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Definitions of "spectrum"

  • Physics The distribution of a characteristic of a physical system or phenomenon, especially: noun
  • Physics The distribution of energy emitted by a radiant source, as by an incandescent body, arranged in order of wavelengths. noun
  • Physics The distribution of atomic or subatomic particles in a system, as in a magnetically resolved molecular beam, arranged in order of masses. noun
  • A graphic or photographic representation of such a distribution. noun
  • A range of values of a quantity or set of related quantities. noun
  • A broad sequence or range of related qualities, ideas, or activities: the whole spectrum of 20th-century thought. noun
  • A range; a continuous, infinite, one-dimensional set, possibly bounded by extremes. noun
  • The pattern of absorption or emission of radiation produced by a substance when subjected to energy (radiation, heat, electricity, etc.). noun
  • The set of eigenvalues of a matrix. noun
  • Of a bounded linear operator A, the set of scalar values λ such that the operator A—λI, where I denotes the identity operator, does not have a bounded inverse; intended as a generalisation of the linear algebra sense. noun
  • An apparition; a specter. noun
  • noun
  • The several colored and other rays of which light is composed, separated by the refraction of a prism or other means, and observed or studied either as spread out on a screen, by direct vision, by photography, or otherwise. See Illust. of Light, and Spectroscope. noun
  • A luminous appearance, or an image seen after the eye has been exposed to an intense light or a strongly illuminated object. When the object is colored, the image appears of the complementary color, as a green image seen after viewing a red wafer lying on white paper. Called also ocular spectrum. noun
  • A specter; a ghostly phantom. noun
  • An image of something seen, continuing after the eyes are closed, covered, or turned away. noun
  • In physics, the continuous band of light (visible spectrum) showing the successive prismatic colors, or the isolated lines or bands of color, observed when the radiation from such a source as the sun, or an ignited vapor in a gas-flame, is viewed after having been passed through a prism (prismatic spectrum) or reflected from a diffraction-grating (diffraction- or interference-spectrum). noun
  • In zoology, a generic name variously used: noun
  • A genus of lepidopterous insects. noun

The word "spectrum" in example sentences

The Supreme Court has distinguished the regulation of radio spectrum from the regulation of printing presses, and applied more lenient scrutiny to the regulation of spectrum, based on its conclusion that the spectrum is unusually scarce.. [Boing Boing: April 20, 2003 - April 26, 2003 Archives]

But the carriers have adopted the phrase "spectrum crunch," designed to make vivid the pain of a hypothetical moment when there are more data than the available spectrum can handle.. [BusinessWeek.com -- Top News]

Across the spectrum is a widespread feeling that Washington is broken almost beyond repair.. [Across the country, anger, frustration and fear among voters as election nears]

On the other side of the spectrum is the phenomenon of modern yoga, which in many ways is at the heart of the culture of western spiritual individualism, in which any pre-requisites -- such as finding God through Jesus -- fall to the wayside in favor of a self-prescribed spirituality catered to individual tastes.. [Josh Schrei: The Crucible Gone Cold: Modern Yoga, Christianity, and the Practice of Individual Transformation]

On the other end of the spectrum is the New York based world class interior designer who is donating his services along with some supplies to help brighten homeless shelters and provide a more uplifting environment for those currently in need.. [Russell Bishop: Are You Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?]

At the other end of a spectrum is a faction of independent-minded conservatives, all of whom cruised to reelection Tuesday.. [Republicans make gains in Senate, but Democrats hold on to slim majority]

Literally on the opposite end of the spectrum is the family-friendly Disney comedy "Old Dogs.". [‘Ninja Assassin’ Lets The Shurikens Fly In This Week’s Box Office Poll » MTV Movies Blog]

Thankfully there are aggregators in the middle like VPB and BNN to show both sides, but creating tailor lists to either end of the spectrum is a natural occurance.. [Waldo Jaquith - Two Republican blog aggregators.]

At the lowest end of the spectrum is the possibility of a kick A** virtual easter egg hunt.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - This demonstration made me a little giddy.]

At the other end of the spectrum is a strategy of denouncing questions as illegitimate or politically motivated, disclosing little information, and hoping the storm will pass.. [April 2005]

Coase's views on whether spectrum is a thing isn't furthering your argument.. [Boing Boing: February 23, 2003 - March 1, 2003 Archives]

At the other end of the spectrum is the Pac-10 Conference, which dropped to 1-4 in bowl play.. [NCAA Division I College Football - Washington vs. Purdue]

At one end of the spectrum is the Judeo-Christian concept.. [Power and the Abuse of Power in Canada]

At the other end of the spectrum is the materialistic view that "might is right.". [Power and the Abuse of Power in Canada]

According to the Dr. Collins, who managed the Human Genome Project, state of the art research indicates that there are even more genes involved in autism than previously thought, and what we call the spectrum is actually several disorders.. [Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch]

Visible light runs along a spectrum from the short wavelengths of violet to the longer wavelengths of red.. [light]

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