks he has a winner here with what he calls a specific, with emphasis on the word "specific," prescription drug plan.   ❋ Unknown (2000)

I tend to think of it as something domain specific, that is, I love foobar widgets or some niche topic and I show my love by showing that widget or whatever on my desktop.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

I also spoke with the House Republican Conference chairman, Mike Pence, who said that he didn't wants to comment on what he called the specific remarks, but he did not back away from them.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mike feel free to send me any correlation data questions you'd like to see not necessarily game title specific for instance:   ❋ Unknown (2006)

The U.S. S.ate Department says the closure was prompted by what it calls specific and credible threats.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

CHO (voice-over): New York subway commuters are on high alert after city officials went public Thursday with what they called a specific threat against New York subway system.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

The State Department today closed all U.S. diplomatic offices in Saudi Arabia for two days because of what it called specific and credible terrorist threats.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Wolf, there's a great deal of Monday-morning quarterbacking going on about whether New York's mayor and its his police commissioner should have made that announcement of what they called a specific threat and whether they should have stepped up security on the New York subways.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg defends his decision to beef up subway security after told by the FBI of what he calls a specific threat.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

It will therefore be seen that in endeavoring to ascertain what I term the specific inductive resistance of different metals by the means described, notice must be taken of and allowance made for two points.   ❋ Various (N/A)

She was not specific on what hole she wanted it in, therefore; I stuck it in her shitter. ❋ Paulywallyoptosaurus (2013)

I specificity LIKE DOGS NOT CATS ❋ Breezy Ballerina (2020)

"Here with a dilemma / a dip with an umbrella out my cellar / let her in quick, the medicine scent, whatever. I'm clever on some accapella shit, that's my main strength/ but never been too bad, as well, at this gettin' brains thing. I like the lights dim / not the type to fight Jim / and bent like psych, to hit the bed and strike skins. Right then the phone ringin' but left it / blowing in the night like the west wind crescent. My preference is a heavy snare / yes, instead of some soft shit, got a sweaty pair of breath mints. The stars be glowing / we spark weed, holdin' hands and a cold beer be the cardio and stamina. Top physical condition when I'm kissin' / Switchin' my footwork, I cook birds, chicken! She took off my cardigan, she told me start again / I'm gettin' more bad bitches than Mad Martigan! With no candles, R&B stanzas or glamorous clothes / I rock no-brand sandals. I'm dealing with fans, you're dealing with man-holes / It's romance - and more porn than Sancho. I never snuff lights / Havin' rough nights, but I must live up to my rep, right? Touch ice, but my blood warm / snuff any nickname, when he gets semi-drunk, it's a fuck-storm! And some more couldn't hurt / Mix up love and war like porn, rum and Pepsi One for her skirt, yikes! But I Wanna just get done nicely - and yo, girl, your shirt's what entice me! YO, I'MA DO IT LIKE THIS! ASK IF YOU LOVE IT SO, IF SO IT'S ON... AND BOO, IF YOU LOVE HIS FLOW, IT'S GOLDEN, YO IT'S ALL GOOD, WHAT YOU RUNNIN' UNDER THE HOOD? I heard it through the grapevine / word's groupie's got the eyes on the crew, incite to get attached loosely at the waistline. Booty makes my day, yo / the bassline boogie nights got to groove crazy with them cutie-pies. Seventies shit / you bet me, I will never be rich, I need to get me a celebrity bitch Check This kid can't afford Hennessy, but switch many more cheap 40's than you weak whores will ever sip. And rap effortless / Blessed with a certain effervescence, the better beef-curtain spreader specialist. Specifics, Yo, don't get it twist / Drove chicks to my coastal getaway ocean precipice. Tryin' to get to paradise / No asparagus, just a pair of dice, dominos and some Sheridans. Solid gold providence / In the hottest nights, get the halls hyped wall to wall with a squad of hos. And all of this / A life of pantyhose, expansive heights, patios and random fights. Yo my boys got cameos / dance in the rain with phantoms, all happy like we back again! I could never end it better than the last LP / So take a picture actually, let the image help me. Remember when it fade like a dream / and I pass my name, and dash off, yo, to rap with demons. YO, I'MA DO IT LIKE THIS! ASK IF YOU LOVE IT SO, IF SO IT'S ON... AND BOO, IF YOU LOVE HIS FLOW, IT'S GOLDEN, YO IT'S ALL GOOD, WHAT YOU RUNNIN' UNDER THE HOOD?" ~Under The Hood by:Specifics~ ❋ XIKPx Chase <<360 Gamertag (2009)

The specific ocean is huge. ❋ Willie Drennan (2014)

Can you specifize that ❋ Mattyd222 (2010)

That computer is specificated to Vista. ❋ Flash5 (2008)

I like Casey's wonderful and charming specificness, because she's so very specific. ❋ TheMacAndCheeseMonstarrr (2010)

For example: if we make all tables bold, but make all table cells have a normal weight, the latter rule will be applied. This is because "table cell" is more specific than "table". ❋ Pathoschild (2005)

1. I just havent really ever thought of specificating what I do like about him. 2. Specificate what you want in life. ❋ Maddieeee! (2008)

" They should get the prize of fucking specificative talk. " meaning in a sarcastic manner that they were not specific at all about what they were talking about/describing. ❋ Archangel2022 (2009)

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