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Hyphenation spon ta ne ous
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Definitions and meanings of "Spontaneous"

What do we mean by spontaneous?

Happening or arising without apparent external cause; self-generated. adjective

Arising from a natural inclination or impulse and not from forethought or prompting. adjective

Unconstrained and unstudied in manner or behavior. adjective

Growing without cultivation or human labor. adjective

Proceeding from a conscious or unconscious internal impulse; occurring or done without the intervention of external causes; in a restricted sense, springing from one's own desire or volition, apart from any external suggestion or incitement.

Growing naturally, without previous human care.

Growing as native; indigenous.

In biology, instinctive or automatic, as some actions of animals which depend upon no external stimulus and are performed without apparent motive or purpose; uninfluenced by external conditions, as a change in structural character. Compare spontaneity, 2.

Synonyms Willing, etc. (see voluntary), instinctive, unbidden.

Proceeding from natural feeling, temperament, or disposition, or from a native internal proneness, readiness, or tendency, without constraint. adjective

Proceeding from, or acting by, internal impulse, energy, or natural law, without external force adjective

Produced without being planted, or without human labor. adjective

Combustion produced in a substance by the evolution of heat through the chemical action of its own elements; as, the spontaneous combustion of waste matter saturated with oil. adjective

See under Generation. adjective

Self generated; happening without any apparent external cause. adjective

Done by one's own free choice, or without planning. adjective

Proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint adjective

Arising from a momentary impulse adjective

Controlled and directed internally : self-active : spontaneous movement characteristic of living things adjective

Produced without being planted or without human labor : indigenous adjective

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Taking a risk, living life to the fullest, no plans, "don't think just do". To be spontaneous is to be the most relaxed go with the flow and have fun person, you would never get mad if plans changed you would get excited because than it would become spontaneous. Urban Dictionary

Never knowing what is going to come next Urban Dictionary

1. arising from internal cause: resulting from internal or natural processes, with no apparent external influence 2. arising from impulse: arising from natural impulse or inclination, rather than from planning or in response to suggestions from others 3. unrestrained: naturally unrestrained or uninhibited 4. botany growing uncultivated: growing without cultivation Urban Dictionary

To come without warning and for no reason. Urban Dictionary

Used by girls on popular dating sites to make them seem more interesting than they really are. Spontaneous is synonymous with uncreative and unoriginal. Spontaneous people don't like to plan, because it requires too much thinking. They like getting lost while driving, because they're usually not the ones driving, they don't have things to do when they get home, and talking about scenery is a good distraction from talk about who they really are. Urban Dictionary

Booking tickets for you and your bestfriend to go to paris the day your boyfriend dumps you Urban Dictionary

Doing something unplanned or unrehearsed Urban Dictionary

The quality of being spontaneous and coming from natural feelings without constraint. Urban Dictionary

To go on an adventure without a plan or idea of where you are going or what you'll do next. Basically spontaneity but much cooler. Urban Dictionary

Spontaneous anal, when there's no time to prep but you still need to pack that fudge. Urban Dictionary

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The word "spontaneous" in example sentences

Thus, the term spontaneous order may be used to refer strictly to voluntary orders — that is, forms of social coordination which emerge from the free actions of many different people, as opposed to coordination that arises from some people being forced to do what other people tell them to do. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Darwin, I beliieve used the term spontaneous variations. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The term spontaneous abortion is defined in the “Management of Spontaneous Abortion” by Dr. Greibel, Dr Halvorsen, Dr Golemon, and Dr. Day. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Representatives of the state government say the state doesn't back the group, which they call a spontaneous movement by people defending themselves from the Naxalites. ❋ Unknown (2009)

You know, we have a lot of new volunteers who have -- they're just what we call spontaneous volunteers. ❋ Unknown (2005)

We think that when we deal with medicine in brain first, the real source of what he calls spontaneous healing is brain chemistry, and that when we change brain chemistry, we change the mind and facilitate these spontaneous healings and transformations of human health. ❋ Unknown (2000)

"One thing sure," continued the farmer, a little uneasily, "that fire must have been caused by what they call spontaneous combustion; or else somebody set it on purpose." ❋ Archibald Lee Fletcher (N/A)

The immediate force which works this change, the life principle of things, is, in the case of organic beings, a subtle something which we call spontaneous variation. ❋ Percival Lowell (1885)

They'd try to break him with what I call spontaneous guerrilla raids, a lot of people died. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Mr. Armour said it's difficult to determine the environmental impact of what he calls "spontaneous social trails." ❋ TIM ALAMENCIAK (2011)

Rothman is also finding opportunities to give what she calls spontaneous gifts, in the form of buying another business associate a drink at holiday networking parties.

Branham also suggested what he called spontaneous acts of caring. ❋ Unknown (2009)

How "spontaneous" is that, and how many more sequences were shot? ❋ Richard (2006)

"Hey what do you guys wanna do tonight?"-dana "We had those plans to go see [the 11] o'clock move"-Celeste "[Why don't we] [get in the car] and just drive and see where we end up going or what we think of."-cassidy "Let's go it will be a spontaneous adventure,forget the movies."-dana ❋ Lily123456 (2012)

Dude 1-damn man my [new girl] is so spontaneous,[i NEVER] know what shes going to do in bed:) Dude 2- you [lucky bastard] ❋ Sydney W!:) (2008)

[John] is so spontaneous. ❋ G.K (2007)

[Bloke] 1: "I just did a spontaneous" Bloke 2: "[eww] man, in [my bed]?" ❋ MaxS (2008)

"If I could describe myself [in one] [word], it would be spontaneous." ❋ CoreyF (2008)

[my boyfriend] [dumped] [me i'm] feeling spontaneous ❋ Ladydon (2011)

[My wife] has spontaneously [cooked] [dinner] ❋ Smartgirl100 (2015)

"the spontaneity of his [laughter]" ❋ Robert Rucker (2007)

Every good [adventure] has [a bit] of [spontaneism]. ❋ Emsfanpage (2021)

"I know the funeral starts [in five minutes] but [do you fancy] some [spontanal]?" ❋ Darkadarka (2016)

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