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Definitions of "splendid"

  • Brilliant with light or color; radiant: a splendid field of poppies. adjective
  • Imposing by reason of showiness or grandeur; magnificent: splendid costumes. adjective
  • Admired by many; illustrious: splendid achievements. adjective
  • Admirable for boldness or purity; surpassing: splendid character. adjective
  • Very good or satisfying; praiseworthy: a splendid performance in the examinations. adjective
  • Possessing or displaying splendor; shining; very bright; as, a splendid sun. adjective
  • Showy; magnificent; sumptuous; pompous; as, a splendid palace; a splendid procession or pageant. adjective
  • Illustrious; heroic; brilliant; celebrated; famous; as, a splendid victory or reputation. adjective
  • Possessing or displaying splendor; shining; very bright. adjective
  • Showy; magnificent; sumptuous; pompous adjective
  • Illustrious; heroic; brilliant; celebrated; famous. adjective
  • Shining; brilliant; specifically, in entomology, having brilliant metallic colors; splendent.
  • Brilliant; dazzling; gorgeous; sumptuous: as, a splendid palace; a splendid procession.
  • Conspicuous; illustrious; grand; heroic; brilliant; noble; glorious: as, a splendid victory; a splendid reputation.
  • Very fine; excellent; extremely good: as, a splendid chance to make a fortune.
  • Synonyms Magnificent, Superb, etc. See grand.
  • Eminent, remarkable, distinguished, famous.
  • having great beauty and splendor adjective
  • characterized by grandeur adjective

The word "splendid" in example sentences

That was as splendid as this, but it wasn't as _splendid_ splendid.. [Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings]

Oh, isn't it splendid, _splendid_! that papa will get well! ". [We Ten Or, The Story of the Roses]

Interestingly enough, it was a Canadian who coined the phrase "splendid isolation.". [Can Britain Really Prosper 'Unfettered' by the EU?]

That's what I call splendid behavior; that's a man worthy to be called a gentleman.. [The Diamond Coterie]

I think that he, too, has been deluded by what you call my splendid semblance.. [The Tyranny of Weakness]

It is a youth who dares be radical, who dares, in splendid largess, build mistake upon mistake, bleeding his life out in service.. [The Kempton-Wace Letters]

Though in splendid physical trim, a thirty-six-hour trick at the wheel was the limit of my endurance.. [Chapter 39]

I was twenty-one years old, and in splendid physical condition.. [Chapter 25]

A cold drizzle was falling, but he bared his head to it and unbuttoned his vest, swinging along in splendid unconcern.. [Chapter 3]

The good thing about dealing with a crime here is the excellent CCTV system, with sharp images and all in splendid colour.. [The Police Guide To Ruraltown « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

He was proud, hard, and tired, but in splendid physical condition.. [THE TASTE OF THE MEAT]

Otherwise I am in splendid condition, feel that I am in splendid condition.. [Chapter 11]

Oh – so nice to have you visit, and you would have a lovely time and emerge utterly splendid from the tender care of the ladies in Bath.. [What I Did On Holiday « Tales from the Reading Room]

The men are all in splendid physical condition and the spirit is excellent.. [Work Camp 199 GW]

Conditions, were ideal, visibility was good, the track in splendid condition; in fact even the chilly atmosphere was perfect for the setting of the. [Work Camp 10760 L]

Too many of the other buildings around the lagoon had long since slipped and slid away below the silt, revealing their gimcrack origins, and the Ritz now stood in splendid isolation on the west shore, even the rich blue moulds sprouting from the carpets in the dark corridors adding to its 19th-century dignity.. [Ballardian » Simon O’Carrigan’s The Drowned World]

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  • Pronunciations(splĕnˈdĭd)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation splen did


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